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Police reveal BBM disappointment

Police are “very disappointed” at the public response to their appeals for information about BBM exchanges with Kerran Baker, missing more than two weeks, saying many people had contacted her prior to her disappearance.

“She was a very heavy BBM user,” said Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden on Friday. “We’ve been sitting here for 11 days now,  and have made significant appeals to the public, asking the whereabouts or significant information.

“Despite that, we have not received any serious feedback. We have made specific appeals for anyone who may have made contact with Kerran via BBM,” he said.

Police were “very aware” that friends were constantly in touch with Ms Baker, 25, missing since 30 July from her Bodden Town home.

“We are aware that many people have contacted her,” Chief Superintendent John Jones said, “but we have not heard one response from anyone. Please, if you had contact with her on the evening of July 30, get in contact with us.

“It is reasonable to assume that any traffic would have been with a friend, and why not contact us if you’re a friend — just to say, ‘yes, I spoke to her’? We are appealing to Kerran’s friends to help us, to help her family.” Mr Jones said.

Ms Baker’s mother, Sandra Anthony, father Wilmot Anthony, sister Toney-Anne Anthony and aunt “Patsy” Anthony-Beadle, arrived in Cayman from Jamaica nearly 10 days ago, vowing to wait for a resolution.

Mr Bodden said two recent leads had proved dead-ends.

“We have been asked about Weststar and whether someone may have tried to obtain services,” he said, referring to reports that a cable TV installer had been in Ms Baker’s Arrow Drive home on Saturday.

“We have gotten to the bottom of it and proven there was nothing sinister about the WestStar service,” he said.

“We also heard about dinner plans that Kerran had,” he said of a planned Saturday-evening meal with a friend in East End.

“We listened to that and realised that, yes, there were plans for dinner. We ‘bottomed out ‘that inquiry and there was nothing sinister,” he said.

He declined to discuss the “materials” discovered last week, reportedly a set of documents found in the vicinity of Pedro Castle where Ms Baker‘s white Honda Civic was found shortly after she vanished.

Kerran’s house on Arrow Drive was visited by a cable TV installer on the Saturday that she went missing.

Saying forensic analyses were incomplete, Mr Bodden said police were “hoping for something in the near future”.

Teams of searchers remained poised, he said, pending any new information, but nothing had been planned immediately.

“We still have a fair amount of CCTV footage to go through,” Mr Jones said, “and there are a number of inquiries in relation to seeing people and [tracing] her movements. There may be a need to conduct searches.

“We are always reviewing,” he said, “and hopefully, we will be responding to people who phone in and say they have had BBM contact with Kerran.” he said.


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