September 23, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Literacy

On Saturday September 8th we celebrate International Literacy Day. In today’s iNews Cayman we have published a number of articles concerning literacy including the persons who are at the centre of literacy, our teachers. Our Minister for Education, Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly has sent us her Message on Literacy Day where she states: “In order to […]

The Editor Speaks: Organ donations

No. I am not asking for monetary donations for an electronic organ or even one of the giant pipe organs found in some churches. I am talking about organs of human tissue. It is only recently (last month) that the Human Tissue Transplant Law has been signed into law. This is despite nearly ten years […]

The Publisher speaks: Peacock

Owing to Colin not being available most of today I have been asked to sit in his space. I, of course, am submitting to you one of my poems. This tells in rhyme a 100 per cent true story and was written some years ago when my dear sister, Eulene, was alive. It brings back […]

The Editor Speaks: Labor/Labour Day

Today (Monday Sep 3) it is Labor Day in the US and it is also Labour Day in Canada. Note the different spelling. In both countries the Day is always held on the first Monday in September. In the Cayman Islands we don’t have any equivalent. There is no celebration of our workers. This is […]

The Editor Speaks: Government must act to stop a Port Berthing Referendum

I can only say the government have themselves to blame for the referendum petition that is circulating by the ‘increasing’ number of opponents to the new cruise ship berthing facility. I say ‘increasing’ because this would seem to be the case as most of Cayman’s media has been saying. With the opposition, who had been […]

The Editor Speaks: Water

Did you know that we are in the middle of “World Water Week”? It runs from Sunday 26 August to Friday 31 August I was not. I was made aware when I was sent two stories for publishing from World Water Week – “Caleb Liow Jia Le and Johnny Xiao Hong Yu from Singapore win […]

The Editor Speaks: Cayman Islands coast guard service

It’s official. We now have a Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control Agency. Yesterday (Mon 27) at a hastily announced Press Conference, Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Robert Scotland, Leo Anglin and Charles Clifford as heads of the new agency. See iNews Cayman’s story today “Cayman Islands Premier announces heads of Coast Guard, Customs and Border […]

The Editor Speaks: Airport security staff need to be polite

There would seem to be some training needed for our security staff to be POLITE! I have noticed it too at the airport and now a frequent visitor to our islands has complained on tripadvisor. This is what the visitor said: “Airport Security – Super Strict on the Way Out “27 Aug. 2018, 1:37 pm […]

The Editor Speaks: Wong was wrong but Immigration was right

Deputy Chief Immigration Officer (DCIO) Garfield Wong was found guilty last Wednesday of careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. The third charge against him of DUI was found not guilty. On December 27th 2013 Wong was driving a Dodge Ram truck along Shamrock Road when he collided with a BMW driven by […]

The Editor Speaks: National Anthems and Songs

Here, in the Cayman Islands we have the National Anthem – “God Save the Queen” and the National Song – “Beloved Isle Cayman”, At national events, including sporting events where one of the teams playing is representing our country, our National Song is played. As a mark of respect we stand and even join in […]