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Google will ban cryptocurrency ads in June

By Mariella Moon, From engadget It will no longer accept crypto-related ads, just like Facebook. Cryptocurrency exchanges and related ventures will soon lose access to the two biggest ad networks on the internet. Starting in June, Google will no longer host advertisements promoting cryptocurrencies, exchanges, wallets and firms providing advice, as well as initial coin […]

Cayman Islands Youth Parliamentarians in the House

Nineteen students enthusiastically “took over” the Legislative Assembly for a day. Top Government officials lauded their commitment to months of preparation. The Youth Parliamentarians debated two timely topics during the proceedings. Nineteen students from Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman high schools as well as the University College of the Cayman Islands helped the Cayman Islands […]

GV partner Lo Toney wants to raise $50 million to fund diverse investors

By Megan Rose Dickey From TechCrunch GV partner Lo Toney is looking to raise up to $50 million for his new fund, Plexo Capital, Axios first reported. Since 2017, Toney has been incubating Plexo Capital inside GV, formerly known as Google Ventures. The idea with Plexo Capital, which is backed by Alphabet, is to invest as […]

‘Black Panther’ box office crosses $1 billion worldwide

BY PROMA KHOSLA From Mashable Black Panther has officially hit $1 billion worldwide after just four weeks in theaters. According to a release from Disney, Black Panther is the third-biggest superhero movie domestically, behind The Dark Knight ($534.9 million, and Panther is already at $530.9 as of March 10) and The Avengers ($623.4 million). With […]

With almost 191 million Chinese tourists by 2021, global brands should embrace WeChat, says GlobalData

China is the largest outbound market in the world with 136.5 million Chinese traveling abroad in 2017. The country’s outbound market is substantially larger than the US, which currently ranks second in terms of international departures. With outbound travel and spending from China growing rapidly over the next five years, global tourist brands must leverage […]

FCC pledges $204 million to restore USVI communications network

From Caribbean News Now ST CROIX, USVI — Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Ajit Pai on Friday pledged his agency’s commitment to help restore and expand the US Virgin Islands communications network. After meeting with USVI Governor Kenneth Mapp and members of the Hurricane Recovery Task Force, Pai announced $204 million in resources to advance […]

Scientists found a new type of water in diamonds

BY PROMA KHOSLA From Mashable Scientists have found a new type of water known as Ice-VII from diamonds deep in the Earth’s crust. This type of ice is about 1.5 times as dense as what we’re used to (Ice I), with a different atomic composition similar to what’s most commonly found on ice moons orbiting […]

Mysterious bag containing 54 severed human hands found in Russia

By JESSICA DURANDO From STUFF NZ Russian police have launched an investigation after a mysterious bag of 54 severed human hands was discovered at a popular fishing spot near the Siberian city of Khabarovsk, the Siberian Times reports. A single hand was spotted first, and then the bag containing the remains was found on an […]

Fight arthritis pain without pills

From WN Arthritis is a joint disorder inducing inflammation, pain in joints and affecting the limited functionality of a person. It can occur in both adults and children. It is said that there are nearly 100+ types of arthritis identified. Arthritis can be caused due to an injury, abnormal metabolism, hereditary of osteoarthritis, bacterial or […]

Flippy the burger-flipping robot is already on unpaid leave

BY KELLEN BECK From Mashable Flippy the burger-flipping robot is already on break just one day after it started working at CaliBurger. Flippy, a robot produced by Miso Robotics, made its debut at a CaliBurger restaurant this week, where it was brought in to flip burgers and replace humans. After one day, it looks like […]