September 28, 2023

Best practices to stay safe online

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Staying safe online doesn’t just apply to your home anymore, if you’re a business owner you have to treat your business office like your home.

Take the right precautions, then you won’t have to bring your work worries home. Not only does this protect your business, it also protects your employees, and customers who have given over their confidential information to you.

Follow these five tips to keep your business safe online.

  1. Update Your Software and Operating System
    When a security update becomes available for your software or operating system, go ahead and update it. Make it a priority that your employees do this practice too. It keeps your computer safe from the latest threats and hackers and is your number one best defense.

  2. Keep Your Wireless Network Private
    When you don’t have a password protected wireless network, that’s the same thing as leaving your doors unlocked. Anyone can connect to your network and possibly steal compromising information. That includes not only your information but your customers’ too. Protect your wireless network with a strong password.

  3. Use a Firewall and Security System
    A good internet router will have a firewall built in so just turn it on for not only your computer but your entire office. Be sure all office computers have the most up to date antivirus software. A paid anti-virus like <a href=”“>BitDefender</a> will probably do a better job than most freeware virus protection, but even a free one is better than nothing. The combination of the two protect you from internal and external threats.

  4. Use Encrypted Network Connection
    Firewalls are nice to have, but a well-configured virtual private network goes a long way in keeping all malicious influences away. A VPN acts as a barrier between your computer and the global network, adding a layer of encryption and advanced traffic filtering.

  1. Educate your Employees
    It doesn’t help your business if you’re the only one keeping safe online. Educate your employees on the best practices so that your entire office staff is on the same page as you.

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As a society, we cherish our right to privacy probably more than anything else. Sharing is great, and we all enjoy it, but there is always that other side, the untold story, the personal, the secret. Now, let’s extrapolate this to a societal level. How many information is out there, purposely being concealed for the sake of greater good, for the sake of our own safety? The number is probably unfathomable. Today, when everything is online, and our lives are intertwined with a world most of us know nothing about, privacy and safety become an issue of epic proportions.

That is why we need to talk about cybercrime and utilize the very best VPNs. However, instead of writing a tract of tedious length, here is an infographic that outlines the most important cybercrime facts all of us should be aware of in 2018.


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