September 23, 2018

The Editor Speaks: Rules are made for breaking (and violated, even)

Or more correct – “rules are meant to be broken”. This means if something has to be stated as a rule, it is something that is not absolutely necessary, but rather preferable. So while theoretically you would be better off never breaking the rule, it’s expected that you have a tendency to break the rule. […]

The Editor Speaks: Can Cayman really take on Mammoth Mother?

Not surprisingly, the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have agreed with their brothers, the National Crime Agency (NCA), that it was “asking for information we don’t get” from the Cayman Islands. The NCA has launched investigations into British-based lawyers and accountants suspected of facilitating money laundering. A number of its investigations have led it […]

The Editor Speaks: Everything leaks

None of us should have been privy to the minutes from the OfReg recent special board meeting. However, they were leaked. And they made very interesting reading. So much so that OfReg decided to release their own statement on the extraordinary happenings that went on at that meeting. Talk about damage control. If there is […]

The Editor Speaks: Big pot. Small teacup. Who pays?

An example of how not to act was demonstrated to us by members of the Legislative Assembly yesterday ( Wed 12) when opposition members walked out. All that was asked was an apology from offending MLA. Small teacup. Answer “No” from offending MLA. Big pot. Motion to suspend from Premier. Answer “Yes”. Result. Walkout by […]

The Editor Speaks: School uniforms and much more

I am all for school uniforms and support the government’s initiative in introducing a new strict national dress code. However, hasn’t it gone too far? Under the title of Take Pride in Your Stride’ this is what the Ministry of Education, in consultation with the Education Council, have implemented: Uniforms should be properly fitting. Skirts […]

The Editor Speaks: Cruise ship berthing answers not good enough

If Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell thinks that his report on the proposed Cruise Ship Berthing Facility will answer enough of the questions surrounding the project, he is seriously mistaken. Kirkconnell was speaking at the Legislative Assembly Meeting held on Cayman Brac last Thursday. In fact, if it wasn’t for the debate on the opposition leader’s […]

The Editor Speaks: Anne Frank’s Diary is a wake up call

I was with other media writers and invited teenage school pupils last Tuesday (4) to watch the dress rehearsal of the newly adapted Wendy Kesselman stage play, “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Originally written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, Kesselman’s version portrays Anne as she really was – a young woman capable of being […]

Anne’s Diary is Dramatic!

The Cayman Drama Society presents “The Diary of Anne Frank” Directed by Kirsty Halliday and Produced by Sheree Ebanks. Incidental music by Chuck & Barrie Playing at The Prospect Playhouse, Red Bay, September 6-9, 13-16. IMAGES: Colin Wilson A full critique will be provided by Georgina Wilcox for Monday’s iNews Cayman. Just to say, I […]

The Editor Speaks: Organ donations

No. I am not asking for monetary donations for an electronic organ or even one of the giant pipe organs found in some churches. I am talking about organs of human tissue. It is only recently (last month) that the Human Tissue Transplant Law has been signed into law. This is despite nearly ten years […]

The Editor Speaks: Labor/Labour Day

Today (Monday Sep 3) it is Labor Day in the US and it is also Labour Day in Canada. Note the different spelling. In both countries the Day is always held on the first Monday in September. In the Cayman Islands we don’t have any equivalent. There is no celebration of our workers. This is […]