February 20, 2018

Harry Potter’ ebook covers

These ‘Harry Potter’ ebook covers were never released (but should have been) BY SHANNON CONNELLAN From Mashable Since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in 1997, there have been many different covers published for J.K. Rowling’s beloved books. UK illustrator Olly Moss was commissioned by Rowling’s website Pottermore to create covers for the […]

The Caribbean: Through a lens brightly

BY MATTHEW J. SMITH From Public Books James Anthony Froude is a name now lost to time. In the Victorian era the British historian, writer, and traveler held great prominence, much of which was due to his unabashed celebrations of imperialism, which he most famously presented in his influential 1888 study, The English in the […]

Landour — the story of an unending feast

By Rahul Verma From The Hindu Life Long walk. Pancake. Long walk. Pakoras. Long walk. Pizza. My sojourns in Landour could be summed in these few words. But the walks are getting shorter, and the menu longer. I first went to the little town near Mussoorie, about 300 km from Delhi, 22 years ago. The […]

Women’s empowerment and migration in the Caribbean

November 2017 | STUDIES AND PERSPECTIVES – ECLAC SUBREGIONAL HEADQUARTERS FOR THE CARIBBEAN UN symbol.: LC/TS.2017/107 Pages: 43 p. Editorial: CEPAL Type: Studies and Perspectives – ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean Collection: ECLAC Series DESCRIPTION This paper presents a contextual analysis of the mutual relations between migration and women’s empowerment with the aim to […]

Calling all local Cayman Islands’ authors to be registered

Cayman Islands Public Library Service Are you a published author? If you have written and published one or more books we WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! One of the Public Library Service missions is to recognize our local authors. In addition, we want to provide our Cayman Islands communities with as much information as possible […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Cayman Islands: Coe Wood Beach Operations Lead to Arrest, 15 November From RCIPS Officers have been continuing operations in the Coe Wood Beach area of Bodden Town in response to community complaints about disturbances and anti-social behaviour. As a result of these operations police arrested a man, aged 47 of George Town, yesterday, 15 November, […]

Oliver Mills: The merry-go-round of Caribbean education

By Oliver Mills From Caribbean News Now Is Caribbean education in a merry-go-round state? Why is it that, despite the educational consultancies examining the system of Caribbean education, there is the feeling it is not serving its purpose, and is without direction? Is it because of misguided strategies used by consultants and local stakeholders, resulting […]

LIFE donates to the Cayman Islands Transition Unit

LIFE (Literacy Is For Everyone) has made its first book donation of the school year to the Transition Unit, a government programme that helps children who need extra learning support in their Reception year. 170 books were carefully selected as a comprehensive collection to engage the interest of emerging readers age 5-6. The collection includes […]

Reading recovery

Reading Recovery Launches in Government Primary Schools With sponsorship from Rotary Sunrise, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education Services are proud to announce the launch of Reading Recovery, an internationally recognised and highly effective short-term literacy intervention for selected Year 2 students. In early September, twelve teachers began the year-long intensive training […]

iNews Briefs & Community Events

Cayman Islands Press Statement on EEPS Incident on Thurs. 9 Nov East End Primary School Update On 9 November, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education Services (DES) were notified that East End Primary School’s (EEPS) gate was locked and students and staff were unable to gain access. The Director of the DES, […]