September 18, 2018

Don’t Panic!!!

Now we have a fuel strike. Don’t we? What’s that you say? “No we don’t”? But people are joining huge queues at the gas stations, or petrol stations or whatever you prefer to call them. There have been stories of fights and squabbles on the forecourts. Stores are running out of jerry cans. But no […]

Pie are squared

A magnificent piece of political hokum was announced in the UK yesterday. VAT is going to be charged on hot food. This means that if you go and buy a hot pie or sausage roll you have to pay an additional 20% No problem on the face of it; until you try to define the […]

In the Face (Book) of Death

Any of you FaceBook members? Maybe it was because today is my 63rd birthday, but when I logged in today up popped an advert saying, “”Nearing your 65th birthday? Then don’t delay. £10,000 life insurance from £1.16 a week. Cover your funeral and leave your family a cash gift…” Great. Another birthday reached, with plenty […]

Food, Glorious Food: “Beef Stroganoff” – traditional English????

OK, I confess to being a foodie. No, not one of those arty types who likes having a vast continent of white plate with a couple of small islands of food in a small sea of something we used to call gravy but is now called jus – I mean hearty, filling food which costs […]

How to lose money!

An odd title for an article, you might think, but maybe an apt part of the world to air it. Poor old me, a struggling author (violins please) with a few novels to my name and about 30 stage plays, performed all over the world. The vast majority of the performances of my stage plays […]