March 24, 2018

New Year’s Eve

Here we are once again afraid to make a decision now, when it matters most, on whether to extend the liquor licencing closing laws on New Year’s Eve.  You see, New Year’s Eve this year falls on a Saturday and we will be going into Sunday. Oh my. On a Saturday bars have to close […]

The Editor Speaks: Healing and Sirach

Doctors, hospitals, Hospice, and rehabilitation centres have been in the news lately. At some time in our lives we have to go to a doctor or hospital to be healed. The same way an alcoholic and/or drug user will be admitted into a rehabilitation centre to ‘dry out’ and receive medical help for a cure. […]

A good sport

Being “a good sport” means you are gracious when you win and gracious when you lose. Both are difficult but more so when you are accustomed to winning and unexpectedly you lose. Here, in Cayman, we don’t have too many sporting wins because of our small population and the facilities for our young athletes woefully […]


A government website has been set up ( where the public is being invited to respond to eight main questions on the relationship the Cayman Islands has with the UK. The questions are: Challenges – Economic Development; Challenges – Everyday Life; Challenges – Politics & Government; Cooperation with the UK; Governance, financial management and economic […]

Protection and Virgin

We had some unity in the L.A. when our legislators voted ‘yes’ to allow security guards to wear bulletproof vests, use handcuffs, pepper spray and have access to equip themselves with and use batons. I was under the impression it was legal for anyone to wear a bulletproof vest so it was with some surprise […]

The “Yellow Peril”

Sax Rohmer, an English novelist, wrote a number of books about a Chinese criminal called (Dr.) Fu Manchu in the early to middle 1900’s. His heroes faced the worldwide conspiracy of the “Yellow Peril.” The term was used as a colour metaphor for races that originated in the late 19th century with immigration of Chinese […]

Meetings, talk and no action

As we told you two weeks ago together with an editorial, MLA Ellio Soloman proposed a plan to designate certain jobs as Caymanian only. An amendment bill allowing Cabinet members to do this is expected to come before the legislature in November. We have not been able to obtain any more details about the job […]

The Cayman media

The media has come for quite a bashing here over the past few days. The Uk’s Daily Mail followed by the Sunday Mirror recently did features purporting to expose the visit of Merseyside Chief Constable Jon Murphy and two colleagues on an expenses-paid seaside holiday. RCIPS Commissioner David Baines told iNews that the reporting was […]

Are we doing enough for our youth?

We are spending thousands, if not millions, in policing, the judicial and prisons. We spend thousands to try and keep ourselves safe from intruders entering our homes. The business community spends even more to prevent shoplifting and thievery. How much do we spend on our youths? On the 25th July, Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary […]

The good, the bad and the …….

There is good and bad in most situations, although, sometimes with a bad one, it is hard to find the good. ‘Ugly’ is not a word I like to use hence the dot, dot, dot. I am referring to the publicity this newspaper did not seek but got in the UK tabloids and on UK […]