July 16, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Hunger strikes

Hunger strikes are not new. They have been going on for centuries. It’s one of the few ways prisoners can draw attention to themselves and their plight. It’s normally an act of desperation. Occasionally, here in the Cayman Islands, we have the odd person going on a hunger strike. The most notable case being Dr […]

The Editor Speaks: When offensive swear words become acceptable

Maren Morris – “Rich” “Is money falling from the sky…(ka-ching, ka-ching) s**t I’d be rich FACEBOOK: Country singer Maren Morris fantasizes about living large in the new song “Rich,” off her upcoming debut album ‘Hero.’ She also tosses a few colorful words into the lyrics: “S**t, I’d be rich,” she sings. “I don’t get this […]

The Editor Speaks: When we bring Big Brother on ourselves

I have an instant hate of the ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’ that governments around the world have been installing. From cameras placed outside watching our every movement and cameras house owners/business owners actually themselves install inside their dwellings/places of business, all for security concerns. Governments justify their use as it is for our own […]

The Editor Speaks: Meagre pensions

The number of Cayman Islands elderly persons who receive meagre pensions and are losing their homes for mortgage defaults are rising. Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed this in the LA saying more and more people at present need support from government. It is growing every year, he said, because the meagre provisions of private pension plans […]

The Editor Speaks: Happy Independence Day (July 4th) to the USA

Being British, I laughingly tell my American friends that July 4th is an equally big celebration in Great Britain. With extra emphasis on the ‘Great’! They look amazed and normally say “Really. Why?” I answer back. “It’s the day we got rid of the USA!” Normally they laugh back but some walk away in disgust. […]

The Editor Speaks: Foul, smelly, brown, weed on our beaches is an unsolved problem

We have published today another article on the foul-smelling brown plant that has invaded beaches all across the Caribbean, including here in the Cayman Islands, and along the Atlantic coast of Florida. The article from The Weather Channel claims it has never happened before 2011. This particular seaweed is called Sargassum. The Optical Oceanography Laboratory […]

The Editor Speaks: Mangoes

Where have all the mangoes gone? Last year the mango tree in our garden was bursting with the sweetest mangoes ever. We were giving away ten times as many as we could eat. This year we have had THREE! The Cayman Islands Museum are advertising “Mango Season at the Museum on Saturday, July 14th from […]

The Editor Speaks: Disbelief!

Ever since my twenty-five years plus in the media world here I have shown plenty of disbelief. And plenty of my disbelief prompted me not to run with the story. However, at least fifty per cent of the time my disbelief turned into belief as the stories I had heard proved to be correct. Last […]

The Editor Speaks: Tariffs

When US President Donald Trump started imposing tariffs it would seem not to matter to us living in the Caribbean. If it creates a trade war let the US fight it out with seemingly the rest of the world. Unfortunately our little country, The Cayman Islands, will be hit and hard. We produce very little […]

The Editor Speaks: Seafarers

“Here in the Cayman Islands our rich maritime heritage plays a very important part in determining who we are as a culture. “One thing that many Caymanians and residents have in common, regardless of how recent our arrival, is that we all feel the pull of the sea that bounds our beautiful Islands. “Yet while […]