April 25, 2018

“He is risen”

By Georgina Wilcox The First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman’ s Sanctuary Choir were in their normal good form when they presented their Easter offering “He Is Risen” last Sunday (25th). This was an encore performance after the one on Friday (23). It was a powerful presentation with strong singing and outstanding vocalists leading a […]

“Barefoot” didn’t put a foot wrong

By Georgina Wilcox Cayman Islands press were invited to a pre-showing of the Cayman Drama Society’s latest offering, Neil Simon’s famous play, “Barefoot in the Park”. I expect a lot of you would have seen the movie of the same name that starred Jane Fonda as Corie and Robert Redford as Paul. The movie came […]

Senior’s Boxing Day Bash

On Boxing Day (Dec 26) many of Grand Cayman’s senior citizens descended on the First Baptist Church Hall for a sumptuous meal, lots of gifts and entertainment both organised and spontaneous. All was courtesy of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman. Various club members waited on the tables including Her Excellency Cayman Islands Governor Helen […]

A Divine Super Sue

Cayman National Choir and Orchestra wow with “A Night Divine” By Georgina Wilcox ‘Super Sue’ is Sue Horrocks who is the Musical Director of the Cayman National Choir and Cayman National Orchestra. Not only is ‘Super Sue” Musical Director, at the Choir and Orchestra’s annual Christmas production she also conducted the choir and the orchestra. […]

Kids concert

Elmslie United Church Children’s Christmas Concert By Georgina Wilcox I watched a delightful children’s concert for Christmas last night (Sunday 10) at Elmslie United Church in George Town. I say children, but there were a number of young adults in the cast that took the major speaking roles and were also part of the very […]

Cayman Islands Male Voice Choir’s Christmas Concert

By Georgina Wilcox The Cayman Islands Male Voice Choir presented their Annual Christmas Concert at Elmslie Memorial Church last Sunday (3) to a large and appreciative audience. In the first half various members of the choir gave solos or sang in small groups. These included Colson Daniels, Rudy Myles, Wardley Connolly and even the conductor […]

52nd Annual Rotary Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration

By Georgina Wilcox For me, the Christmas Season doesn’t start until the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration in George Town. I have been present at this event every Christmas since I arrived here 35 years ago. The venue is the same, outside the Courts Building. but then it wasn’t called Heroes Square. We had a […]

Steve Speirs of USA wins Cayman Islands Marathon 2017

Virginia Beach’s Steve Speirs wins 15th Cayman Islands Marathon on Sunday 3rd December, crossing the finish line in 2:59:54.5, This was his third victory. Maryland’s Yvonne Carter was the first women to cross the finish line in the full marathon at 3:28:31.7 Ireland’s Mark Hoey won the half marathon at 1:17:27.0 Colorado’s Maggie Callahan was […]

Remembrance Day

By Georgina Wilcox Last Sunday (12) was Remembrance Sunday when the Cayman Islanders remembered all those who gave up their lives to keep us safe from dictators for their love of their countries. The day started cloudy and rain was threatening but it held off until the laying of the wreaths was completed around the […]

Cayman Islands’ Tony Travers says journalists who leaked the Paradise Papers should “be in prison”

Chairman of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, Anthony Travers, speaking on the BBC’s “Newsnight” television programme said: “I have no idea what tax haven means and nor do you. What we are talking about is offshore financial centres that have complete transparency, the highest global standards and, incidentally, higher than the United States of America. […]