May 29, 2023

Secrets, theories and gossip

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How hard is it to keep a secret? Are you one of these people who simply have to tell a friend you have a secret; that you will only divulge this secret to them if they promise on the Holy Bible they will keep it to themselves?

Are you a gossip? Do you love to hear the ‘dirt’ on someone? Do you delight in passing on this gossip to someone else? Often with some embellishment of your own?

How many so called ‘secrets’ have you heard concerning the lives of our recent missing persons? How much gossip did you hear about them and the ones close to them? How many theories have you been told as to what has happened to these missing persons?

How many secrets and how much gossip have you heard about all the recent shootings and armed robberies? Who has divulged to you the name or names of the person(s) behind them? Is there a single criminal mastermind orchestrating every movement these lowlife scumbags are making? What marl road gossip have you heard?

Have you learnt of any conspiracy theories concerning the RCIP (Royal Caymanian Island Police)? Why have they (or appeared to have) acted so slowly to get to the crime scenes long after the robbers have vanished? Why are there so few criminals being caught? Why so few arrests? Even more, why after they have been arrested, so few are charged with the crimes? Why is it that the very, very few that actually get brought before the courts get convicted?

I would expect your answer to the missing persons questions would be, ‘lots’, and the RCIPS conspiracy theories a little less. It is, unfortunately, the general opinion that the present RCIPS is incompetent and inept. Before the Commissioner starts hurling concrete blocks at me, I do not believe this.

When it comes to the shootings and armed robberies, the answer is nothing. Well, I haven’t heard anything. Nothing. Not even a whisper. No finger pointed at someone.

These islands are small. Everyone knows someone. It is hard to keep a secret here. It is a Caymanian pastime to gossip. The Marl Road is normally bumper to bumper with rumour.

When drug smuggling was the major crime here the finger was pointed at everyone who had made it rich, especially so to a person who had made their fortune seemingly overnight. However, all these robberies lately have met with silence. Everyone is shocked and angry. Everyone says something MUST be done. Everyone blames everyone but themselves, but all is silent on who it is? Who are they? Them? Who they for? Who knows something?

Not even a theory!  Why is that?

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