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Cayman Islands customs and police’s ‘Operation Spearfish’ nets containers In a joint operation named ‘Operation Spearfish’ that is underway, Customs and Police officers today (Wednesday, 30 July 2014) removed and detained two containers from the Windsor Park area in George Town on suspicion of containing stolen goods. The containers were transported to the Cargo Distribution […]

A vote for Scotland’s independence could reverberate through NATO

By Leo Michel From Op-Ed LATimes Scottish independence could spell the end of Britain’s nuclear forces Novelist and longtime Scotland resident J.K. Rowling did not mention national security issues when she recently donated 1 million pounds ($1.71 million) to the Better Together Campaign, which wants Scottish voters to reject the independence option in the Sept. […]

The Editor Speaks: Churches “under attack” or Bush?

Churches are a ‘soft’ touch when finance is involved. They are in the business of saving souls and providing assistance to the community where government cannot/will not help, not in the business of high finance. Churches rely on handouts/collections from their members. Their membership comprises persons from every walk of life. It is the only […]

Don’t punish American workers

By Tom Spulak From The Hill Recent activity involving the movement of corporate ownership overseas has gotten the attention of many in Congress. Some decry these transactions, known as inversions, as unpatriotic and even traitorous based on the fact that the off-shore movement deprives the U.S. Treasury of some tax revenue. Others, however, see the […]

New Ofsted Chair ‘restructured’ £200M business via tax haven [Cayman Islands]

From Political Scrapbook With David Hoare taken on as the new chair of Ofsted, it wasn’t for his involvement with a successful group of schools (the academy chain he works for is one of 14 banned from expanding). Apparently it’s for his ‘business experience’. New education secretary Nicky Morgan states: “He is a proven business […]

Bank of Anerica ordered to pay $1.27 Billion over mortgage fraud

By John Caher, From New York Law Journal Southern District Judge Jed Rakoff has ordered the Bank of America to pay $1.27 billion in penalties in connection with a wide-ranging mortgage fraud perpetrated by its Countrywide financial unit, and slapped a $1 million personal judgment on a former Countywide executive. Rakoff’s decision, released Wednesday, followed […]

Usain Bolt dismisses British newspaper comments as ‘nonsense’

From Caribbean360 GLASGOW, Scotland, Wednesday July 30, 2014, CMC – A row has broken out in Glasgow over comments a newspaper claimed were made by Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt to describe the Commonwealth Games currently underway here. The Times reporter, Katie Gibbons, claims Bolt told her that he thought “the Olympics were better”, that he […]

Homeless man held for stalking Rihanna at her New York pad

From Caribbean360 NEW YORK, United States, Wednesday July 30, 2014 – Kevin Mcglynn, a 53-year-old homeless man has been arrested for stalking and harassing Barbadian pop princess Rihanna at her home in New York. Mcglynn was held after allegedly being caught on surveillance video delivering sinister letters to the superstar’s plush pad on three separate […]

In the Caribbean: unshackling people one island at a time

By Elizabeth Roberts From the Gospel Coalition In the heart of the Caribbean, carpeted with lush rainforests ringed by spectacular beaches, it’s easy to see why St. Kitts owes its earliest name to the native word for fertile land: Liamuiga. From a stunning chain of mountains to an underwater world teeming with marine life, tranquil […]

What’s wiping out the Caribbean corals?

By Angela Herring From News@Northeastern Here’s what we know about white-​​band dis­ease: It has already killed up to 95 per­cent of the Caribbean’s reef-​​building elkhorn and staghorn corals, and it’s caused by an infec­tious bac­teria that seems to be trans­mitted through the water and by coral-​​eating snails. Here’s what we don’t know: every­thing else. But […]