October 20, 2018

Britain’s exit from the EU exposes fundamentalists’ false Biblical teaching


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hudson_georgeBy Hudson George

As Britain leaves the (EU) through the democratic process in a referendum, for political, social and economic reasons, I am now wondering what other religious propaganda Christian fundamentalists will invent again to control their followers, who they brainwashed to believe in a world government that will bring the end of time.

It is a known fact that fundamentalist religions are using the some scriptures in Holy Bible as addictive drugs to keep their followers in line with their denominational teachings, with the hope of preparing them for a better life after death. They firmly believe that the European Union will be the driving force to create a world government and when that government is well established in Western Europe, it will be the beginning of Armageddon.

They base their teachings on biblical prophecy by telling their followers about a world government that will be set in Europe in the form of a European union, before the messiah comes to take the good people and punish the bad ones in everlasting hellfire. Even our brothers within the Rastafarian movement share almost the same belief too.

I remember during my youthful days in Grenada hearing religious people saying that when Europe unites as a one nation, Britain will give up its power and domain to the Vatican and the pope will set up a world government; and the mark of the beast will be placed on people’s heads globally. Citizens who refuse to take the mark on their foreheads will face persecution.

Those fundamentalist religious leaders spread this kind of teaching in mostly third world countries, where people are vulnerable, less educated and living in poverty. Now the big question is: What will they tell their followers as Britain leaves the union, without surrendering its domain to the Vatican?

With such a deep religious belief they are preparing themselves to face the antichrist. They tend to live a life of expecting major disasters. They enjoy hearing and spreading negative news about bloody wars and natural disasters that affect people’s lives.

They basically focus on some of the scriptures in the Old Testament and the book of Revelation in the New Testament, to support their ideas. However, I can remember during the 1970 and 80s, when the Rastafarian movement and other fundamentalist Christians teachings reached Grenada and some young men and women of my generation accepted the doctrines.

They all share a common belief. They do not believe that the main purpose of this global economy set up by rich industrialised western nations is to control the wealth of third world countries. However, they believe that the Vatican will rule supreme with the pope as the head figure.

However, as the British voters reject the union in the referendum just recently, it is very clear to see the real picture. The British people are looking at the issue from a different perspective. They want to protect their country with a strong nationalistic interest. Whereby, they do not have to deal with too many new immigrants and refugees from poor war torn countries coming with new cultures to reside among them.

On the other hand, terrorist attacks and regime change in some Middle Eastern countries is now creating a major problem in those countries, as a large influx of immigrants seeks safety as refugees. This new influx of immigrants throughout Western Europe is creating a fear among British citizens. They are concerned about terrorist attacks in Britain, similar to what took place in .

In conclusion, it will be interesting to see what new brand of religious teachings the fundamentalist Christians will indoctrinate their followers with, as Britain leaves the European Union. I can only suggest that they might have to postpone the time of Armageddon for later years to come.

However, knowing that Germany is the economic power within the European Union and the historical trickery of the British, since during the days of their rivalry with other countries such as France, Portugal and Spain for colonised places in the Americas, Africa and Asia, it will not be a big surprise if Britain comes up with a new political plan to extract wealth from its former colonies in Africa, where they can do business in a similar method as the Chinese are doing presently to exploit the Africa’s rich natural resources.

If that is the British future new plan, I will not be surprised that South Africa could well be the best target for them. Because the ANC government under President Jacob Zuma seems to be very corrupt and will be very happy to do business with Britain again.

This is just my personal opinion on this popular issue. Because I personally believe that Britain, as a highly developed industrialised country with a long history of colonising other countries, will create a new political strategy to remain mighty.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers

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