September 16, 2019

Why we need to protect turtles

Courtesy Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines From OECS Incredible to see these cute leatherback turtle hatchlings flip flopping over each other on Necker’s Turtle Beach as they make their way down to the ocean for the first time. One of my favourite things about living in the BVI is being surrounded by such stunning scenery and […]

Vietnam capital Hanoi tells citizens to stop eating dog meat due to rabies risk

By Zamira Rahim From Independent UK Many Vietnamese believe eating canine meat increases stamina Officials in Vietnam’s capital are urging residents to avoid eating dog meat, as part of a move to eradicate rabies. Hanoi’s vice mayor Nguyen Van Suu also said that slaughtering dogs and cats for their meat was disturbing to foreigners and would “negatively impact the […]

The best countries in Africa for a safari experience

By Ashyln Molly From Travel Blissful Africa is blessed to be a diverse haven for unforgettable safari experiences. From witnessing the famed Big 5 in South Africa, cruising in mokoros down the complex waterways of the Okavango Delta in Botswana to watching the legendary wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara, memories will be ingrained in […]

African animal silhouettes

Stunning silhouettes show animals of Africa at sunrise and sunset From BBC Wildlife photographer Greg Du Toit has captured powerful images of silhouetted animals in southern and eastern Africa to show “the mystery and intrigue of Africa.” Silhouette photo of a landscapeImage copyrightGREG DU TOIT/MEDIADRUMWORLD.COM Silhouette photo of a lionImage copyrightGREG DU TOIT/MEDIADRUMWORLD.COM The animals, […]

West Bay Community Officers Assist with the surrender of ferocious dogs to the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture

Over the past several months West Bay Police Officers and the Community Officer for Beat 11 have received a number of complaints from persons in their communities who have been attacked by ferocious dogs. In response to these complaints, on Thursday 30 August, Community Officers in West Bay along with officers from the Animal Welfare […]

Goats like it best when you smile, new research shows

BY LAURA BYAGER From Mashable You should be happy when you meet a hoofed friend. Especially if that friend is a goat. Because, it turns out, goats can read human moods and are more drawn to people who look happy. According to a new study recently published in the journal Open Science, goats prefer “positive […]

Cayman Islands regulations for prescribed poisons to be used for animals

From Cayman Islands Government Gazette Supplement No.1 published with Extraordinary Gazette No. 65 dated 29th August, 2018. THE ANIMALS LAW (2015 REVISION) THE ANIMALS (PRESCRIBED POISONS) REGULATIONS, 2018 THE ANIMALS LAW (2015 REVISION) THE ANIMALS (PRESCRIBED POISONS) REGULATIONS, 2018 The Cabinet, in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 70(8) and 91 of the Animals […]

Arctic summer drought: reindeer herders ask for emergency funding to save animals from starvation

BY JAKUB LEWANDOWSKI from Newsweek Reindeer herders in Sweden are asking the government for financial aid to help pay for feed following drought and wildfires that burned throughout the country this summer. Niila Inga, the chair of the Swedish Sami Association, met with government officials on Thursday in Stockholm to discuss the herders’ request. “We are living […]

Five bears were rescued from a farm horrendous bear bile farm in Vietnam

From World Animal Protection After 13 years in captivity Five Asiatic black bears have been rescued from horrific abuse to which they were subjected by the exploitation of bear bile. Abuse of captive bears for their bile is one of the worst examples of animal cruelty in the world today. The farmer who had the […]

Indiana animal shelter employee claims she was told to euthanize kittens in a FREEZER rather than take them to a vet

By RORY TINGLE From  DAILY MAIL UK Bridget Woodson said her boss twice instructed her to put sick cats in freezer When she complained Christina Payne said it was ‘no less humane’ that the vet Spencer County Animal Shelter is now being investigated by the state police  Another witness has claimed they saw four kittens […]