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Criminals in for a shock

Police in Cayman could soon be armed with Taser guns to fight crime.

The powerful electric shock weapons send 35,000 volts pulsating through the body of suspects.

As part of a shake-up of the RCIPS Police Commission David Baines has told Legislative Assembly Members that his officers will be trained to use the weapon.

The move comes following a sharp rise in crime and armed robberies on the Island in the past few months.

Taser weapons part of police plans

Premier McKeeva Bush has revealed details of the new super police task force aimed at tackling the Island’s growing crime problem.

The special unit will see a growth in officers on the street and introduction of four round the clock armed response units.

It will also mean the introduction of Taser Guns – electric shock weapons that fire a high voltage of electricity that can stop suspects in their tracks.

The Motion, passed by Premier Bush, is calling for Police Commissioner David Baines and Governor Duncan Taylor to recruit and deploy a Serious Organised Crime Unit. It aims:

  • To provide strongly enhanced detection, investigative and enforcement techniques.
  • To strategically hit at and dismantle all groups, gangs and individuals responsible for the drastic increase in crime and in particular crimes involving the use of guns.

    A Taser electric shock weapon
  • To provide a lead on permanent enhancements in the capability of the RCIPS to prevent, detect and investigate Serious and Organised Crime and to enforce the law in that regard.

Mr Baines said in a meeting with the Legislative Assembly that the armed response unit would be increased from 25 to 45 officers.

The Serious Crime Task Force (SCTF) will double it’s manpower to 24 and a Tactical Support Group of 13 officers will be created. This will increasing the capability for surveillance and protective investigative techniques in particular gang and gun crimes and armed robberies.

Those officers will be specially trained in public order and personal protection equipment including Taser guns – which fire huge volts of electricity into suspects.

Mr Bush said: “The Members indicated that they were in agreement with the proposals by the Commissioner of Police and agreed to provide the additional resources to enable the RCIPS to strategically and aggressively pursue, disrupt and eradicate the activities of all gangs and individuals involved in criminal activity, particularly
involving firearms.”

Commissioner David Baines

All Elected Members present, with the exception of Mr. Ezzard Miller who abstained, voted to pass the Motion in the Legislative Assembly when the House resumed.

The announcement comes after iNews revealed last week how the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will receive an extra $1m from Government coffers.

That money will be used to recruit more officers and pay for vital equipment including body armour and interviewing equipment.


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