May 19, 2023

“EU policy is killing us”

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From Monica Burns, Freedom United

“We have been killed, we have been raped, we have been tortured, we have been extorted, and we have been put to forced labor,”
 says David Yambio, Libya survivor and advocate.
Listen to his testimony
David co-founded the survivor-led movement Refugees in Libya which amplifies the voices, experiences, and demands of people who have been subjected to grave mistreatment in Libya. He calls out the E.U. and the Libyan governments for their role in creating a mass detention system in which refugees are systematically abused and exploited. And he demands urgent change. 
Hear his demands

“We need our rights to be protected… and to be recognised as human beings,” he urges. Will you tell the E.U. to recognise him and others as human beings? Listen to David Yambio and share his story today.

In solidarity,

Monica and the team that supports the Freedom United community

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