October 4, 2023

Irish developer Kelleher in Liberian legal row

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Developer sues Economist magazine over article examining his link to African insurance dispute By Mark Tighe From Sunday Time Garrett Kelleher, an Irish developer, has filed defamation proceedings in the High Court against The Economist magazine over an article about a long-running Liberian insurance dispute in which he has become involved. Kelleher, who was behind […]

Litigation funders hit with sanctions in $180 million case v. Cigna

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By Alison Frankel From Reuters (Reuters) – Litigation funding is an opaque industry. Sure, extremely large funds like Burford Capital, Bentham IMF and Gerchen Keller put out occasional press releases to announce new capital or quarterly results. Once in a while, as in the burgeoning European litigation over Volkswagen’s clean-diesel cars, a big litigation fund […]

Irish developer Garrett Kelleher may face damages bill

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By Barry O’Halloran From The Irish Times Chicago Spire backer could owe millions from involvement in €60m insurance claim A US court could hit Irish developer Garrett Kelleher with a large damages bill arising out of his involvement in a €60 million insurance claim if a recent contempt hearing goes against him. Mr Kelleher, best known […]