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UK politician says Patrick Stewart was in ‘Star Wars,’ all us nerds face-palm

BY ISOBEL HAMILTON From Mashable Ladies and gentleman, behold that most base of creatures, the politician trying to land a pop-culture reference. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, and made a blunder that brought the wrath of internet nerds everywhere. Discussing Brexit, the host Andrew Marr asked Johnson […]

Team Cayman Islands athletes hailed for their efforts in Australia

The 21 athletes, who represented the Cayman Islands at the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia from 4-15 April have all packed up and returned home being told despite not winning any medals, they are still winners. “The greatest honour for an athlete is to be selected to represent their country internationally, and you […]

Drought concerns in parts of the Caribbean

By Glenroy Blanchette From St Lucia Times In its latest Drought Bulletin for April 2018, the Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) reported concerns over long-term and short-term drought in several Caribbean islands. The assessment for Cuba and Antigua prompted the CPDMN to state that “water resources should be monitored for long-term drought that […]

US trade protectionism threatens to hurt its influence in Caribbean ‘backyard’

By Hu Weijia From Global Times The US has been unable to hinder China’s presence in the Caribbean region, which to some extent has long been seen as the US’ backyard. Panama’s President Juan Carlos Varela was quoted by Reuters as saying that the country is considering building a passenger train to Costa Rica with […]

UK sorry for ‘Appalling’ treatment of Caribbean immigrants

BY JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press From UK News The British government apologized Monday for its “appalling” treatment of some immigrants from the Caribbean, as reports of law-abiding long-term residents being threatened with deportation overshadowed a meeting of leaders from the 53-nation Commonwealth. LONDON (AP) — The British government apologized Monday for its “appalling” treatment of […]

UK government guide advises people being deported to Jamaica to fake Caribbean accent to avoid attention

By Harriet Agerholm from Independent UK ‘Try to be Jamaican,’ Foreign Office tells deportees A Government guide given to Jamaican deportees advises them to fake a “local accent” to help them stay safe. “Try to be Jamaican,” it says. “Use local accents and dialects (overseas accents can attract unwanted attention).” The advice emerged after the Government admitted some people […]

US Customs and Border Protection Agency steps up activities in the Caribbean

From RJR The US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has reported that its Air and Marine Operations as well as task force partners have intercepted drug-laden vessels packed with thousands of  pounds of  cocaine and marijuana during targeted operations in the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic in recent weeks. CBP said the area of […]

Activists slam Royal Caribbean’s $200 million expansion at CocoCay

By Kaitlynn Keller From Observer Families on the hunt for a picture-perfect vacation might be thrilled about Royal Caribbean’s extensive renovation plans for the CocoCay island—but local environmentalists are not. For three decades, the cruise line’s private island in the Bahamas has offered white sand, blue water and an endless sea of reclining beach chairs […]

How to road trip with an electric car. Your guide to clearer skies and sustainable highway adventures

With more electric vehicle charging stations popping up, people are traveling increasingly longer distances on electricity alone. Whether you’re cruising across California’s Golden Gate Bridge or the Grand Canyon, electric cars are one of the more convenient options to explore the world while also taking steps to conserve it. Beginning your eco-friendly road trip is […]

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