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Mixify launches Clubcast to bring Daft Punk to your house

mixify-1By Jonathan Shieber From techcrunch

Daft Punk may not actually be playing at your house, but startup company Mixify has launched a new service, called Clubcast, and raised initial capital to bring DJs from around the world to your club or event.

Mixify began as a live streaming service for electronic dance music in late 2012. The company developed relationships with 15,000 different electronic DJs to stream their sets through the company’s service. Now, with the launch of Clubcast, Mixify is reaching out to venue owners and event promoters to bring an interactive experience to their clubs using any DJ on the Mixify roster.

Using Clubcast, venues can stream interactive DJ sets where club goers can watch the DJs perform. Already the company has arranged events with DJs like Tommy Trash, Bassjackers and Firebeatz in locations from Buenos Aires to the Cayman Islands. The company expects to be selling the Clubcast service in 40 markets by August of this year.

“Mixify Clubcast is sold on a per-event basis,” says Mixify founder David Moricca. “In many cases we’re doing booking of a big-name DJ as part of the service. it works particularly well for markets where they don’t have the market to support booking for these acts or the access.”

Globally, electronic dance music pulls in at least $15 billion, and much of that revenue is generated from electronic dance festivals that continue to gain attendees even as other music festivals have seen their numbers decline. “Live events are a growing part of the music industry,” he says. “And EDM is the fastest growing. Demand for DJs way outstrips supply.”

Mixify 3

The company’s thesis about the growth of electronic dance music has grabbed the attention of investors like Jamie Olsen of the Australian investment firm CMB Capital; Tim McGee and Richard Mergler of the music distribution and promotion company Ministry of Sound Australia; and Tommy Trash who is also a producer.

All told Mixify has raised $1.8 million for its service.

“The focus is really on growing Clubcast sales and marketing — particularly on the international level. It’s about them growing the brand and growing the sales pipeline.”

Through Mixify’s Australian partners, the company is hoping to expand its customer base in key markets like Singapore and Hong Kong. There’s a profusion of talented DJs in the U.S. and Western Europe, but demand is coming from the Asian markets that the company hopes to penetrate, says Moricca.

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