August 20, 2018

Archives for July 2011

iNews New Web

We’re very proud to unveil our brand new iNews website. You can still read iNews print edition in a newspaper format as before but with lots of new added benefits. There is an interactive video function that will allow all our readers to see the top world stories and send in their home media. Whether […]

Emerald Sound

I must call local architect, Burns Conolly, Daniel from now on. He has actually walked into the Lion’s Den more than once. Even if you are passionately against the Emerald Sound Development proposal from developer RC Estates, you must give Mr. Conolly full credit for facing almost a hundred angry protestors to the scheme as […]

Share new BBM6 with friends

A new and revolutionary social experience has begun as BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM) last Friday enabled Research in Motion’s (RIM) BBM version 6. RIM announced the availability of the new Blackberry program BBM version 6, which provides support for all “BBM connected” apps, allowing users to interact easily within the BBM connected app. BBM connected apps […]

iNews website

It is with some pride that our new iNews Cayman website is launched today. I am not going to repeat the write-up in this edition describing all the new features we have included on the website but I urge all of you who are reading the print edition to take a visit. There is so […]

I’m going to “slip the gearshift into neutral for a little while”

Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks said yesterday that he had no particular plans in mind for his retirement, but that he planned to “slip the gearshift into neutral for a little while” as he ponders what to do next. “I have no plans whatsoever at this time,” Mr Ebanks told iNews, one day after announcing that […]

Govt promise $45 million revenue & hundreds of jobs

Government will gain more than $45 million in import duties, infrastructure and work-permit fees, while hundreds of jobs are likely to open, clearing land for the Emerald Sound development, according to project designer Burns Conolly. At a three-hour gathering on Thursday night in the South Sound Community Centre, Mr. Conolly met between 80 and 100 […]

Fish Quiz Answers

Answers:   B and C  –  It should have been wave though, don’t you think? A. Ichthyophobia  – If you have a fear of lakes you suffer from limnophobia, of insects you have entomophobia, and of everything its pantophobia. B. Through sound vibrations reverberating through the bones of their skull – Fish hear without the […]

‘Stop blaming turbo cars, start installing roll cages.’ says Stephen Quinland

An insatiable need for speed has been often implicated in the carnage that regularly ensues on our roads. Assistant manager at the Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licensing, DVDL, Mr. Stephen Quinland, suggests that there is a sense of denial among the community that youths are speeding and that now is the time to stop […]

Praise Party at United Church camp

‘Praise Party,’ was the theme for a group of over 30 8-to-12-year-olds who stayed at a residential camp at Prospect Point for five days during the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands’ Summer Camp. “It’s all about a life of gratitude and thanksgiving for all that God has blessed us with,” said Camp […]

A very fishy quiz

1.  We all know that fish travel in schools, but do you know some other plural ‘fishey’ names? A. Clutch B. Shoal C. Draft D. Wave   2. Can you name the phobia that means a fear of fish? A. Ichthyophobia B. Limnophobia C. Entomophobia D. Pantophobia   3. How do fish hear? A. They […]