October 1, 2023

Triple C’s YES Club

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Cayman Islands’ Triple C’s YES Club is bringing the youth together

On Friday, June 9th, Triple C School YES Club held their second “Unashamed” youth rally for the school year, which was a part of the celebration of Triple C School’s 75th Anniversary. Prior to that, the first rally was held in October, 2016 during Triple C’s anniversary week of activities. Like the first event, youth groups from all over the island were invited to attend. The students from Triple Yes Club were excited about the event as they were able to showcase some of the gifts and talent that God has given them.

To open the event on June 9th, the club members orchestrated a flash mob, which set the night on a high note. Again, all the presentations from different individuals and youth groups were remarkable. Mr. Carlson Benjamin, the Spiritual Life Director & YES Club leader at Triple C School expressed, “The success of the rally was due to the hard-working team of teachers, youth ministry workers and students who are committed to the life of the ministry. “

Many of the students who are members of the YES Club joined because they are either a Christian or would like to know more about having a true relationship with God. The program provides the students with opportunity to share about their faith with others as they continue to build their own relationship with their Lord and Savior. Ayanna Davis-Eden, Grade 8 student, said, “I joined YES Club because I am a follower of Christ and I wanted to go deeper into my faith. By being in the YES Club I’ve learned that there are many students who are like me and who love to serve God. I’m glad that we were able to have the youth rally again. I enjoyed the flash mob right at the beginning because I was able to sing and dance and praise God.”

The “YES” in YES CLUB stands for Youth Experiencing Salvation. The club has been in existence at Triple C for several years and has grown tremendously over the last two year.


Picture 1: YES Club Flash Mob Picture 2: Gabriella King, Grade 9 student, singing

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