March 27, 2017

The Editor Speaks: Sadness

It is with much sadness to learn that a man I have known for years, Marcel Deardon Archer, has been found guilty for cruelty to animals. His sentence of home confinement may seem light since the Cayman Islands Animal Welfare Officer Margaret Baldino had testified she had found dead rabbits, chickens and pigeons and a […]

The Editor Speaks: ICCI president resigns

The Editor Speaks: ICCI president resigns It was with much sadness to learn David Marshall has resigned his position as president of the International College of the Cayman Islands. In his three years there he has shaken the College off its foundations and made reforms there I thought he would never be able to achieve. […]

The Editor Speaks: Beaten to the punch

I have been beaten to the punch this morning when I found my subject had been already written and I am not ashamed to say better written and published in another media publication. The media house is none other than Cayman Islands favourite newspaper “The Cayman Compass”. Under the heading “How did lawmakers pass the […]

The Editor Speaks: Social services and children

Last Sunday at St George’s Anglican Church, members of the Cayman Islands Social Services Children/Family Support group were in attendance, including Minister Osbourne Bodden. They wanted to highlight the work they do and which largely goes unrecognised. Never has there ever been such a need for our children to be protected. There is a sobering […]

The Editor Speaks: Who is pulling the strings of the “independents”?

At the last election we had the “Independents” running with the majority under the umbrella of C4C. This election there is no C4C or C3C, or C2C or any number in the middle of CC. However, there is a whole bunch of Independents running, and one of our local doctors, is behind the scenes pulling […]

The Editor Speaks: Bureaucrats

At some time in our life we all have had to fight with bureaucrats and bureaucracy. In one of our stories today “Activist urges Cayman Islands to grow marijuana after long wait for cannabis oil from Jamaica”, Dennie Warren Jr highlights the uphill battle he has had with “government bureaucrats” in getting the oil legalised […]

The Editor Speaks: A common cold knocked me out AGAIN!

I have been battling with a common cold – sneezing and coughing – since last Friday (10) and finally yesterday (Wed 15) I succumbed. It knocked me out – unconscious. For hours! You will have noticed there was no Editorial. Of course,the knock out could have been from these aliens following some of our MLA’s […]

The Editor Speaks: If there was any doubt it has gone

If there was any doubt in one’s mind whether it would be a good thing to go back in time to a country ruled by independents it should have evaporated into the ether by the shocking behaviour of the opposition, comprising mainly independents yesterday (13). Premier Alden McLaughlin released a statement last Friday (10) evening […]

The Editor Speaks: Rubbish

Another four years has gone by and have we got any nearer to a solution to our rubbish? I beg to have to say with much sadness it is in my most humble opinion the answer is “No”. We have had another expensive survey undertaken by experts, the cost of which could have been spent […]

The Editor Speaks: Sorry. We all make mistakes

To admit you made a mistake and to say ‘sorry’ is actually a very hard thing to do. When you are the premier of a country and to have do this it is even harder. People in power who make a mistake seldom admit it. They have the power, or so they think, to say […]