October 22, 2019

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The Editor speaks: Apologies

So sorry we failed to get iNews Cayman up on time and I do have to blame it on our move back to George Town. There was so much stuff to move that I didn’t know we had and boxes to load and unload and then no Internet and when it came back it was […]

Mistaken identity leads to illegal detention of trafficking victim

“He finally escaped his captors only to have his identity stripped by the home secretary and [be] subjected yet again to false imprisonment.” UK Home Office payout for trafficked man detained in mistaken identity mix-up Vietnamese national was illegally detained for five months after Home Office refused to accept he was not someone else Trafficking […]

Cuba murdered Hugo Chavez, and mortally wounded every Venezuelan.

From Jolly Green Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías died from self-inflicted cancer. He carried a sample flask of uranium to Iran in 2006. Sitting on a flight Caracas to Tehran with the flask clasped between his legs, clutched close to his crotch for the whole journey. Unknown to him, the flask leaked radiation and contaminated his […]

Camping with the family: 8 things to make sure you have the best camping experience

Spending time outdoors is what we all strive for since our lives have become so fast paced and rushed. Stress has become a daily companion; so good back to basics break away every once in a while can be very liberating and freeing. Just getting in your car and driving to a peaceful destination, somewhere […]

Barlow: The Good Old Days

By Gordon Barlow All progress comes at a price. The peaceful boredom of an isolated fishing village or farming community must be surrendered if the locals want a road connecting them with someplace else. Next thing you know, one of the locals sells a patch of ground with a shed on it to a stranger, […]

A guide to 4th of July for non-Americans

By Erin Davis and Catherine Dillinger From CNN Facts you might not know about July 4th (CNN)All across America on July 4, men in red, white and blue tank tops dust off their grills, children chuck exploding paper wrappers in cul-de-sacs, and patriotic-themed commercials take over the airwaves.It’s Independence Day.If you grew up elsewhere and already […]

Martin: Cellular phone abuser-users walk and text

“Smartphone Zombies, Look Up!” is the title of a recent newspaper article in the Straits Times in Singapore. In a nutshell, Smartphone zombies are people that walk with their heads down while reading and writing texts—or doing a hundred other things with electronic devices. How safe is that? They are endangering their lives and lives […]

Get the Look: Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Treatments

Did you know that women in the United States spend approximately a quarter of a million dollars on enhancing their looks throughout their lifetime? Men are not far behind. On average, they spend about $175,680 in their lifetime. But where exactly does all this money go to? Well, the rise in popularity of beauty treatments is a major contributor. […]

Does CBD Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety attacks every year. Recent studies, however, show that CBD (cannabidiol) oil can be used to reduce anxiety levels in the body. This is according to a 2017 review on the benefits of CBD to reduce panic disorders. Before buying CBD oil, there are some clarifications that […]

4 iconic highways

4 iconic highways ready to be explored You’ve heard of the famous Route 66, now imagine driving along it. From winding roads to steep passes, there are several iconic highways around that should be included on your driving bucket list. Exploring these routes will lead voyagers to a unique travel experience, allowing them to not […]