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The Editor Speaks: “This athlete came here to win”

Colin Wilsonweb2I penned an editorial the other day on how bad I thought the NBC coverage of the 2016 Olympics were but generally stuck with them until the 100m race in which Bolt won because they did not even give the Canadian runner Andre De Grasse a mention. And he came third.

I have not watched their coverage since. It is now CBC (Canada) and mainly the ESPN feed that focuses when it can on Caribbean athletes. This is the feed carried by local TV station CITN/Cayman27.

Unfortunately there one has to put up with the inane comments from some of their commentators mainly former Olympic athletes Felix Sanchez and Grace Jackson.

The classic for me, and it was said with an incredulous voice, “This athlete came here to win.”

Presumably then both Sanchez and Jackson when they competed did not come to the Olympics to attempt that feat. What did they come to the Olympics for? What were all those months and month of training about?

It would have been a lot easier just to save up over those years to buy a ticket and plane fare.

I am not the only person to notice Sanchez’s and especially Jackson’s commentary. On Looptt News LAURA DOWRICH-PHILLIPS said it provided “much entertainment”.

We obviously have a different idea of entertainment. I found it positively irritating and incomprehensible.

This is the article:

ESPN Caribbean’s Olympic coverage has been providing much entertainment for Caribbean viewers and not just for the activities on the field.

Thanks to commentators, former Olympic athletes Felix Sanchez and Grace Jackson, the coverage has been a constant source of amusement.

Jackson, in particular, has social media abuzz with her utterings and social media has been paying close attention.

Caribbean twitter has created a hashtag #CommentateLikeGrace to capture all of her lively commentaries.

Here are some classics:

TwittaTimes ‏

#CommentateLikeGrace Only 3 Finalists will medal… They are competing for Gold Silver and Bronze. Exciting race
Jovan R Bowes

#CommentateLikeGrace In this particular Olympics, the heats are often ran before the finals
Master of None

#CommentatelikeGrace The new 400m champion is looking very tired, almost as if he just ran a 400m race.
Renee I McDonald

He’s the type of runner that if you wanna beat him, you have to be ahead of him” #commentatelikegrace (actual quote)

Now we have the 400h. This is different from the 400m flat because they have to go over hurdles. #CommentateLikeGrace
Tyrion Targaryen

#CommentateLikeGrace “Well if he finishes best of all these athletes he will probably win the race”

#CommentateLikeGrace He’s from the Nevis Part of St Kitts.


I am sure readers/views can come up with many more.

However, what am I going to watch when it all ends on Sunday?

Family Feud probably. Joan’s favourite! Help. Come back Sanchez and Jackson all is forgiven.


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