February 21, 2018

Cayman Islands CTMH Doctors Hospital – welcomes new OB/GYN

CTMH Doctors Hospital is proud to announce that our family is still growing. A big welcome to our new OB/GYN – Dr. Rachelle Shirley from Kingston, Jamaica. Accompanying the hospitals new state-of-the art private maternity suites, Dr. Shirley understands the need for quality Obstetric and Gynaecological care within the Cayman Islands. She takes an individualized […]

Cayman Islands: CTMH Doctors Hospital – New cold cap therapy

In collaboration with the Breast Cancer Foundation, we at CTMH Doctors Hospital are striving to provide even more relief to our cancer patients. BCF has donated the new cold cap product that helps prevent hair loss due to cancer treatments and a brand-new freezer for the caps themselves. The Breast Cancer Foundation with CTMH Doctors […]

Cayman Islands National Human Resources Dept. Interim Director announced

The Cayman Islands Government is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Sharon Roulstone as Interim Director of the National Human Resources Department. Ms. Roulstone was seconded from the Office of the Ombudsman to fill this position “The Government is grateful to Ombudsman Sandy Hermiston, for her willingness to agree to this secondment,” Deputy Governor […]

Cayman Islands PAC Meetings begin Wednesday (21)

The Financial Reporting of the Cayman Islands Government General Report 2015 and 2016 Financial Audits Hearings are being held as follows. Hearing on Wednesday, 21 February 2018 at 9am. (Public Hearing); Hearing on Thursday, 22 February 2018 at 10am. (Public Hearing); Hearing on Friday, 23 February 2018 at 10am. (Public Hearing).

OPINION: The cyclepath to the male socialist sociopaths in Saint Vincent and similar Caribbean islands

By Jolly Green Combine irresponsibility, impulsivity, and a need for instant gratification, and it’s not surprising that sociopaths get involved in risky behavior. They tend to have little concern for the safety of others or for themselves. This means that excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, compulsive gambling, unsafe sex, excessive appetite for sex outside of […]

Winter Olympics blacked out in Cayman Islands

By Georgina Wilcox Randy Merren, of Hurley’s Media, who owns CITN/Cayman27 issued a statement last Friday saying, “It has come to our attention that Logic have been broadcasting the Winter Olympics illegally, after being advised that any channel carrying the Winter Olympics must be ‘blacked out’ to align with the details of the exclusivity contract […]

Stanford investing billions offshore in Central America and Caribbean, tax returns show

By Brian Contreras From Stanford Daily Stanford has nearly 10 billion dollars invested in Central America and the Caribbean, analysis of the University’s tax returns shows. Held offshore in places like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, much of this money is not subject to taxes, including the 1.4 percent tax on University endowment earnings implemented […]

Cayman Islands: HSM adds new Head of Corporate & Commercial Department

The HSM Group is enhancing its legal services with a new Head of Corporate & Commercial law. Mr. Peter De Vere. Peter joins HSM from another top-tier law firm in the Cayman Islands and specialises in all areas of Cayman Islands corporate & commercial work with a special focus on asset finance, and secured lending. Peter […]

Traditional Venetian food with a view in the Cayman Islands

From Bacaro The Cayman Islands have been one of the most preferred travel destinations for globetrotters and rightly so – it is indeed a slice of heaven! It is favored by its visitors as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean as cuisines of the Cayman Islands are heavily influenced from every nook of the globe, […]

Cayman Islands Beach Access Report 2017 release

The Cayman Islands Government appreciates that the beaches of the Cayman Islands are an outstanding natural and cultural resource that play an integral social and recreational role for the local population. Therefore, during 2016-2017 the Survey team in the Lands & Survey Department located, inspected and mapped all existing registered and unregistered beach accesses on […]