February 25, 2017

The Editor Speaks: Not all gloom at Turtle Farm (now Centre)

The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm continues to lose money. This time it was approx. $6M in the red. Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell said approx. two thirds of that figure – $4.5M – was due to repayment of a loan. The rest was to cover operating losses. The loan should be settled in 2019 so we […]

The Editor Speaks: Is self praise no praise?

There is a story on our website today under the title “Dominican Republic: Gastronomic capital of the Caribbean”. Wow. Congratulations Dominican Republic. How did they win this illustrious title? “The Dominican Republic was on Monday proclaimed the Caribbean’s capital of the gastronomic culture, by the Dominican Academy of Gastronomy. “The Presidency’s Website said the announcement […]

The Editor Speaks: How food can unite ‘enemies’

One has to give credit to US President Trump. He is a forgiving man. Before he was president many in his own party not only criticised him but openly said they would not vote for him even after he won the nomination. One such senator was Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who himself suffered a presidential […]

The Editor Speaks: Fake news

US President Donald Trump has been quite rightly criticizing the fake news that has sprung up all over media websites and it has been difficult to distinguish the difference sometimes between the truth and the fake. The legitimate news sites have added to the confusion by slanting reports dangerously close to the fake. Now Trump […]

The Editor Speaks: Connecting

When one looks at the world today I wonder if we are really connecting? Except…. Paul McGowan who writes a column mainly about High End Audio and Audiophiles (I am one) wrote a small piece today that I share with you as it is exactly how I am feeling: Emotional connections – Paul McGowan There’s […]

The Editor Speaks: Did we get dropped by British Airways?

British Airways From The Dots Mark Leary for British Airways / BBH London BBH commissioned Mark to photograph British Airways’ new ‘Call of the Caribbean’ campaign. Shooting 8 islands in just sixteen days, the brief was to visually arrest the senses, capturing the vibrancy and unique character of each island to present the Caribbean as […]

The Editor Speaks: Happy Nostalgia

Yesterday I wrote nostalgically about Radio Luxembourg when I was growing up into my teens. There was also another radio programme I listened to. It was only on a Sunday and it lasted an hour. I don’t remember if it had an actual title but it came from The Happy Station, Hilversum, Holland”s “English Show”. […]

The Editor Speaks: Nostalgia – Radio Luxembourg

I wonder how many of you remember Radio Luxembourg? As a child and into my teens I listened to it in England on medium Wave – 208m and it was in English. The reception was often iffy and could only be listened to in the dark. Being in Southern England the reception was the poorest […]

The Editor Speaks: The words “I Love You”

A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone of you. Peace and much love. If the whole world had LOVE what a wonderful world it would be. So, why does HATE dominate our headlines when, actually, there is thankfully far more LOVE in the world? If that wasn’t so you wouldn’t be sitting reading this Editorial. […]

The Editor Speaks: Beach rock

In a press release issued by Dart Real Estate (Cayman) Ltd we have learnt that Dart has submitted an application for the partial removal of beachrock beside Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa and Tiki Beach on the 7-Mile Beach strip to build a five-star resort and residences. Oxford Economics on Jan. 17th this year issued […]