June 24, 2018

Cartoon of the Week

By Tony Zuvela, Cartoonist “It’s my own little World which I can escape to everyday and create a fun, weird, berserk Cartoon to whatever subject I like. I enjoy doing all the work myself, and all the aspects of Cartooning, and seeing my work out there and the reactions it gets.” http://www.berserkalert.com.au/shop.htm Buy this Cartoon’s […]


We asked trendsetters to design their own emoji BY RACHEL THOMPSON From Mashable When words fail us, emoji are always there to fill in the blanks. But there are times when finding that perfect emoji for a situation or story is almost impossible. To scope out people’s emoji requirements, Mashable took to the streets of […]

Duvet ponchos

Duvet ponchos are the cosy fashion trend for people who really, really love their bed BY RACHEL THOMPSON From Mashable Getting out of your warm, cosy bed on those freezing, frosty mornings is truly agonising. And once you’re out of bed, it’s nigh-on impossible to recreate that toasty feeling — save wearing every item of […]

The Editor Speaks: Shrove Tuesday

Today (Tue 28) is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras in French It is the day before the Lenten Season of 40 days and 40 nights begins and traditionally it is the day you eat as much as you can because you are supposed to almost starve yourself for the next […]

Cayman Islands: Ingrid Pierce Talks Hedge Funds In Opalesque Cayman Roundtable

Article by Ingrid Pierce Walkers With about 1,230 new CIMA fund registrations in 2016, the Cayman Islands remain the undisputed leader in offshore funds. A closer look at the numbers reveal that 2016 has seen an interesting shift in geographical regions for Cayman fund launches. For example, the numbers from Europe are down but they […]

Guide to STAR Trusts in the Cayman Islands

By Gary Smith Loeb Smith Cayman Islands February 27 2017 The Special Trusts (Alternative Regime) Law, 1997, now incorporated into Part VIII of the Trusts Law (2011 Revision) (the “Law”) provides the legal basis on which private purpose trusts can be established in the Cayman Islands, without affecting the previously existing laws governing the creation […]

Cayman Islands qualifies for ICC World Cricket League Division 5

From ICC Cayman Island celebrate Complete clean sweep of host Argentina Cayman Islands qualified for ICC World Cricket League Division 5, beating hosts Argentina in a clean sweep amongst humid conditions and rain delays. Day 1 at Hurlingham Club was reduced to 33 overs after an overnight deluge impacted the outfield. Cayman won the toss […]

Brazil’s carnival

Brazil’s Carnival begins with parades, parties but no mayor By PETER PRENGAMAN and MAURICIO SAVARESE Associated Press From Daily Herald RIO DE JANEIRO — Revelers across Brazil began Carnival celebrations on Friday, taking to the streets to dance, drink beer and spirits, and blow off steam at a time of economic angst and fury with […]

Can you hear me now? Researchers one step closer to reversing hearing loss

By Dyllan Furness From Digital Trends Researchers have figured out how to generate sound-sensing hair cells in large numbers, which could lead to a cure for acquired hearing loss. Mom used to say, “Turn that music down or you’ll lose your hearing!” And for good reason. Humans are born with 30,000 sound-sensing hair cells, which […]

Worry across region as Digicel gets ready to cut jobs to shave rising debt

From CARIBBEAN360 BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday February 27, 2017 – Digicel triggered jitters across the Caribbean as it announced its plans to slash more than 1,500 jobs over the next 18 months in a bid to cut down its rising debt. The cuts are expected to begin on Wednesday, affecting the company’s 6, 500 full time […]