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The Editor Speaks: Why we must be careful of petitions

iNews Cayman is a big supporter of Care2 and its petitions. We carry most of the ones they send us and are very happy too. But we don’t publish nor support all. The reason is we are sometimes not too sure if the “facts” and complaints the petition is about are 100% correct. If there […]

The most ‘touristy’ things you MUST do [and one is Stingray City]

by: By Larry Olmsted  From: Forbes THE word “tourist” has taken on a negative connotation, especially when used to deride an activity or place as a “tourist-trap”, or suggest that a restaurant or sight is only for tourists. It’s true that there are many commercialised or stereotypical sights and activities in certain destinations that are […]

Jamaican Lititz farmers battle odds to Beat Army Worm infestation

Mark Titus, The Gleaner Farmers in Lititz, St Elizabeth, are bemoaning the lack of support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and its affiliate, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), as they wage a relentless battle against a myriad of problems, which include the dreaded beat army worm, which has been destroying their crops. […]

Letter to the Editor

Anon Oct 13, 2012 CAYMANIANS CANNOT OWN HOUSES, CAYMANIANS CANNOT GET A JOB IN THEIR OWN HOMELAND. WHAT NEXT? Just 48 ours ago government announced that the Housing development is discontinuing offering affordable houses to Caymanians. This is very sad news. Caymanians are always getting disenfranchised while the powers that be works very hard and […]

No sale. Lease yes.

No one can afford the “affordable” houses the National Housing and Development Trust (NHDT) were building for revealed Rayal Bodden, chairman of the NHDT last Thursday (11). Instead, the NHDT will rent out the properties the government will still build comprising two and three bedroom houses. Mr. Bodden said because of the cost of land […]

Coquitlam girl who posted bullying video takes own life

By Andrea Woo Vancouver — The Globe and Mail Like many teenagers, Amanda Todd struggled to fit in. The skinny girl with long brown hair didn’t have many close friends and often ate lunch alone. She was bullied – in person and online. A product of her generation, Amanda turned to the Internet to express her frustrations, […]

New law firm established – HSM Chambers

Huw St. J. Moses, OBE, and Derek N. Jones have great pleasure in announcing the opening on 1st October 2012 of their new law firm, HSM Chambers. The firm will have offices at Buckingham Square, West Bay Road, George Town, Grand Cayman. Huw has over 25 years of experience in diverse areas including litigation and […]

Taylor Swift lands 1 and 2 on Revised Country Songs Chart.

Taylor Swift lands 1 and 2 on Revised Country Songs Chart. [She is also at 10 and 34] and she breaks down singing “Ronan” The Billboard brand has delivered the world’s most trusted and most widely quoted country music charts for nearly seven decades, and the exhaustive work we’ve done over the past couple of […]

Cruiser collides with nuclear sub off US East Coast

A US cruiser has collided with a nuclear submarine during naval exercises off the Atlantic coast, reportedly damaging sonar equipment. Nobody was hurt during the incident on Saturday afternoon and both vessels were still able to operate under their own power afterwards, the navy said. A spokesman said such collisions were “fairly rare” and an […]

Mentors sought for Chamber’s Mentoring Programme

The Chamber of Commerce is inviting business leaders and senior managers to participate in the Mentoring Cayman programme for the 2012/2013 academic year. Mentors from all industry sectors are encouraged to submit an application. Launched in 2002, Mentoring Cayman is a youth development initiative that has assisted more than 300 high achieving motivated high school […]