April 27, 2017

The Editor Speaks: Fathers

To follow on from my Editorial the other day on “Children” I thought I would say something on Fathers. Before I could write anything the following turned up in on ‘What’s App’. It is supposedly true but may not be. It doesn’t matter if it’s not. But it shows how all fathers should be to […]

The Editor Speaks: McLaughlin and McKeeva AGREE!

I did not believe it would ever happen but it has. The Party and nothing but the party. Both Premier Alden McLaughlin and Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush, who have been for most of their time like my dog Sugar snarling and attacking the Rottweilers she passes every morning during our walk, agree! The party system […]

The Editor Speaks: Children

In one of our stories here today the plight of the refugees highlights how children are not immune from the brutality of police on a daily basis. See story “Refugees beaten, abused and tear-gassed as they sleep by police in Calais, report warns”. The Independent UK has the exclusive story and it is not easy […]

The Editor Speaks: Marco v Kenneth

Announcer: In the blue corner we have the Challenger, Kenneth Bryan. His record is unimpressive. Once a reporter for CITN/Cayman27. Once an assistant to the Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin. Stood in the 2013 General Election for the Progressives. Lost. Bit of a brawler. In the red corner we have the Champion, Marco Archer. He […]

The Editor Speaks: Election fever

If you aren’t completely worn out from the US Elections at the end of last year and the hoopla that carried on the beginning of this year with the president’s inauguration, we have our very own Cayman election, and now followed by another UK one. Our own one is the more exciting, even if it […]

The Editor Speaks: Kill the Iggies – Bounty Hunters wanted

It’s the months the Bounty Hunters will be riding – MAY thu AUGUST If you’re a green iguana you’re a wanted iggie and there’s a price on your big head. WANTED DEAD (no alive here)! Price $2. To get your Bounty Badge you must be eligible. No upper age limits and you don’t have to […]

The Editor Speaks: Steve Foster

It was with a great deal of sadness I learned of the death of Steve Foster. In his last few years here on Grand Cayman before he became very ill I would have a drink with Steve Foster in Fidel Murphy’s whilst he waited for his Foster buddies to join him. He was now in […]

The Editor Speaks: Easter weekend

I hope you all had a very pleasant and most blessed Easter weekend. Whether you were at church, spending time with family and friends, playing sports, camping or a combination of all those, also spare a thought for all those who were alone. Then further afield the media headlines were not centred on the Christian […]

The Editor Speaks: How our football sinks further into the swamp

With the new man (actually he has been President nearly a year), Lee Ramoon, in charge of the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA), one couldn’t expect much improvement. Not with Bruce Blake, the former President, still there as Vice President and a seat on the board of the Caribbean Football Association. It is pretty obvious […]

The Editor Speaks: How right the Court of Appeal is

Often we can find fault with the decisions of the Court of Appeal Judges when they reduce and even throw out cases that we have agreed with the original verdicts. We have seen for ourselves the various witnesses that have appeared at the court and there is a big difference in actually hearing and seeing […]