September 21, 2023

SEO Writing: 12 tips on writing blog posts that rank on Google

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By Rossana Yoder 

Google is a great platform where most business companies promote their services via writing diverse pieces of content on their blogs, landing pages, and corporate websites in general. Although, the amount of information being processed by Google is enormous and it continues to grow and expand every day. Thus Google is forced to provide analytics tools and regular updates to filter all generated content, detect scams, and put them away. 

Scammed content is not deleted but it is put down on pages after the 30th position and further, therefore no user can physically find and see it as it is far away from the top 10.

So copywriters that create content for blogs of different thematics, should follow rules set by Google to be ranked on Google in the first 10 links. The higher place your content takes, the more likely users will click exactly your link and check out your content.

Content should be attractive and engaging, containing useful information and answering the questions of users.

Therefore, we prepared the list of the most useful tips that will make your content needed and highly ranked on Google which is a challenging task to stand out from the competitors. 

Relevant topics

Considering the specialization of the company you write for, you should properly choose the relevant topics that will be interesting for regular and new readers. You should conduct deep research on the trends in your industry and market, read the thematic forums and Q&A platforms like Medium, Quora, to find out what issues people face and how they can be resolved with your services. This is the content people would love to read – which explains all the answers to the questions and problems. The content should be corresponding to the requests of your current or potential customers and is related to any area.

Keywords selection 

Make sure that your content is shown by the correct keywords as the demand for your services or products completely depends on it. First of all, you should conduct a full audit of your website and blog to analyze the available content and understand what needs to be changed. You can use various tools like Semrush, Google analytics, and others. Then, if you have already created clusters of keywords, define which of them are the most trendy and required among readers meaning what many users send requests containing those keywords. Moreover, it is important the situation of your keywords, it is advisable to put the vital keywords at the beginning of your blog post to be ranked by Google and attract more users.

Create customer journey

Imagining what journey your potential client experiences gives you a better understanding of what this client needs and what kinds of services or products this client looks for. When you investigate your target audience better, you will know what content they expect to read and what services they are required to buy. Know how your client is – age, nationality, earnings, business industry, business values and goals, main issues, and so on. Your content should show your sincere interest in helping your customers with their business issues.

Research the needed size of your articles

Your blog posts should be too long or too short. The acceptable size of the article is about 1500-2000 words to engage more readers. However, it should not contain only plain text. Diversify your text with different interactive elements like CTAs, polls, files to download, unique pictures with the logo of your company, links to other useful blog posts related to a particular topic, links to your company’s portfolio, services, etc. Thus, the content is not just useful but sells the services or products of your company more intensively.

Increase page speed

The speed of your website pages decides whether a user will stay and read the article or will pass it away. Usually, they wait just for several seconds and then leave your website. So make sure that your page speed is optimized and under control. The interactive elements included in the blog post can also slow your website down and think of their optimization as well. Google Pagespeed Insights would be a great tool to check the speed of your website and show the ways of how to improve it.

URL optimization

The longer URL your blog post has, the harder it will be recognized by Google as qualitative content. Moreover, short URLs give a more precise understanding of what this website page is about due to its clear description. It may not really be important what URL your blog post has but it is more convenient especially when you do crowd marketing. Trust my Paper  claim that users tend to consider the links that are actually nice and clear.

Crowd marketing

Writing high-quality content is crucial but unfortunately, it is not enough to attract readers to your content. To be ranked on Google, you need to promote your content and get backlinks as many as possible to stand out from other blogs.  You can ask trusted websites to mention your company or blog in their articles, leave links to your blog post on various platforms like Quora, Medium, Reddit, share on social media accounts and groups, and also thematic forums where you can reply to questions or create new threads. Pay more attention to social media as most people use their social media if they need some service or product to buy. Social networks are a great tool for promotion but mostly you will need to pay for advertising. 

 It is also recommended to check your crowd marketing to know if it is working and efficient enough.

Guest posts

Besides the long reads, you can also write small pr posts to promote your company’s services or products. Such guest posts really sound very promotional. However, you should properly check the platforms where you can post these posts. You can write to different trusted resources, social media accounts, or communities with the request to post your article, mostly not free. Before posting your article, we advise getting a Supreme Dissertations of your cooperation especially if it entails payment.

Plan your content

Based on the audit of your written content, we advise creating a precise content plan for the next month or even several months. Type what goals you are following and want to reach due to this plan. Then, decide what pieces of content you are willing to write this month – long read articles, guest posts, social media posts, crowd marketing links. After that, you should research the trendy topics and choose several corresponding to the number of the planned pieces of content. Also, your plan may need some changes due to the updated Google conditions, so be ready for amendments.

Content update

Do not focus only on the creation of new content. Remember that these days trendy content becomes outdated rapidly especially worldwide statistics, writing styles, news, and other information. Conduct an analysis of the written content, make sure that it contains all necessary keywords, and what improvements you should do to be recognized by Google. You should also optimize your content to go over regular Google updates and not lose your current positions. Some content may require additional promotion on social media and other resources. 

Extend the alt description of the images

Consider the need of writing alt to each image in your blog post. The alt is the clear description of the picture, which it shows in detail so that each reader could understand in case the image is not loading properly. Additionally, the picture should be related to the topic and appropriate, including keywords in the description.

Research the competitors

Don’t be afraid to read the blog posts of your direct competitors. Thus, you will be able to open up the topic from different sides. Your article may miss some of the vital points, headings and subheadings, statistics, mentions, links, and so on. Before adding some information from your competitors, you should also hold research if this information is true and useful for your potential clients.

To sum up

These days it is hard not to get lost in the plenty of blogs and their content available on Google. When you start your searches, you expect to find what you need right away. So when you write your content, think more of people who will look for the question that you covered in your text. Think of what you would like to read considering a particular topic, what problems your potential client struggles with every day, and find the perfect solution that will definitely help.

A blog is a great tool for the promotion of your brand, services, and goods for your target audience without wasting money, and effort. However, you should learn the basics of Google algorithms not to waste your time and write decent content that will bring only profit to your business avoiding Google updates and hitting the top 10 in the search.

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Rossana Yoder

Rossana Yoder is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. She started young with her writing career from being a high school writer to a university editor, and now she is a writer in a professional writing platform— her years of expertise have honed her skills to create compelling and results-driven content every single time.

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