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Why representation matters in every sector, especially in the NFL

Did Colin Kapernick know he would make such waves? Probably not at the time, but thankfully he did. Buffalo Bills head coach Terry Pegula, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, alongside the full NFL specifically targeting Roger Goddell, is being sued for alleged statements and tokenism or claiming to hire minorities and POC for the sole purpose to prevent criticism and give the appearance that people are being treated fairly. 

The lawsuit comes from HBCU grad and former NFL reporter, Jim Trotter, who lost his job on March 24, 2023 after he publicly challenged Commissioner Roger Goodell and other executives on the NFL’s “record of race discrimination and lack of diversity.” 

What will the NFL do to make this right? How can organizations hire differently? Why does representation matter? 

As more people engage in issues of racial injustice, advancing representation, and centering Black voices, one of the biggest dangers for companies and organizations across sectors is performative allyship. Resting on the laurels of “the hire”, “the advancement”, “the most diverse list of nominees”. It’s an obstacle for all sectors, from public to private, arts and entertainment to blue collar. We did the thing! But what happens AFTER? Efforts towards representation and belonging are not effective if there are no plans, structures, support-systems to make them sustainable. 

Darrion Nimrod, President of Outsiders Movement, a non-profit organization based in Miami, FL & Austin, TX, and host of The Lounge Podcast, is dedicated to empowering young adults through community-building events and workshops. He regularly delves into topics related to empowering minorities, relationships, mental health, and self-improvement and can readily discuss: 

  • How inclusive and diverse hiring in an industry as large as the NFL helps rewrite a narrative for representation in a variety of sectors. 
  • The significance of such a move Jim Trotter, shifting from racist imagery in the sport, as well as allegations of misogynistic behavior within the franchise. 
  • Why inclusion and representation in leadership is essential to organizations engaging in active allyship and shattering glass ceilings in business, government, politics, sport, etc.

Watch this space………..


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