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27 May 2017 Weather in Cayman

May 27 Saturday 2017 Synopsis Light easterly winds and slight seas will continue across the Cayman area for the next 24 hours in association with a ridge of high pressure extending from the central Atlantic Ocean and across the Gulf of Mexico. Radar images show no showers over the Cayman area. Sunshine just makes the […]

Cayman Islands Police: FROM RCIPS

MAY 27: Charges in Violent Assault on Police Officers during Burglary Arrest The 21-year-old man from George Town who was taken into police custody on Thursday, 25 May, after assaulting police officers during a burglary arrest, was charged yesterday with Assault GBH, Assault ABH and Criminal Trespass. He will appear in court on Monday, 29 […]

The Editor Speaks: More shocks and a meteor has hit me

MORE people voted for the Party system than the Independents. 60% to 40% – do the maths yourselves. And Tara Rivers is no part of that so called Independent gang so don’t count her 530 odd votes in the equation. She will not sit with them. The first shock I had was the deal between […]

Bush does turn-around and is now to become Premier leading Independents

After a meeting with Dr Steve Tomlinson last night McKeeva Bush is now to become Premier of the Cayman Islands again. He has rescinded the deal he earlier struck with Alden McLaughlin Leader of the Progressives. Al Suckoo will be Deputy Premier and Gilbert McLean  is to be Speaker. Anthony Eden will be Deputy Speaker.