October 19, 2019

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TCI: Armoured police cars are bomb and bullet proof

From Turks and Caicos Weekly News July 28, 2019 THREE fully armoured four by four vehicles will allow police to patrol the Turks and Caicos Islands in complete safety. The Land Rovers were purchased from the Police Service of Northern Ireland, where they were used to protect officers from bomb blasts and gunfire.  They were […]

At least 17 rare rhinos killed after devastating floods hit India’s Kaziranga National Park

From WN Officials at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam said the recent floods across India killed more than 200 animals, including 17 threatened one-horned rhinos, in the popular park on Wednesday, according to Science X. At least 40 percent of the national park was underwater after 10 days of downpouring rain, which also killed more […]

US: FEMA’s next Emergency Alert System test leaves internet devices out

By Jon Fingas From engadget Federal agencies are once again poised to test emergency alerts, but this time it’s all about where you won’t see them. The FCC and FEMA are conducting their fifth nationwide Emergency Alert System test on August 7th at 2:20PM ET, but only on TV and radios. They want to gauge the preparedness of the alerting […]

It won’t be long’: why a Honduran community will soon be under water

by Nina Lakhani in Cedeño, Choluteca From The Guardian UK Rising sea levels are destroying coastal towns in Honduras – and shrimp farms which export to the UK and US are making it worse Eric Pineda runs a modest beachfront restaurant which serves up plates of fresh fish and rice – and faces imminent destruction. A recent […]

Las Vegas takes center stage with world-class summer entertainment lineup

LAS VEGAS — From star-studded celebrity residencies and state-of-the-art, live action productions to side-buckling comedy acts, Las Vegas continues to take center stage with an unprecedented lineup of entertainment options now through October. “More and more visitors are traveling to Las Vegas to experience the variety of entertainment available exclusively in the destination,” said H. Fletch Brunelle, […]

Satellite images indicate Myanmar is not prepared to welcome back Rohingya refugees

From WN The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) released a report which analyzed satellite imagery across Myanmar on Wednesday which raised concerns about the possibility of a safe and humane return for the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled the country since 2017, according to The Guardian. Even though Myanmar’s civilian government promised to repatriate […]

Tesla’s losses narrow after a record-breaking quarter of car deliveries

By Chris Valazco From engadget The company says it’s still on track for profitability this year. Tesla may have broken a quarterly record by delivering 95,356 cars over the past three months, but its latest earnings report is leaving its fans and its stockholders wary. Yes, all those cars delivered helped the company rake in a total […]

Facebook continues to grow like crazy, despite FTC fines

By Devindra Hardawar From engadget What good is a $5 billion fine when Facebook made $16.9 billion in Q2? Facebook’s $5 billion FTC fine is historic, but everybody knew it was coming. Three months ago, during its last quarterly earnings report, the social network estimated that it would be fined between $3 billion and $5 billion over the Cambridge […]

Crush & swallow the petals of THIS flower to reverse vision decline

From BioTrust If you crush and swallow these 2 flower petals before bed you can cure damaged eyesight. Rob Porter, aged 68, from Burley, Idaho used this to repair his far-distance-vision and keep his driver’s license. Sarah Clawson, aged 54, from Mobile, Alabama uses this to keep her near-distance-vision healthy and avoid reading glasses. And […]

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