June 26, 2019

The Publisher speaks: Bulldozing and building

by Joan E. Wilson Have you noticed all the building work going on around us at this moment? I cannot ever remember such a lot of construction work being expected here in my life time. Looking ahead there appears to be even more in the pipeline. Even a 20 storey high rise that I hope […]

The Editor speaks: Can the problem in the Dominican Republic happen here?

In an Editorial carried by Richmond Times-Dispatch: “At least nine Americans have died in the Dominican Republic since the summer of 2018 after falling ill in the Caribbean nation. Some of the deaths appear to have been under questionable — and similar — circumstances. The deaths have happened primarily at four resort hotels. Several of […]

The Editor speaks: “I think God is a very good Cellist”

I had the good fortune to interview sixteen year old Dequan Smith McConvey, Cayman Islands 2019 Young Musician of the Year. He played two classical pieces to win the title, Kol Nidre by Max Bruch and Elegie by Faure. Dequan auditioned for and won a scholarship to go to the beautiful Wells Cathedral School in […]

Terms and conditions

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio My fancy digital watch just asked if I want to upgrade to the latest operating system. Sure, why not? Maybe it’s better? Maybe it’s worse. I have no way to judge except to try it (knowing full well there’s no going back). First, I need to agree to the […]

The Editor speaks: The cruise ship berthing cries of ‘foul ‘

The persons behind the Cruise Ship Berthing petition that want more information about it, although it is a thinly disguised attempt to stop it, are shouting ‘foul’. Opposition Leader Arden McLean said government was actively seeking to disqualify signatures rather than verify them and is shouting ‘foul’. He also added, “The verification process has now […]

The Editor speaks: The case for culling and maybe one for cooking [eggs]?

When we hear the word ‘culling’ it often makes us react almost violently against its use no matter what the reasons are. Especially in biology. Every animal has the right to exist. So what exactly is “culling”? According to Wikipedia: “In biology, culling is the process of segregating organisms from a group according to desired […]

The Editor speaks: Travel expenses

How does one justify travel expenses? Very easily if you work for our government. It would seem to be an open door to charge up anything and everything. To claim and obtain everything and anything. Auditor General, Sue Winspear, in her latest report said entertainment, hospitality and travel costs are vulnerable to “abuse and misuse” […]

The Publisher speaks: A tribute to B

I wanted to write something to do with fathers and this is a poem about a father I wrote some time ago upon his retirement. I worked with him and became friends. So as not to embarrass him I will just call him “B”. So a belated Happy Father’s Day to “B”. A TRIBUTE TO […]

The Editor speaks : Fathers

I am writing this on Father’s Day Sunday 16 June. This is one anniversary that males take second fiddle to females. Mother’s Day. Here in the Cayman Islands Father’s Day didn’t warrant a note of gratitude to all the things we fathers do from any one of our MLA’s. Perhaps they (the males) were too […]

The Editor speaks: We ran out

“A regrettable time lag between the depletion of the previous product and the arrival of the new product has meant that aerial spraying will be unavailable to us for up to a week-and-a-half. We understand any concerns the public may have, and in addition to increasing ground spraying during this period are working to land […]