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By Joyce Pursley

There are right wing politicians and commentators who contend that U.S. policy toward Israel has taken an (unwelcome) turn. The fact  remains that President Obama’s position on Israel is the same as that of every president for the last twenty years, including George W. Bush. It’s one of the few things Bush was right about.

Study the official White House policy under both Obama and Bush, and you will see they are in accord. Just as their policy with doing away with oil subsidies is the same.

Why is it that Republicans are always trying to rewrite history? Take Sarah Palin, for example (Please! Take her!). Instead of admitting she was caught off balance and made a mistake about Paul Revere, she and her supporters are trying to change history by saying the purpose of Paul Revere’s famous ride was to warn the British! They are even going so far as trying to alter the Wikipedia entry recounting the event to fit her version of the “facts.”

Get over it! No matter what Obama has done or will do, I doubt there is a Republican candidate who can beat him in the upcoming election.


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