October 22, 2019

The Editor speaks: Gambling, same-sex unions, pot – or not

Whilst I applaud MLA Kenneth Bryan for his initiative in trying to execute a national survey to gauge the public’s opinion on gambling, same-sex unions and marijuana laws, his venue for it is absolutely ridiculous. He made the announcement at a Press Conference last Thursday. His venue is to place stations outside each polling station […]

The Editor speaks: Norman, Cinema, Adverts

Last Friday (18) I received a PR from the Premier’s Office concerning the proposed cruise berthing facility. It had a message from one of our most respected Caymanians, ex leader of Government Business and Tourism Minister, Norman Bodden. The PR we have published today in full. It is one of the best PR’s I have […]

The Editor speaks: The new and improved plans for the GT port

We received yesterday (Wed 16) a Government Press Release (PR) that unveiled the new and improved plans for the controversial George Town port. This is after our Premier, Alden McLaughlin told the Cayman Compass (his ‘happy’ news outlet) we would not get much new information until after the Referendum. After informing us that the new […]

The Editor speaks: Statistics

Caribbean Statistics Day passed us by here in the Cayman Islands without even a whimper. If there were any government press releases they failed to meet my desk. I was only aware of it today (16) that is was yesterday (15) when two PR’s arrived for me albeit one day late. How has it made […]

The Editor speaks: Do we really need a military unit here?

I haven’t, as yet, got my teeth chopping at the bit, but I can’t get my mind set on the need here in the Cayman islands for our very first military unit. The scheme has the support of our premier, Alden McLaughlin and by Britain’s Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office. Tory defence minister Mark […]

The Publisher speaks: C-H-S Reunion

By Joan Wilson I attended the Cayman Prep & High School 70 Year Celebration held at Elmslie Memorial Church yesterday afternoon (5pm), Sunday 13th. I was one of its very first students and it brought back many lovely memories. It was a ‘packed to capacity’ church and I sat on the choir composed of members […]

OPINION: Turkey’s attempt of genocide against the Kurdish peoples with Russian and American approval

By Jolly Green Russia has taken a fortune out of Syria; they have milked it dry. Sold them arms protected the president while emptying the Syrian gold and monetary reserves. Followed up with protection by Both Russian military conjoined with Russian mercenary private soldiers owned by Russian corporations which Vladimir Putin is a sleeper shareholder […]

The Editor speaks: Miracles do happen Mr. Premier

Like the rest of Cayman’s media houses I have had to go to the Cayman Compass to read our premier, Alden McLaughlin’s, discourse on the Cruise berthing Facility/Referendum. He gave the interview to the newspaper he raged about not so long ago. It seem it is back in his favour. The interview did not sit […]

The Editor speaks: A Radio/Telethon without a Telethon

The 40th NCVO Radio/Telethon is going ahead on Saturday October 19th at The Prospect Playhouse without the Telethon. With only two weeks of being on air CITN, as it was known then, (the for-runner of the marketing name Cayman27) televised the NCVO Telethon as a separate broadcast from the Radiothon. It was 32 years ago. […]

The Editor speaks: Government, Compass and TV Community Based News

With government, or rather our premier, forcing the closing down of the only free over the air television broadcast station and the only one with local televised news, CITN/Cayman27, we are ‘happy’ to be able to report that once again you can now watch local news. The premier promised he had a solution and he […]