October 1, 2023

Family raises funds for legal costs after father murdered in Caribbean

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From Shropshire Star

Stephen Halliday died after being attacked with a machete at the house he was building in the Dominican Republic.

The family of a retired British estate agent who was murdered at his dream home in the Dominican Republic have launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for a legal fund to fight for justice on his behalf.

Stephen Halliday, originally from Maidenhead, Berkshire, suffered from machete wounds to his head and neck in the attack which happened at the home he was building on the Caribbean island.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the death of the 64-year-old on September 6.

My mother didn’t just lose her soulmate, husband, best friend and life companion. She lost the dream home my father had almost completed in the process

Stephen Halliday’s son Geoff

His son, Geoff Halliday, has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for a legal team for the family and to pay for bereavement counselling and other costs.

So far the page has raised 26,000 US dollars (£20,000).

Mr Halliday wrote on the fundraising page: “My father was murdered, on September 6 2018, leaving our family completely devastated, shattered and bewildered.

“We are desperately seeking help in establishing a legal fund to fight for justice for my father and rebuilding a life for my mother.

“Anybody who knew him is already aware of the joyfulness and love he demonstrated and the life he lived in service of our family.

“He worshipped my mother completely and showered her with a level of affection I could never fathom.

“Now it all feels like he was just getting in as much as possible before being unfairly ripped from our lives.

“My mother didn’t just lose her soulmate, husband, best friend and life companion. She lost the dream home my father had almost completed in the process.

“One that she can no longer even bear to look at or live in and is facing the prospect of spending the rest of what she is left with on attorneys and psychological treatment. As a son, I cannot accept that and that is why I am pleading for any and all help.

Stephen Halliday (second left) with his wife Angela and sons (GoFundMe/PA)

“For starters we are planning to use the funds for our legal assistance in the Dominican Republic. Sadly, the system there is still extremely corrupt and without proper private representation we worry that we will never see any semblance of justice for my father.

“Additionally, the costs of maintaining the home she can no longer live in as well as transitioning what belongings she may still want back to the US. We only hope that in due time somebody would want to purchase the home although we worry at how long it may sit idle. We’ve also just begun grief counselling which has come at quite some cost.”

Stephen’s widow Angela said: “My sweet, sweet husband, totally dedicated and unconditional father was robbed from our lives in a senseless and torturous way that he never deserved.

“I will not give up in having him honoured in the way he merits and that my husband’s legacy will become not this horrific act but something greater as was he.”

IMAGE: Stephen Halliday and family

For more on this story go to: https://www.gofundme.com/in-honor-of-stephen-halliday

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