August 20, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Corruption

Is corruption everywhere? Even here in the Cayman Islands? If you are tuned in to the daily radio talk shows and listen to the promotional ads for these programmes you would answer ‘Yes’ there is corruption here. However, where is the proof? Years ago, proving corruption was difficult. In a lot of countries, where the […]

Tourism Enhancement Funds can benefit all, says Caribbean hotel executive

ROSEAU, Dominica (August 20, 2018) – The establishment of a private sector-driven Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) has the potential to be a “game changer” as Dominica rebuilds its vital tourism industry. Addressing last week’s open session of the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association’s (DHTA) Annual General Meeting, Immediate Past President of the St. Lucia Hotel […]

Canadian based company ‘OCEAN’ trains and employs Jamaicans

From South Florida Caribbean News OCEAN Boosts Employment & Trains Jamaicans for Harbour Tug Services Kingston, Jamaica – Having recently, signed a 10-year contract with Jamaica’s Port Authority for the provision of harbor towage services, Ocean invested approx. $US 60,000 on a training programme for Jamaicans who will be hired to operate the vessels. The […]

Whitefish Energy CEO reflects on herculean effort

By LYNNETTE HINTZE From Daily Inter Lakee Andy Techmanski had his eye on the weather reports coming out of the Caribbean in early September last year as his crew was wrapping up two power-line projects in the state of Washington. Hurricane Irma had just delivered its powerful punch to a band of islands, including Puerto […]

Anti-corruption mix and fix

By George C. Brathwaite PhD From Caribbean News Now “The worst disease in the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: transparency” ~ Bono Over the last two years, this writer has consistently made the point that sound public administration must embrace the ideals and mechanisms that facilitate good administrative and business practices. […]

Paul Hansmeier finally cops to being a porn troll, after a years-long saga

By CYRUS FARIVAR From arsTECHNICA Hansmeier’s lawyer calls plea deal a “fair resolution.” Paul Hansmeier, the Minnesota lawyer who was head of the porn trolling operation known as Prenda Law, has finally pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering charges. As Ars previously reported, co-defendant and fellow attorney John Steele pled guilty in March 2017 […]

Latest negative list opens power sector up to foreign investors

August 20 2018 | By Libin Zhang Contributed by Broad & Bright From ILO Energy & Natural Resources China Introduction Regulatory history 2018 negative list New types of ownership Challenges Domestic impact Introduction Prior to China’s economic reform, non-public ownership models were forbidden under the socialist economic doctrine.(1) This – combined with arguments from national […]

Scientist warns of “seagrass crisis” in Caribbean beaches

By Carina Lopez From Xinhua| MEXICO CITY, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) — Massive quantities of Sargassum seaweed are invading Caribbean beaches mostly thanks to global warming and countries should work closely with scientists for a sustainable solution, said a researcher at a leading Mexican university on Saturday. Brigitta Ine Van Tussenbroek, an expert on tropical marine […]

The Editor Speaks: The clampdown on window tinting may cause more accidents

The vigorous current clampdown on what the RCIPS call illegal automobile window tinting may cause more accidents. It is now worrisome to all motor vehicle users who have had tint applied to their windscreens that it may be illegal. Without giving any warning they were going to go enact their own form of numbers game […]

Cayman Islands National Community Enhancement Project to incentivise workers

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – Approximately 460 unemployed Caymanians and out-of-work spouses of Caymanians, down from 606 last December, registered for up to two weeks paid work on the Government’s National Enhancement Summer Project (NiCE). The project’s Manager, Levi Allen of the Public Works Department, explained that as well as providing much-needed enhancement of the nation’s […]