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Hurricane stops play

By: Kevin Creary

The ICC Americas Under 15 Central Division Championship Tour, held in Nassau Bahamas, which was the stomping ground for the Cayman Islands cricket team, has abruptly
been stopped.

After two wins, the Islands team was forced to head home as Hurricane Irene hit the Bahamas.

The Caymanians drew first blood, by defeating the Bahamians by five wickets on the first day of their four matches encounter.

Victory in the first match seemed to have been an appetiser for the young Caymanians, who asserted their dominance in the
second game.

During the first match, the Bahamians posted a total of 122 runs for five from the allotted overs, but were surprised to be outscored by the Caymanians winning by a total of 123 for five. After discovering the weakness of the Bahamian team during the first match, the Caymanians unleashed an unforgiving punishment in the
second match.

In reply to the Caymanian’s 166 runs from 30 overs for the loss of six wickets, the Bahamians were dismissed for just 43 runs from only 15 overs.

Five of their players were dismissed from the crease without making a single run.

The Caymanians had to beat a retreat, as Hurricane Irene aimed straight at the Bahamas, in what could ironically be a rescue for the host country’s embarrassed young team.

The Caymanians returned home on Tuesday.


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