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Cayman Finance announces new Chairman

At its recent annual members’ meeting, Cayman Finance proudly announced that its new elected Chairman would be former Managing Director and Senior Executive Vice President of International Banking at Butterfield Group, Conor O’Dea. Jude Scott, Cayman Finance CEO, said that he was excited to welcome Mr O’Dea to the team. “We are excited to add […]

Cayman Islands: New Interim Director appointed to HMCIPS

The Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the individual who has been appointed to serve as the interim Director of Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service (HMCIPS). Mr. Steven Barrett, a senior manager with more than 30 years of experience in corrections, is currently finishing a tour as the Superintendent of Prisons at Her Majesty’s […]

The Editor Speaks: What is transparency?

Politicians love to band the word ‘transparency’ about. Unless you actually get to run the country. Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller used the word ‘transparency’ a number of times when he announced his ‘shadow’ cabinet were going to produce a national social and economic plan called ‘Vision’. Auditor General Sue Winspear, speaking to CNS about the […]

ROSENBERG: The excesses in markets are practically unlike anything we’ve ever seen

By David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff From Business Insider The excesses in markets are virtually without precedent, according to David Rosenberg, the chief economist at Gluskin Sheff. For example, US economic growth is more dependent than ever on asset inflation, and financial assets now make up a near record of total household assets. My recommendation is […]

The golden age of crypto trading may already be over

By Frank Chaparro A trader from BGC, a global brokerage company in London’s Canary Wharf financial center, seen in 2016 after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Russell Boyce/Reuters The price of bitcoin varied wildly in December, but things have calmed down in the new year. That means crypto traders are making less money […]

2017: record-breaking year for arrivals in the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: Record-breaking arrivals for 2017 in both air and cruise visitation represent the best year of recorded statistical data for the Cayman Islands. A total of 418,403 stayover visitors, an increase of 8.55 percent over 2016 and 1,728,444 cruisers visited the islands. For the seventh consecutive month (June through December), air arrivals […]

Why you should still visit the Caribbean this year

From CNT Travelogue Podcast From the Bahamas to Curacao, here’s our status update on the region. On this week’s Travelogue podcast, we wanted to show the Caribbean—a region very close to our hearts—some much-needed love. Now that we’re in the thick of winter, it’s the perfect time to book tropical getaways, and we’ve got a […]

Mangled cars show the raw destructive power of California mudslides

BY TIM CHESTER From Mashable If anyone doubted the sheer destructive power of the mudslides that have devastated Southern California this week, a video posted to Instagram Thursday should hammer the point home. The video, which was uploaded by The Knight Show podcast and verified by Storyful, hovers over two utterly mangled blobs of crushed […]

Last external officers departing BVI next week

From BVI News Law enforcement officials who came to offer additional security to the British Virgin Islands after Hurricanes Irma and Maria will officially depart the territory next week. The last of the officers from the Cayman Islands and Bermuda were treated to an in-house luncheon earlier this week by Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews […]

Confronting the root causes of forced labor in global supply chains

From Freedom United Wednesday January 10, 2018 Where does forced labor come from? What are the root causes? Often this is traced back to two explanations: poverty and globalization, but how exactly do they perpetuate “endemic labor exploitation” in global supply chains? This week Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, part of Open Democracy, launched a 12-part […]