June 18, 2019

5 Important amenities that you want with your temporary office rental


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Seeking to rent office space comes about for a number of reasons. From needing a place to meet with visiting clients to exploring the possibility of opening a permanent office in a new city, choosing to lease shared office space for a short time makes sense. Along with the office itself, there are a few amenities that you want the space to provide. Make sure these are present and the rental period will be a lot more pleasant and productive.

Access to a Conference Room

While you mainly need a quiet office to take care of key tasks, there will be times when you need to meet with a larger group, such as visiting clients. Make sure that the terms of your lease make it possible to also rent Toronto boardroom if the need arises. You may be able to reserve the space for several hours, an entire day, or longer. Talk with the owner about the process for renting the room and how much advance notice is required.

A Break Room

While you don’t expect to have a private break room when you rent office space, it’s nice when there’s a break area set aside for all permanent and temporary tenants. You’ll appreciate the ability to leave your office, stroll to the break room, enjoy a cup of coffee, and maybe chat a little with anyone else who happens to be taking a break.

Convenient Parking

When you set out to rent Toronto boardroom and/or office on a temporary basis, always ask about parking options. Some building owners have parking areas or decks adjacent to their buildings. Others have made arrangements for discounted rates at a parking facility near the building. You may even find that your rental includes one free parking space.

Take the time to find out more about the type of building security that’s included in the rental. Most providers who rent office space on a short or long-term basis have security systems installed. That provides ongoing monitoring of hallways and other public areas. If you are renting an office, there will likely be a way to lock it when you leave the building. Many office building owners also employ security guards who monitor activity outside of normal business hours.

There are a few things you want to know about the Internet connection available with your temporary rental. The first has to do with the type of connection provided. You want to ensure it’s secure enough for you to transmit and receive proprietary data. This is especially important if you are working on a project with a client and sharing sensitive electronic documents is part of the process.

You also want to make sure the connection is stable. The last thing you need is a connection that drops when you are in the middle of a web conference or doing some type of point to point demonstration using online resources. Along with the time involved in establishing the meeting again, the fact that the drop took place does not particularly reflect well on you.

Speed also matters. Ideally, the connection will ensure that you can make calls or conduct presentations using the Internet and not worry about any lags in voice or visual transmission.

There are excellent leasing opportunities out there for people who need office space for a short time. When you set out to rent Toronto boardroom or office space, make sure it comes with everything that you need. Ask plenty of questions and consider the answers carefully before making a commitment. Doing so will ensure you get everything from the rental experience that you wanted.

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