January 24, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Driving nightmares

With yet another serious motor accident very close to my home, Hirst Road, last night (Mon) leaving a man in critical condition with life threatening injuries, I have to ask, when will drivers slow down? What amazes me is why a lot of people think they must be in front of you at the cost […]

From The Publisher

Our thatch palm shows the “way we coming from” By Joan E. (Watler) Wilson Life is so hectic today I wonder where the day has gone, let alone the hours. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and time does seem to go more quickly the more we age. However, that is only part of the […]

The Editor Speaks: Courthouse MUST not be left in limbo

A new courthouse is not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe not during this administration. At the moment there is not even an interim solution to the problem that has plagued the judiciary for years – not enough room. This shocking development was announced by the Chief Justice in his speech at the Opening of […]

The Editor Speaks: A resounding Trump

Every single day since he was elected (and to a lesser but significant time before) US President Donald Trump has dominated the media. Today we publish a story from the UK’s Daily Mail that at first sight would seem Trump was involved with money laundering. Further investigation of the article shows absolutely no evidence to […]

The Editor speaks: No Robin Hood v The Sheriff of Nottingham

We have another case today (published in iNews Briefs) of banking fraud. The story is headlined “Banks accused of rigging Canadian rate benchmark”. It involves “Nine large banks, including six from Canada”, who have been accused of “conspiring to rig the Canadian Dealer Offered Rate from Aug. 9, 2007, to June 30, 2014.” They potentially […]

The Editor speaks: Private beaches and access

It would appear we are not the only country that has a problem with enforcing access to beaches that owners of property on the beachfront think belong to them. Please see our story published today “Turks & Caicos: PNP & PDM clash over private beach issue”. The opening paragraph sets particularly well the scene: “A […]

The Editor Speaks: What is transparency?

Politicians love to band the word ‘transparency’ about. Unless you actually get to run the country. Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller used the word ‘transparency’ a number of times when he announced his ‘shadow’ cabinet were going to produce a national social and economic plan called ‘Vision’. Auditor General Sue Winspear, speaking to CNS about the […]

The Editor Speaks: Miller to grind out a ‘Vision’.

Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller has announced his team will be drawing up a national social and economic plan this year. He calls it a ‘Vision’. This will be very interesting to see how it will compare to the one the present government has said they are in the process of issuing. There is already one […]

The Editor Speaks: Earthquakes

It is a sobering thought that if we were struck with a Tsunami the majority of us would not have known about it. This is especially true if the event happened after 10PM. Last night at 10:46PM we received an Information Statement from Cayman Islands Hazard Management issued “regarding a possible tsunami threat for the […]

The Editor speaks: Garbage is back to normal

The Radio Cayman Lunchtime Call In show yesterday, I understand, had representatives from our government Environmental Health Department who stated that garbage had been all cleared and back on normal schedule. I did not hear the broadcast but was informed by one of our readers that this was stated. I can say when I contacted […]