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Night in Tokyo

By Trey Ratcliff From Stuck In Customs WEEKLY HIKES I’ve taken to doing three hikes a week in the mountains around Queenstown. I usually do 8-12 kilometers while listening to audiobooks or podcasts on a Bluetooth speaker. I don’t see a lot of other people on the hikes… maybe five or so. They always give […]

Ignorance and confidence

From Paul McGowan When we set our sights far in the future the world looks nice and rosy. Imagine that new pair of speakers gracing your living room, the new amplifier, the rebuilt room. According to Mark Twain imagining the future takes a combination of things. “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear […]

This blind dog has his own seeing-eye pup and it’s a heart-melting relationship

By Jacob Geers From Care2 If you’re ready to have your heart melt, you need to meet a golden retriever named Charlie and his new best friend. Charlie’s family — who lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, before moving to Mooresville, North Carolina — has had him since he was a puppy, NBC Philadelphia reports. As he got older, […]

A man was arrested following the death a University of South Carolina student who got into a car that she thought was an Uber

By Ellen Cranley Police said a University of South Carolina student went missing after she got into a car she mistakenly believed was the Uber she ordered after a night out in the college town. Samantha Josephson, 21, was last seen around 2 a.m. alone outside of a Columbia, South Carolina bar near campus when […]

A Russian drone hunts other drones with a shotgun

By Steve Dent from engadget The terrifying 50-pound drone is controlled by a visor-wearing operator. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke: A Russian defense contractor has patented a drone that uses a shotgun to blast other drones out of the sky. It comes from Almaz Antey, a Russian defense contractor that manufactures the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air […]

Singapore plans to pass its own fake news law

By Saqib Shah from engadget The majority of its population get their news from social media. Singapore is set to follow its South East Asian neighbor Malaysia‘s lead by introducing an anti-fake news law. The legislation will allow the city-state’s government to take down content that violates the new rules, according to local newspaper The Straits Times. […]

John Oliver’s deep dive into the way WWE treats its wrestlers is pretty shocking

By Sam Haysom From Mashable Wrestling, as John Oliver makes clear in the video shown on the website link below, is ridiculously fun to watch. It just is. But it’s not without its problems. In a 20-minute monologue for Last Week Tonight, Oliver breaks down the issues faced by those working under billionaire Vince McMahon at […]

Well, that incredible optical illusion at the Louvre has been destroyed by the public

By Shannon Connellan From Mashable It took four days, 400 volunteers, and around 2,000 pieces of paper to install, and within a day, the public had destroyed it all. But hey, it was always going to happen, according to the artist. Taking over the main courtyard of the Louvre Museum in Paris, the installation was […]

The lives we live, Martin

By Melissa Martin “Someday, you will be a lot older and you will look back and reflect upon the days of your life.” If somebody had said those words to me as an adolescent or young adult, I would have raised my eyebrows and pursed my lips. “What in this world are you talking about?” […]

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