July 23, 2018

The Editor Speaks: When is “Taste of Cayman” not a taste of Cayman? Port Authority escape

The one striking thing missing from this year’s Taste of Cayman was the lack of native food. When one reads the title of the event, to the casual reader and visitor, one might expect to be able to see and eat actual Cayman cuisine. That is not the case. I counted only four out of […]

The Editor Speaks – Discipline, dismissal, silence

Operation Tempura and Operation Cealt made the headlines again today. Operation Tempura that began in 2007 will always be remembered as a fiasco that cost this country millions of dollars. It was a London Metropolitan Police investigation according to the RCIPS recently although then Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks in July 2010 stated it was initially […]

The Editor Speaks: The bad side of party politics. Immigration changes

What an injustice was done last Tuesday evening (24) when two members of the UDP (United Democratic Party) were missing WOL! What did they miss? A meeting called by the Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free at the Bodden Town Civic Centre. The missing members are two of the three elected MLA’s for Bodden Town […]

The Editor Speaks: “Is this really Cayman? Is this the country where I was born?”

I have lived here thirty years. 44% of my life. If I am appalled that a serving policeman’s house in West Bay was shot up in the early hours of last Sunday (22) this must be absolutely shocking and beyond comprehension to Caymanians who were born and bred here many years ago. In all my […]

The Editor Speaks: Anglin gets life. Heroes are honoured.

At last. Lightning struck twice and this time its victim did not escape. Devon Anglin was found guilty by Chief Justice Anthony Smellie on Friday (20) for the murder of Carlo Webster. He was sentenced to life at the pleasure of the Northward ‘Hotel.’ Lightning missed him the first time around when he was found […]

The Editor Speaks: Suspicious shooting, another loss for the Crown and police take too much time

It was just another day “in paradise” on Thursday (20). We had a mugging on Eden Road, just off South Church Street, and the RCIPS took an inexplicably long time to get there. In a press statement the RCIPS said the woman was told that: “an officer would not immediately attend the scene.” For goodness […]

The Editor Speaks: Where are our heroes? If you want a joint go to Northward prison

Our National Heroes Day is this Monday 23rd January at 9am and is the islands’ largest national celebration. The theme of this year’s celebration is education. Traditional elements include uniform parades, choirs, live music and laying of wreaths in remembrance. Primarily it is the day to honour Cayman’s heroes. It is people who make a […]

The Editor Speaks: Spate of home robberies, time, blindness

We are suddenly experiencing a series of robberies immediately outside or at people’s homes. We have had three in just a few days. The latest was Tuesday (17) in Webster Estates as a woman arrived at her home. The robbers were armed. I knew something serious had happened as I was at a house near […]

The Editor Speaks: David Marchant

It is amazing how an editorial comment I made in Friday (13) publication has sparked another two editorials on the subject. I made the point that, to me, Cayman Finance had missed the boat by turning down an invitation by David Marchant, owner of OffshoreAlert, to speak at the 2012 OffshoreAlert conference commencing at the […]

The Editor Speaks: Cayman Finance rebuttal

We received a copy of a statement from Cayman Finance dated 13th January (headed Cayman Finance refutes conference snub) sent via Tower Marketing their media contact in response to my editorial last Friday (13). My editorial centred on David Marchant, the owner of Offshore Alert, who asserts that Cayman Finance were invited to speak and […]