September 28, 2023

Experts react to the UK’s crypto paper

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Experts react to the UK’s crypto paper

Practitioners have had a week to consider the British government’s draft outline for the regulation of cryptoassets in the UK. So, what do they think? 
FCA: firms should gear up for new crypto promotion rules

Cryptoasset firms be prepared for new promotion rules or face imprisonment, the UK financial regulator has urged as it explains the exemption conditions that will allow crypto businesses to market their products in the UK under government plans announced last week.
Hong Kong moves forward on new crypto regime

Hong Kong’s de facto central bank has confirmed a 2023/2024 date for implementation of its forthcoming crypto regime, as market participants call on it to pursue demanded a more coordinated approach with other regulators. 
Digital euro will fail without us, German banks say

Amid widespread banking scepticism over the potential of central bank digital currencies Germany’s banking industry body has backed a digital euro as “the next important step in the evolution of money” – but argued that its success hinges on not leaving commercial and private banks behind.
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