November 22, 2017

PAHO recommends steps health care professionals can take to prevent violence against women

Pan American Health Organization          World Health Organization News and Public Information PAHO recommends concrete steps that health care professionals can take to improve treatment and prevention of violence against women “LIVES” steps: 1) listen closely, with empathy and without judgment, 2) inquire about their needs and concerns, 3) validate their experiences, 4) enhance […]

Women’s empowerment and migration in the Caribbean

November 2017 | STUDIES AND PERSPECTIVES – ECLAC SUBREGIONAL HEADQUARTERS FOR THE CARIBBEAN UN symbol.: LC/TS.2017/107 Pages: 43 p. Editorial: CEPAL Type: Studies and Perspectives – ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean Collection: ECLAC Series DESCRIPTION This paper presents a contextual analysis of the mutual relations between migration and women’s empowerment with the aim to […]

Cayman Islands: Human Rights Commission’s Statement on United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day 2017

The Human Rights Commission (the “Commission”) was created by the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 (the “Constitution”). The primary role of the Commission is to promote observance and awareness of human rights. As part of this role the Commission engages in community outreach projects to fulfil our responsibility to the public. The Commission has identified […]

Cayman Islands Law School students appear before judges in US-Caribbean Moot Competition

Students at the Truman Bodden Law School (TBLS) recently represented the Cayman Islands at the American-Caribbean Law Initiative (ACLI) in taking part in the Caribbean Law Clinic (CLC) hosted by Florida International University (FIU), Miami. The students were joined by law school Director, Mitchell Davies. Cayman’s team comprised second and third year students Monica Zakari, […]

Why are keywords so important for your online Sal

From healthy Business Builder Keywords hold extreme importance for a business whose websites are a crucial extension of their operations. When used properly, keyword-optimised websites can result in better search results and increase traffic to an online store. Ultimately, it also helps a business attract prospects with a higher chance of converting into paying customers. […]

Oliver Mills: The merry-go-round of Caribbean education

By Oliver Mills From Caribbean News Now Is Caribbean education in a merry-go-round state? Why is it that, despite the educational consultancies examining the system of Caribbean education, there is the feeling it is not serving its purpose, and is without direction? Is it because of misguided strategies used by consultants and local stakeholders, resulting […]

Giant Caribbean sloths disappeared in extinction that also killed off monkeys and giant rodents

BY KATE SHERIDAN From Newsweek Don’t worry, giant ground sloths won’t be interrupting anyone’s Caribbean vacation. Humans killed them all off long ago, according to new findings published in the November issue of the Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. The researchers looked at things like fossil records for animals and archaeological sites on […]

Young LatAm, Caribbean entrepreneurs get mentoring here often lacking at home

From WLRN Thais Pinheiro runs a unique Rio de Janeiro tourism company,Conectando Territórios, or Connecting Territories. It gives guided, historical tours of Afro-Brazilian communities likequilombos – settlements founded by the descendants of slaves. “I think it’s really important to show how we exist in Brazil as black identity, because we are really strong,” says Pinheiro. […]

LIFE donates to the Cayman Islands Transition Unit

LIFE (Literacy Is For Everyone) has made its first book donation of the school year to the Transition Unit, a government programme that helps children who need extra learning support in their Reception year. 170 books were carefully selected as a comprehensive collection to engage the interest of emerging readers age 5-6. The collection includes […]

Cayman Islands: Know Your Money: Don’t be a victim of fraud

Following the success of last year’s fraud prevention seminar, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA” or “the Authority”) in collaboration with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s (RCIPS) Financial Crime Unit (FCU) and the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the 9th annual “Know Your Money” Fraud Prevention Seminar. The seminar will […]