November 13, 2019

Campus 80s MakerLab


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adidas MakerLab propels emerging designers to bring limited-edition Campus 80s Into the Global Marketplace

Honoring its ongoing ambition to elevate creators worldwide, adidas presents Campus 80s MakerLab, the next chapter of the brand’s collaborative-creation platform that unleashes unlimited possibilities to innovate and explore by giving designers full access to the brand’s tools, infrastructure, expertise, archive, and talent to bring their creative vision to life.

The adidas MakerLab invited three innovative, emerging sneaker designers Helen KirkumAlex Nash and Shun Hirose of Japanese boutique  Recouture to reimagine the iconic classic — adidas Campus 80s. For the first time, the MakerLab will empower creators to deliver their signature creations directly to market through a StockX IPO (initial product offering.)  

Over the course of only 10-days, designers Kirkum, Nash and Hirose took their creative process to the adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany, where they were given unlimited access and resources to cultivate their signature prototypes. The designers rounded out their journey at one of the brand’s factories in Vietnam where they personally oversaw each model produced and packaged for retail via a StockX IPO. 

“We live by an elevated model of collaboration that embraces the collective” expressed Jose Cabaco, Senior Director of Creative Concepts and Storytelling at adidas.  “Many times that means taking the passenger seat and acting as an enabler of our partners’ creative vision coming to life” he added. 

The entire creative process is the subject of an intimate documentary that offers a first-ever look at the MakerLab platform, from sketch to sneaker, through the eyes of each global creator.  

In a first for MakerLab, 333 limited-edition pairs of each model will launch via a StockX IPO on October 15th, 2019. The IPO model bridges the conversation between creator and buyer, removing bots, campouts, raffles, or plugs, and empowering the buyer to set the retail price. 

The 72-hour auction will begin 21:00 EDT, October 15th and run through 21:00 EDT, October 18th where users can select their preferred designs and size on the platform.  Through a blind bid, each consumer will offer how much they are willing to pay for their selected model of the Campus 80s.  Winners, or highest bidders, will all secure the shoes at the “Clearing Price” or the lowest winning Bid on a specific size and design of the shoe. 

The IPO will close at 11:59 PM EDT on Thursday, October 17, 2019.  The highest winning bids will be matched by availability, with winners notified on October 18, 2019. 

Please sign up on StockX for full IPO instructions and access to the Campus 80s MakerLab exclusive documentary.   


adidas Creative Director: Jose Cabaco

Director: Leandro HBL

Executive Producer: Ben Freedman

Design: GrandArmy

Art Direction: Ibrahem Hasan

Cinematographer: Lucas Oliveira

Editor: Chris Besecker

Photography: Jean-Vincent Simonet/Ibrahem Hasan/Basile Mookherjee/Jose Cabaco

Developers: David John Drury/ Leonid Larionov

Project Management: Jennifer Maher/Felicity Milton

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