August 16, 2018

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A dog’s breakfast. Here’s what it means

BY KEITH WAGSTAFF From Mashable CNN sent out a news alert Wednesday that was … well, a little confusing to some people.Here’s what it said: “Analysis: With Trump at the helm, US policy in the Middle East has been a dog’s breakfast of confusion and contradiction.” Yes, “a dog’s breakfast.” If you had no idea […]

Cartoon of the week

By Tony Zuvela, Cartoonist “It’s my own little World which I can escape to everyday and create a fun, weird, berserk Cartoon to whatever subject I like. I enjoy doing all the work myself, and all the aspects of Cartooning, and seeing my work out there and the reactions it gets.” Buy this Cartoon’s […]

Excessive video gaming will be recognized as official disorder by WHO

From WN The World Health Organization is prepared to classify “gaming disorder” as a mental health problem for its upcoming 2018 update to the International Classification of Diseases, according to CBS News. “How serious is the problem? It’s an epidemic,” licensed marriage and family therapist Paula-Jo Husack told CBS San Francisco. Husack said the designation […]

Researchers say life on Mars may have had a better chance underground

By Mallory Locklear From engadget Subsurface hydrothermal systems could have been more hospitable to life. Mars is now a dry, cold planet, but whether it once supported life is still an open question. On Earth, areas that once hosted long dried-up bodies of water have been a rich source of evidence of ancient life and […]

Security – Everyone’s concern, everyone’s responsibility

From CSSN News CSSN would like to thank the Caribbean Compass where the following article was published in their December 2017 issue (P. 41). Visit to access the current and full archive of Compass issues. WHAT’S ON MY MIND… Security – Everyone’s Concern, Everyone’s Responsibility by Kim White Bad Things Do Happen Crimes against […]

Ruling looms on Caribbean Airline 2011 Timehri crash

From Kaieteur News Connecticut, US (AP) — A federal judge is considering whether an airline should pay damages to a Connecticut woman injured in a plane crash in Guyana in 2011. Judge Michael Shea in Hartford presided over a three-day, nonjury trial earlier this month in a lawsuit by Waterbury resident, Indrawatie Shiwbodh, against Caribbean […]

Yes, everything is hard, but at least your family isn’t being circled by a great white shark

BY JOHNNY LIEU From Mashable Sharks are invariably a part of the sea in Australia, but this encounter was a bit too close for one family. Jodie Brown was on a boat with her family of seven on Tuesday near the town of Port Victoria in South Australia, when a great white shark estimated to […]

Russia plans to install modern astronomical earth stations in Cuba

From Caribbean News Now HAVANA, Cuba — Russia is planning the installation, organization and cooperative operation of two astronomical observation earth stations in Cuba. A collaboration agreement in this regard was initiated in August of this year in Moscow, during the second working meeting of the Russian-Cuban group for collaboration in the field of science, […]

Turkish Airlines reaffirms commitment to direct flights to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — The executive director of Turkish Airlines, Bilal Eksi, reaffirmed on Friday in Havana the commitment of his company to continue direct flights to Cuba and expressed his desire to broaden the operations and take advantage of worldwide interest in visiting the Caribbean island. During a meeting with the Cuban ambassador to […]

Product Engineering Services- Heart and soul of product life cycle

From WN We live in a world where technology has made itself a major part of everyone’s life. No matter who it is, there is not a single person who can say that they have not embraced a part of technology throughout their lives. While most of these people may not be able to keep […]