November 28, 2023

Cayman: NRA urges pedestrians to correctly use crosswalks [pedestrian crossings]

In the interest of public safety, the National Roads Authority would like to remind motorists and pedestrians of the importance of correctly using crosswalks.

Crosswalks are designed to provide a safe and designated area for pedestrians to cross the street, as well as help drivers anticipate where pedestrians may be walking. However, both pedestrians and drivers need to be aware of their roles in ensuring safe and efficient use of crosswalks.

Upon approaching a crosswalk, pedestrians must press the button to signal to drivers that they are crossing the street. Before attempting to cross, it is important to look both ways to ensure oncoming cars have seen you. Once traffic has come to a stop, proceed to cross quickly and calmly.

By law vehicles must stop for pedestrians crossing along a crosswalk. Motorists are reminded to come to a complete stop when a pedestrian is approaching and to wait until they have fully crossed to the other side of the street before continuing to drive. 

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About the National Roads Authority (NRA)

The National Roads Authority was created on 1st July 2004 by the National Roads Authority Law (2004). The NRA aims to enhance transport development in the Cayman Islands by building and maintaining a safe and efficient network of roads, in partnership with our Board of Directors, our Ministry, Cabinet, and the Private sector, having regard to national and economic growth strategies.

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