April 25, 2018

A guide about the role and responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer


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Facing criminal charges is one of those difficult situations in that you cannot handle alone. You will require the help of an experienced attorney who can provide you the legal counsel and handle your case in the best possible manner. A criminal defense attorney is an attorney who specializes in defending individuals and companies charged with criminal activity. Some of the key roles or responsibilities of criminal lawyers in defending their clients include:

Maintain Privacy: Criminal defense lawyers must maintain privacy regarding attorney-client communications.

Gather Facts and Information: It is the duty of a criminal defense lawyer to gather as much information as possible from the victim. Gathering information may include interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, performing research about case precedents and statutes, etc.

Maintain professional discretion: Maintaining professional discretion is one of the key roles and responsibilities of a criminal defense lawyer. Even if the client is at fault, the attorney must stay dedicated to the client by keeping his or her personal information private. However, an attorney may refuse to continue defending the party based upon the information.

Educate the clients: It is the responsibility of a criminal defense attorney to educate his/her clients on various aspects of the law. The attorney must provide all the necessary details to the client of which, he/she is accused, the possible consequences for such crime and the outcomes of other cases of the same type. The attorney can also provide advice based on the best interests of the client. A well-informed client will be able to make an informed decision as how to proceed with the hearings.

Total dedication: The criminal defense lawyer must try everything in his or her power to acquire a complete dismissal or a not decision by the judge or the jury. In case, the court finds the client , the lawyer must try to reduce the sentence as much as possible. Few defenses the attorney may use to establish reasons for which the convicted party should not have to serve the maximum sentence include first offense pleas, hardships, ignorance of the law, absence of malicious intention, etc.

On the whole, a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado plays an exceptionally important role in defending clients. If you are searching for an attorney to represent your case, make certain to do a thorough research to find a well-renowned firm with the highest level of integrity.

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