September 15, 2019

The Editor speaks: Aren’t our leaders concerned about the rising sea levels?

Have you heard a peep from anyone in government about the rising sea levels? Whether they are worried about it? Whether it is out of their hands so they can’t do anything about it? Whether there are any plans in place to look at all the buildings built close to the sea and to recommend […]

The Publisher speaks: Scrabbling

I wrote this poem twenty plus years ago when chickens were having a bad time scrabbling for food because of the new development in George Town. Yes, this was before Camana Bay changed things. Since then, the chickens moved out, multiplied, and have become a pest. Chickens weren’t the only ones who have moved out […]

The Editor speaks: Do banks really want the general public’s business?

I firmly believe they don’t. I refer you to one of our correspondent’s columns, Chris’ Corner – Banks “draconian new procedures” I 100 per cent agree with him. Just recently we received a call that a cheque we had written and handed to a company for payment of services had been returned by the bank […]

The Publisher speaks: Togetherness is one reason I write poems

By Joan Wilson Every night when I watch World News via the BBC and ABC, I am horrified at what I see and hear. I say to Colin, “Not one good peace of news”. He always tells me to wait as both networks nearly always place one tiny tit bit of “heartwarming” news to finish […]

The Editor speaks: Twelve Just Men

My title could easily have been “Twelve (almost the same) Just Men”. Or another one – “Almost Just Men”. You see, there is a woman amongst the twelve just men. The new faces are Jaron Leslie, a lawyer with Harneys; Roland Bodden, a surveyor; and the lone woman, former manager of the National Trust, Christina […]

The Editor speaks: “Those who fly us, Love us”

Soon after winning awards as “The Best Airline”, many now have not been happy with the delays and cancellations over the past week the airline have had. The slogan “Those who fly us, Love us” is not one many passengers have been singing. However, is it Cayman Airways fault? In a new Release the Airline […]

The Editor speaks: Jamaica Independence Day

Today our Jamaican neighbours are celebrating their independence from the UK. Congratulations. It has taken fiftyseven years to nearly reach a milestone of sixty. It hasn’t been a pretty road but at long last there are good signs for this country. PM Andrew Holness, in his Independence Address, says,”we have much to be thankful for: […]

The Editor speaks: Emancipation Day

Yesterday (Sunday) I was present at St George’s Anglican Church where Jamaica’s Independence Day (actually tomorrow Tue 6) was celebrated. Tagged with it was Emancipation Day. One can hardly “celebrate”Emancipation Day to its fullest because, although it is observed in many former European colonies in the Caribbean and areas of the United States commemorate the […]

The Editor speaks: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not a subject I feel comfortable to write about. Why is that? Am I embarrassed at someone thinking I’m a pervert? Probably, but it is inborn in me from my early youth – yes I am in my mid seventies, when breastfeeding was a subject people didn’t speak about. In fact is wasn’t […]

The Editor speaks: The Deputy Governor stands by his beleaguered CO

I have known Jennifer Ahearn for a very long time, mainly through my time with the Cayman Drama Society. I count her as a friend. What Jennifer is like to work with, I don’t know. I do know she was very easy to direct and not once was there any problems between me or any […]