December 14, 2017

iNews website

It is with some pride that our new iNews Cayman website is launched today. I am not going to repeat the write-up in this edition describing all the new features we have included on the website but I urge all of you who are reading the print edition to take a visit. There is so […]

I’m not liberal anymore

I am glad I am not a liberal now. It’s as if my eyes were opened by a miracle. At first, I thought my purpose in life was to treat everyone equally and they would do the same to me. That’s an earnest creed, and a “liberal” one. Then I discovered the lies handed down […]

The Editor Speaks: Reply to the Premier

I am a little perplexed and more than surprised to have been “whacked” by our premier, Hon. McKeeva Bush (see yesterday’s [21] edition). In particular his comment that I had mis-stated the facts. In my editorial I asked questions for people to ponder whether the two party system we have now is responsible for the […]


By Joyce Pursley There are right wing politicians and commentators who contend that U.S. policy toward Israel has taken an (unwelcome) turn. The fact  remains that President Obama’s position on Israel is the same as that of every president for the last twenty years, including George W. Bush. It’s one of the few things Bush […]

Editorial – It is the season for vacations

It was a quiet weekend. Not only crime but the political front too seemed to have gone on vacation already. Both parties took a welcome break in slanging one another, although it seems it’s going to break out again as I write this. However, for Government to appoint a person as contact for The Summer […]