October 2, 2023


New Year’s Eve law change for late-night bars Lawmakers yesterday cleared the way for late music and dancing on Saturday’s New Year’s Eve, enabling bars and restaurants to cater to late-night party-goers. “We have been trying to find a way to support the business community, who have approached me about this,” Premier McKeeva Bush told iNews Cayman […]

Ophelia strengthens while Philippe changes course

Tropical Storm Ophelia continued to strengthen yesterday (29). This strengthening will continue through today, culminating in Ophelia becoming a Category 1 Hurricane. Ophelia is expected to still strengthen through tomorrow (1 Oct) and weaken as Sunday (2) approaches. This weakening will be the result of Ophelia tracking over cooler waters and increasing wind shear.  Rob […]

Ophelia regenerates and may reform

Ophelia has regenerated. Yesterday (28) it was written that the storm had an 80% chance of re-forming. It was a Tropical Depression as of yesterday morning and is expected to reach Tropical Storm status either in the late morning or early afternoon. Ophelia is even forecasted to become a Category 1 hurricane as it draws […]

Tropical Storm Philippe steers clear of the Caribbean

Tropical Storm Philippe is affected by a western shear that causes it to stay away from the Caribbean. Philippe is forecasted to stay a Tropical Storm until at least the weekend, and expected to remain in the Atlantic. The remnants of Ophelia seem to have 80% chance of reformation near the Virgin Islands. If Ophelia […]

Remnants of Ophelia may regenerate over the next few days; TS Philippe not expected to affect Caribbean

There are no longer any advisories issued for Ophelia because the storm is no longer considered to be a tropical cyclone. This downgrade is due to the fact that the storm passed through a shear (which I spoke about in yesterday’s (26) paper) and in doing so, became very disorganised. Rob Lightbown writes, “The remnants […]

Ophelia strengthens but is expected to stop strengthening as the weekend draws near

Ophelia has strengthened more than what was expected over the last 36 hours and as of yesterday (22) morning, the storm has 65 mph maximum winds (9 mph weaker than hurricane strength). The strengthening is expected to stop as a southwesterly shear is expected to pick up the storm. This shear will cause Ophelia to […]

Tropical Storm Ophelia develops

Invest 98L was upgraded to Tropical Storm Ophelia on Tuesday (20) night and it is more organised than it was expected to get. Forecasts are predicting that Ophelia will remain as a tropical storm tonight before weakening into a tropical wave over the weekend. Ophelia is tracking to the west with maximum sustained winds of […]

Invest 98L becomes better organised

Invest 98L is becoming better organised, and is forecasted to become Tropical Storm Ophelia within the next 24 to 36 hours (if it has not been upgraded by the time of print). The system is currently tracking to the west, and track models show that the Windward and Leeward Islands can expect tropical storm conditions […]

Hurricane Maria drenches Newfoundland; tropical Atlantic and western Caribbean have no new developments.

Once again, there are no new developments in the tropical Atlantic. However a tropical disturbance was located to the southwest of the Cape Verde Islands near 35 W Longitude, but it was poorly organised and lacked deep convection. This will be an area to watch as it makes its way to the west as it […]

Tropical Storm Maria intensifies may become Hurricane Maria

Tropical Storm Maria intensifies may become Hurricane Maria There are no new developments to report in the Caribbean today. However, in the Northern Atlantic Tropical Storm Maria has been quickly intensifying. It is expected to become a Hurricane early today (16), albeit a short-lived one. Maria is forecasted to keep on a northeastern track, drenching […]