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Archives for October 11, 2012

The Editor Speaks: Is this the start of a new crime wave?

Since our story on Oct 3rd “Crime down in latest RCIPS release of Crime and Traffic Stats” there has been a sudden spate of disturbing incidents. The RCIPS figures confirmed a drop of 35% in robberies and a 3.6% drop in burglaries. There was a further 5.98% drop in most serious crimes and an overall […]

Russia-Syria plane carried ‘ammunition’ – Turkey PM

A Syrian-bound plane intercepted by Turkey was carrying Russian-made defence equipment destined for Syria’s defence ministry, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said. “Passenger aircraft cannot carry ammunition and defence equipment,” Mr Erdogan said, adding: “Unfortunately there was such equipment on board.” Turkish jets forced the plane, coming from Moscow, to land in Ankara. […]

Sports Psychologist Talks to Cayman Swim Coaches

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; 9 October 2012: Sports Psychologist, Dr. Craig Handford, made a whistle stop visit to Grand Cayman to talk to Cayman Swim Coaches. Dr. Handford, Head of Technical Development for British Volleyball, was conducting a series of clinics in Puerto Rico for Track & Field Coaches as part of his role as […]

Marvin M. Schwan Foundation and Michael Ryan mystery

If RC Cayman Holdings sells the Ritz-Carlton Cayman Development for less than the amount owing, which is in excess of $250M the biggest loser could be The Marvin M. Schwan Charitable Foundation. Developer of the Ritz-Carlton, Michael Ryan, formed a company IRR Limited that was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 21st April, 1998, to […]

TopThat launches social competitive site so you can ‘put up or shut up’

By Dean Takahashi If you’ve ever felt like you’re the best in the world at something, then www.topthat.com has a contest for you. The Cayman Islands-based company lets you create a contest about anything and then challenge people from around the world to top your entry. TopThat has officially launched its online combat arena website. […]

Cayman Islands turn to Sunderland for teaching expertise

THE reputation of teacher training at the University of Sunderland has reached exotic shores resulting in an education collaboration. In a bid to increase the pool of home-grown teachers in the Cayman Islands, the Ministry of Education has joined forces with the University to offer a local postgraduate teaching course. Thirteen would-be teachers have now […]

RBC commemorates Mental Health Month …

RBC commemorates Mental Health Month with the introduction of the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project In commemoration of World Mental Health Month, which is celebrated in the Cayman Islands during October, RBC recently announced the introduction of the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project. The RBC Children’s Mental Health Project was launched in 2008 in Canada. […]

OffshoreAlert: More red flags regarding fast-growing Axiom Legal Financing Fund

As investors continue to pour millions of pounds each month into Cayman Islands-domiciled Axiom Legal Financing Fund, OffshoreAlert has uncovered more red flags, including conflicting financial statements, £7.9 million loaned to a debt-ridden law firm owned by Axiom’s principal, and insurance provided by a firm that is currently defending a fraud lawsuit brought by one of […]

No smoking in public places

The Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kiran Kumar is reminding residents that smoking in public places is prohibited by the Tobacco Law 2008 and Regulations 2010. Indoor bars and restaurants, office buildings, businesses and other enclosed areas are smoke-free inside as well as up to10 ft. from any entry, exit or other opening. In addition, […]

Another Fund in trouble

Antioch Fund Ltd. is in breach of failing to submit audited accounts for EIGHT years and not paying its annual registration fee to the Cayman Islands Government from 2007-2012. The company does not have a registered office in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority has posted a Public Notice (see attached) that it […]