December 14, 2017

One + One exhibit is Full of Beans

Painter Sue Howe and her daughter, Hannah Howe, are the two artists featuring in the new “One + One” exhibition at Full of Beans in George Town. 13-year old Hannah’s photographs mainly depict the natural environment. There are some beautiful studies of ducks, and there are also some evocative landscapes and waterscapes. Not all, however. […]

Artists reveal Cayman’s cultural secrets at the National Gallery

A Day in the Life IV, the fourth in an in-house residency programme at the National Gallery, is a chance to see the complete process of creating an artistic masterpiece, from start to finish. It features the work of three Caymanian artists, Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, Wray Banker, and Kerri-Anne Chisholm, whose final work was unveiled on […]

My View by Joan Wilson

Our town centre sparkles like a diamond Set in a velvet blue sea Tourists and locals all mingle together Under an umbrella of the sun shining free. Our streets are swept each morning By a caring hardworking crew Keeping our town so spic and span Pausing only to greet me and you. And I would […]

Embroidery Part 1: “Density, jump stitches, decorative fills”

I have always yearned to have a hobby for which I could sell products. The object of my desire was to own a home embroidery machine! My dream started when I saw a Singer embroidery machine demonstration one day in a fabric store in Miami, and I was mesmerized by what it could do! I […]

Memories of Ivan

Joan Wilson Now we are at that horrible time again – Hurricane Season – and watching the drama of Hurricane Irene it brought back my memories of Hurricane Ivan that hit us on September 11th 2004. This is the poem I wrote about that traumatic event and it happened the day after my 70th birthday! […]