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UFO ‘evidence’: Recordings reveal air traffic control’s confusion at strange craft over Oregon

By Jamie Seidel | From Fox News According to data from the National UFO Reporting Center, UFO sightings around the world have reached an all-time high. Statistics show individuals in the US are more likely to witness a UFO…

Some insane people think this weird triangle is a crashed alien ship on Mars

By Mike Wehner From BGR Mars is one of the most studied and scrutinized of all the planets in our Solar System, and space agencies have sent probes, orbiters, and rovers to investigate it in unprecedented detail in recent years….

UFO hunter claims rare jellyfish sprite was an alien spaceship

By Johnthomas Didymus From Inquisitr UFO hunter claims rare jellyfish sprite spotted over Caribbean Sea was an alien spaceship, accuses scientists of covering up truth about ET phenomenon An enormous mushroom- or jellyfish-shaped flash of bright light that illuminated the…