July 3, 2015

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International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame announces 2015 Cayman Islands Honourees

image002Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Three innovators in the diving industry of the Cayman Islands have been chosen as the local honourees for the 2015 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF). Gladys B. Howard, Nancy Easterbrook and the late Dr (Doc) James (Jimmie) Poulson will be honoured at the induction ceremony in October.

The Hon. Minister of Tourism, Mr. Moses Kirkconnell shared: “It is quite a privilege to select local honourees to this prestige Hall of Fame. Each year it becomes more and more apparent that the local contribution to dive and watersports has been significant both for the destination and globally. We are proud to image003recognise these individuals as pioneers, innovators, and inventors, as the best in their field and to place their names alongside other individuals who have been recognised over the years for their outstanding contributions to the dive industry.”

2015 Local Inductees:

Gladys B. Howard

In 1986, Gladys B. Howard became the owner of Pirates Point Resort with the vision to create a unique dive resort on Little Cayman. Her extensive community efforts have created a legacy that is undisputable in the betterment of the Sister Islands. Beyond her passion for the dive industry, she has been a pioneer for developing sustainable tourism in the Cayman Islands and promoting environmental causes. When it became apparent that there was a need to move the town dump to a different location, Gladys submitted ideas to the government of the day and was able to have the landfill moved. In its place, she created the National Trust Building that now houses the community visitor centre, where volunteers help guide and educate tourists of the treasures of Little Cayman. She created the annual Easter Auction, an event that garners approximately CI$50,000 annually. The funds raised go towards the preservation of land, repairs to the National Trust Building, or printing signs to raise awareness of the indigenous iguanas that reside on Little Cayman.

Gladys has also been integral in the fight against the invasive lionfish on the reefs of the Cayman Islands. For the past four years, she has donated Yellow Rose, the resort dive boat, for the weekly lionfish cull.

She has been awarded many honours, including the Badge of Honour, and a National Trust Caymanite Octopus that was hand carved to honour her many environmental and preservation efforts in Little Cayman.

Nancy Easterbrook

Nancy started diving in 1973, and instantly developed a passion for the sport. She moved with her 2 children Brandee & Walker to Grand Cayman in 1994 and started Divetech. Nancy is consider a pioneer in technical diving, Rebreathers and the sport of breath-hold free diving in Cayman, including co-authoring training manuals for students to learn free diving. She founded Inner Space, celebrating its 9th year, which brings together Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) divers from around the world to share knowledge and friendship. Nancy has also been committed to introducing the youth of the Cayman Islands to diving through a variety of programmes offered through her company. She has devoted the past 20 years to exploring all that diving has to offer and has championed many causes for environmental awareness in the marine and terrestrial environment.


Her latest achievement was an 8-year project to bring the Kittiwake to Cayman as an artificial reef which came to fruition in 2011 and is now one of the most popular dive sites in the destination.

Dr. James Poulson (posthumously)

The late Dr (Doc) James (Jimmie) Poulson opened the Cayman Clinic on Crewe Road, a successful medical practice. Doc Poulson advanced the crucial medical care for divers by helping set up the first hyperbaric chamber on Grand Cayman, used for the treatment of decompression sickness.

Originally the chamber was situated at the George Town Hospital and then when the hospital needed the space it was moved behind the Cayman Clinic. Since the early 70s the British Sub-Aqua Club ran it until 1996 when it was taken over by John and Ann Elliott. Because of Doc Poulson’s contribution and the many, many free hours he put into helping the volunteers operate the hyperbaric chamber there is a popular dive site on Grand Cayman named after him – “The Doc Poulson”.

The Doc Poulson was the first purpose sunk vessel in the Cayman Islands. It was originally a Japanese cable laying ship and was sunk in Grand Cayman in 1981 to create an artificial reef on Seven Mile Beach. The 70 ft. long wreck sits upright in about 50 to 60 feet of water and is a part of the Islands’ diving history.

Director of Tourism, Mrs. Rosa Harris, said, “These individuals have devoted much of their lives to the diving industry in the Cayman Islands and to ensuring that our magnificent underwater environment is accessible to ever increasing numbers of avid water sports and dive enthusiasts. Their respective contributions have solidified that the Cayman Islands retain its reputation as one of the best diving locations in the world and for their efforts the destination is extremely grateful. It is a proud moment when we can recognise the local honourees to not only honour them for their role in the development of dive but also for the contributions to tourism.”

Founded in 2000 by the Cayman Islands Ministry of Tourism, the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame recognises international and local Cayman pioneers who have made outstanding contributions to the recreational scuba diving industry, in a yearly ceremony held in the Grand Cayman.

For more information on the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame, visit www.scubahalloffame.com. To learn more about the unparalleled diving in the Cayman Islands, visit www.caymanislands.ky/divecayman.

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Anna Ramirez, fisher lady of Punta Gorda, recognized as Fisher of the Year

Anna-at-the-market Anna-Ramirez-receives-cash- Anna-Ramirez-recognized Anna's-big-catch Port-Honduras-Marine-ReservBelize City, 29 June 2015–Since she was 7 years old, Anna Ramirez, now 63, has been fishing with her family off the coast of Belize’s southernmost district – Toledo, but her gender has not stopped her from working just as hard as the men do while at sea.

Her most challenging moments have involved braving the rough seas, even under the threat of hurricanes, to ensure they make it to shore safely. “It’s not easy. You have to be brave and willing to take chances – big chances too!” she said.

“The same way a man could fish, you can. The same way they drive an engine, you could do it too. The same way they could throw a net, you could throw a net!” Anna says. “It’s the way they raised me,” she later explained.

Mrs. Ramirez has 3 brothers and 7 sisters, and like her brothers—Carlos, Daniel, Eugenio—she took up fishing for a living. She is the daughter of Francisco Castellanos and Petrona Flores, who once lived on several islands off the coast of southern Belize, including Punta Ycacos, Punta Negra and Wilson Caye.

The area where they traditionally fished was declared the Port Honduras Marine Reserve Area in 2000, and today, the family says that the introduction of a managed access program there by the Belize Fisheries Department has notably helped to reduce illegal fishing in the area, thus improving their fish catch. Notably, Mrs. Ramirez was instrumental in the establishment of the reserve.

Anna married Rafael Ramirez, who is also a fisher. They have, in turn, taught their children to fish and five of them are still active: Carlos, George, Roy, Armando, who is the chairman of the Rio Grande Fishermen’s Cooperative in Punta Gorda, and Anna, who is the secretary of the Toledo Fisherman Association and the president of the Toledo Dry Fruit women’s group. Genny, who does scuba diving with the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment – TIDE, does so to a lesser extent. Her other daughter, Claudio Olivarez, lives in Corozal in northern Belize and works as a teacher at a Seventh Day Adventist high school in Calcutta Village.

Mrs. Ramirez said that her biggest reward is having been able to train her children, teaching them what she knows. “It is a very good feeling!” she said.

While the elder Anna no longer routinely fishes, most of her 9 children, including her namesake, still do, and she markets their produce at the Punta Gorda Town market in Toledo, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She does not sell at the market on Saturdays, since she has observed the Sabbath for the past 35-40 years.

She said that her fishing career has made her an independent woman, and she never fails to urge young people to learn the trade so that they too can become independent people.

Although it is rare for a woman to choose a career as a fisher, gender is not the real reason why Anna Ramirez is deemed outstanding. It is her commitment and dedication to hard work, to encouraging the young people to take up the mantle—but moreover, to do so sustainably.

It is for these reasons that she was chosen for special recognition as the winner of the “Punta Fuego Outstanding Fisher of the Year Award,” which was presented on the occasion of the first ever Fisherman’s Day festivities in Belize on Monday, June 29, 2015.

In addition to the Punta Fuego award, she received a cash award from the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), whose Executive Director, Milton Haughton, lauded Mrs. Ramirez, who now stands out as a role model for the entire Caribbean, for her milestone achievement.

Punta Fuego, a drama which airs on Love FM, is also the name of a fictional coastal village in Belize, where Richie, a young fisherman, is put to the test when deceit and danger come to his village.

Mrs. Anna Ramirez was nominated for the award by Marla Ramirez of the Fisheries Department, who described her as, “not only a responsible fisher and advocate but a Belizean sustainable fisher.”

“She has always taught her children to take out what is necessary and put back what is small. She is a strong advocate for size limits on finfish especially snappers and grunts,” said Marla Ramirez. “Mrs. Anna has seen fishing change over the past decades and realizes that it is important to manage the fisheries in a sustainable manner.”

Her sons dive for conch and lobster, but the family also catches a lot of finfish using drop lines or hand lines. Anna said that they don’t use nets anymore because of the regulations introduced to govern fishing at the reserve. She has taught her children to leave the small fish to live and catch the bigger ones.

At the age of 34, the younger Anna is still fishing with her brothers and applying the wisdom her mother taught her. She fishes during the day and attends night school at Claver College Extension. She plans to attend the University of Belize afterwards to be qualified as a nurse, although she doesn’t plan to give up fishing.

View video HERE

Her earnings from fishing are helping her to pay for her education. She may earn BZ$50 to BZ$100 a day, depending on what they catch and how much. The mother of 4 says that this is adequate for her to raise her family.

The younger Anna Ramirez started fishing when she was 13 and she did that until she was 22. Her husband, a tour guide, wanted her to be a homemaker and so she quit fishing for 7 years, but today, Anna, who is now single, is back fishing with her brothers off the shores of Toledo, in the area of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve – the family’s traditional fishing grounds.

Her mother, Mrs. Anna Ramirez, said that she has 33 grandchildren, and those who live in the community also go out to sea, particularly during the summer vacation. Joash Ramirez, 13, her daughter Anna’s son, dives and gets a portion of the family’s earnings to help take care of his school expenses, his mother said, demonstrating how the fishing tradition has been passed down to the fourth generation in her family.

While Mrs. Anna Ramirez is hopeful about the prospect of her grandchildren being able to earn a decent living in the industry, she emphasized the need for authorities to crack down on illegal fishing by foreigners who come from the neighboring countries to the south of Belize. She said that this sort of illegal fishing is currently the greatest threat to the industry.

The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) was officially inaugurated on March 27, 2003, in Belize City, Belize, where it is headquartered, following the signing of the “Agreement Establishing the CRFM” on February 4, 2002. It is an inter-governmental organization with its mission being “to promote and facilitate the responsible utilization of the region’s fisheries and other aquatic resources for the economic and social benefits of the current and future population of the region.”

The CRFM consists of three bodies: the Ministerial Council, the Caribbean Fisheries Forum and the CRFM Secretariat. Its members are Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Cayman Islands Stingray Awards winners announced

1 All awardees with cita president exec director deputy premier councilor hew and mcs gaetan and tammiThe Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) was pleased to host the prestigious, 12th Annual Cayman Stingray Tourism Awards at the Ritz-Carlton on June 23, 2015. This event is dedicated to recognizing and honouring the hard working men and women of the tourism industry here in the Cayman Islands. CITA provides an opportunity to honour those who go above and beyond their call of duty and let them know how much their efforts are appreciated. The best of the best gathered together to commend those that have excelled in the hospitality and tourism industry, and last night’s packed house was a reflection of how important this industry is to our Islands. The event welcomed a broad array of individuals from all sectors of Cayman’s tourism industry including Accommodations, Allied, Attractions and Transportation, Restaurants and Watersports. The awards were also graced with several government dignitaries including the Honourable Moses Kirkconnell., Councillor of Tourism Mr. Joseph Hew, Chief Officer for the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport Mr. Stran Bodden, as well as Mrs. Rosa Harris, Director of the Department of Tourism.

The evening began with a beautiful presentation of the National Song performed by Ms. Shameka Clarke followed by a blessing of the meal by Mr. Tim Adam, Cayman Islands Tourism Associations’ Board of Directors Secretary. The band Suite Elite played throughout the night adding their special talent to the excitement of the show, with Mr. Earl La Pierre on the Steel Pan, opening for the Welcome Reception. On stage was Gaetan Babin, Resort Director of the Wyndham Reef Resort and Board Member of CITA, and local TV personality Tammi Sulliman, who were the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening. The Keynote Speakers for the evening were Councillor, Joseph Hew from the Ministry of Tourism and the always stunning Miss Cayman Islands 2015, Tonie Chisholm. Both speakers touched on important issues involving tourism and Miss Tonie Chisholm noted the value of hard work and organizational skills, and the importance of team work that can be gained from a career in hospitality.

During the ceremony, over 50 nominees were presented with certificates by the Executive Committee of the CITA Board of Directors and Mr. Ken Hydes, President of CITA, who presented the beautiful glass Stingray Awards to the winners. Clemens Guettler, the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, presented the Restaurant certificates to nominees and Katherine Tatum, Cayman Islands Tourism Ambassador, presented the Rising Star nominees certificates. Locksley Haylock of The Westin presented the Rising Star Award and the Honourable Moses Kirkconnell presented several awards including the Long Service Award and Lifetime Achievement Award.

With so many talented nominees bringing something uniquely impressive to the table, the Nominations Committee had a difficult task determining the 2015 winners in each category. Below are the winners who were decided upon after serious consideration:

The winners of the 2015 Cayman Stingray Tourism Awards are as follows:


Manager — Shelly Ann Myrie — Silver Rain a La Prairie Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman

Employee — Fernando Yorke — Southern Cross Club


Manager — Joelle McCrae — Cayman Turtle Farm

Employee — Damion Francis — Majestic Tours


Manager — Carol Boulton — Rum Point Club

Employee — Juliet Bucknal — Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort


Manager — Sarah-Jane Whitehill — Red Sail Sports

Employee — Tony Chisholm — Seasports Diving

Long Service — Sadie Chollette — Plantana Condominiums

Rising Star — Sarah Hydes — Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Lifetime Achievement Award: Norberg Kelvin Thompson, Jr. — The Wyndham

Reef Resort/Century 21

CITA’s president Mr. Kenneth Hydes gave the welcoming remarks for the occasion. He mentioned that in his third year of being President of CITA, he is committed to praising the excellent service of the people within the Cayman Island’s hospitality industry. He further outlined that it is the excellent service of the people of these Islands who have encouraged repeat visitors and ensured consistent growth in arrivals.

CITA appreciates all of the support and contributions made to make this event possible especially: The Westin Grand Cayman Beach Resort for their Welcome Reception Sponsorship, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman for their Venue Sponsorship, Health City Cayman Islands for their General Sponsorship as well as Consolidated Water for sponsoring the Chocolate Creation chocolate stingray gifts given to all guests. Special thanks were bestowed as well to Premier Wines and Spirits, Whiskey Mist and Creations Unlimited for event photography. The CITA acknowledges the superb service of the Events team and AV individuals at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, outlining that their hard work and efforts made for an unforgettable night. CITA also expressed thanks to the Celebrations Ltd team who provided the gorgeous Bubble Wall backdrop for the evening bringing together the underwater feel and ambience of the event. The CITA would like to thank Gaetan Babin and Tammi Sulliman for their time and efforts as the gracious and entertaining MC’s for the event. Entertainers for the evening included Earl La Pierre on the Steel Pan during the Welcome Reception, and Suite Elite band.

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Cayman Islands Young Image Makers 2015 Winners announced!

unnamedFrom CNCF

Our Young Image Makers Short Film Competition of 2015 came to a close at the glitzy red carpet premiere at the Harquail Theatre on Friday 19 June as part of the CayFilm festival.

The finalists arrived in a limo provided by Grand Limousine Service and walked down the red carpet whilst having their photos taken by the ‘paparazzi’. Miss Cayman Islands 2014/15 Tonie Chisholm was also in attendance to congratulate our winners. The award ceremony was hosted by our very own CNCF cultural intern Nicole Crance.

unnamed-2All 15 films were shown on the big screen to a full audience before the announcement of the winners and presentation of prizes and gift bags. The winners for 2015 are:

School With Highest Number of Selected Entries (Joint Winners):
Cayman Prep & High School
Sir John A. Cumber Primary

People’s Choice Award
2nd Runner Up: Deija Myles for ‘Sea Into The Past’
1st Runner Up: Sherinold Matthews for ‘Acceptance’
WINNER: Alex Flores-Hernandez for ‘Beloved Isle, Cayman Brac’

Winner – Junior Category
2nd Runner Up: Sherinold Matthews for ‘Acceptance’
1st Runner Up: Aysha Ricketss for ‘The Confidence Way’
unnamed-1WINNER: Samuel Harding for ‘Possessed.com’

Winner – Senior Category
2nd Runner Up: John Tomlinson for ‘Return of Rebecca’
1st Runner Up: Kaleigh Thompson for ‘Sunday Routine’
WINNER: Ocean Costa for ‘Loss’

Prizes for the People’s Choice Award and Schools were donated by Nikon and the Cathy Church Photo Centre.

Our overall Winners Samuel Harding and Ocean Costa won a week each at the New York Film Academy courtesy of Cayman Islands Film Commission and DCI Cayman, which they will attend in July and August respectively.

In addition to our prize sponsors, we would like to thank Ministry of Health & Culture, Cayman Airways, and our partner, CayFilm, as well as our board, volunteers, Visual Arts Society unnamed-3(facepainting and art & craft were a hit at the Afterglow Party!), Erik ‘the Magician’ Hernandez, Celebrations, Blue Cilantro, Ragazzi, Cracked Conch, Hurley’s, Regal Cinemas, Deanna Look Loy, Michael Lemay, Tony & Jenn Mark, Judy Singh and Mari Abe.

All the Finalists films will be screened at the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase event in Cayman Brac at the Layman E.Scott High on Saturday 27 June at 7pm, as two of our finalists are students at this school.

If you would like to see all 15 films please visit our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/caymanculture. For a great selection of photos from the red carpet event, visit www.facebook.com/caymanculture.

We look forward to the 2016 Young Image Makers!


Join CNCF in remembering and discovering all the reasons we love arts and culture in the Cayman Islands! www.artscayman.org/cayfest

Miss Cayman Islands 2014/15 Tonie Chisholm & YIM Winner (Junior Category) Samuel Harding
Tony Mark (Director of CayFilm)
YIM Winner Ocean Costa (right) with family

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The Cost of Cruises: Planned Cayman Islands port would destroy coral reefs

80845521By Taylor Hill From Takepart

The Grand Cayman Island project could crush acres of delicate corals to make way for a cruise ship dock.

If you have to destroy the pristine reef systems that attract tourists to your island in the first place, is an expanded cruise ship port really worth it?

The government of Grand Cayman Island has proposed to build a $250 million berthing facility that would provide docking and direct shore access to as many as four cruise ships at once. That would be more convenient for passengers and crew than the current system, which requires large cruise ships to anchor offshore, and use smaller vessels to taxi passengers to and from the island.
But construction and dredging for the port would also damage or destroy acres of reefs and animal habitat, according to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, and take millions in tourism dollars along with them.

An environmental impact statement on the project was released on June 9. Around 15 acres of reef would be destroyed by the project, and another 15 to 20 negatively affected, according to the report. That’s bad news for the 26 unique coral species identified in the harbor, two of which are considered “critically endangered” and four as “threatened” under U.S. endangered species law.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.09.24 AM44That destruction could impact Georgetown Harbor’s snorkeling, scuba diving, boat tours, recreational fishing, and other marine activities that bring in about $19 million to $22 million a year to the country.

Courtney Platt, an underwater photographer and Cayman Islands resident, said that if the ships get shore access, the environmental problems don’t end with the completion of the expanded port—they only mark the beginning.

“As the ships come in to dock, their thrusters will kick up a muddy silt cloud that will persist for several hours, eliminating most of what might remain of the harbor’s reefs from their current employment as tourism attractions,” Platt said. “This will repeat as they leave in the afternoon.”

Cruise ship tourism is the lifeblood of Cayman Islands’ gross domestic product—more than 85 percent of tourists arrive by sea.

Last year, 1.6 million visitors came to the Cayman Islands via cruise ship, up from 1.3 million visitors in 2013.

Still, retail development owner Gerry Kirkconnell believes the number could fall below 1 million if the island does not give cruise ships direct shore access soon.

“It’s not that cruise tourism would stay where it is now. It is that it would fall, especially as other ports open up,” Kirkconnell told Cayman 27.
But for marine scientist Ellen Prager, the port proposal flies in the face of the country’s previous conservation work.

“Grand Cayman has progressively put in place policies to protect their natural resources—for instance protection for sharks and rays—and help sustain responsible tourism,” Prager said. “This plan seems to go against that.”

So, Why Should You Care?

Unless strong environmental protections are enforced, this port could bring huge environmental damages along with more cruise ships. In addition to the potential damage to local reefs, increased ship traffic could result in more air pollution to the island, and dumped sewage or spilled oil from the vessels could have much more devastating consequences if the ships are right on shore rather than anchored offshore.

“According to the cruise line industry, black and grey waters are discharged only when underway and not while in ports,” the environmental impact report stated. “These practices are difficult to monitor, thus making it challenging to confirm whether the companies are in compliance with stated industry policies or international regulations.”

The project so worries Platt, she’s started a petition to get Cayman Islands’ officials to reject the proposal and come up with other avenues to facilitate tourism.

“The long-term cost to the environment is too great for the relatively short-term gain,” Platt said. “It is a large section of a thousands-of-years-old reef structure located within our only marine park.”

George Town in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. (Photo: David Rogers/Getty Images)
(Illustration: Courtesy Baird)

For more on this story go to: http://www.takepart.com/article/2015/06/23/grand-cayman-cruise-port-crush-reef-pollution-tourists

See iNews Cayman story published June 10 2015 “Cayman Islands ES on cruise berthing facility – dive sites to be moved” at: http://www.ieyenews.com/wordpress/cayman-islands-es-on-cruise-berthing-facility-dive-sites-to-be-moved/

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Caribbean in Cannes: paving the way for new voices

Untitled-9_28From T&T Guardian
Nneka Luke, external relations director at the T&T Film Festival (TTFF), recently represented the TTFF at the world famous Cannes Film Festival. In Cannes, Luke met representatives from other Caribbean film bodies and she wrote this piece for the Screen Daily website on why Cannes showed there are reasons to be cheerful in the Caribbean.

Representatives from Guadeloupe, Martinique, T&T, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Cuba brought the blazing Caribbean sun to the Croisette for the 68th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival.

In the last ten years, efforts to establish more formalised film industries in several Caribbean countries have been gathering steam.

How? Through the creation of production incentives and activity to attract foreign productions (T&T, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, The Bahamas); the establishment or revival of film festivals (T&T, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Curaçao, Aruba, with new festivals in Jamaica and St Lucia in 2015); the creation of film degrees and workshops; and through the sheer will of talented Caribbean filmmakers to create interesting work with limited support.

While Cuba has been light-years ahead — hosting the largest and oldest film festival in the Caribbean through the Havana International Film Festival and already putting Cuban film on the world map — other countries in the region have suffered from many hindrances to progress.

But there are signs that the Caribbean is consolidating for greater success in the future.

The T&T Film Festival (TTFF) provides a platform for the development of Caribbean and diaspora filmmakers through an increasingly robust industry programme, while simultaneously developing local audience tastes for home-grown, Caribbean and world cinema.

At this year’s festival, which will run from September 15-29, the Caribbean Film Mart and Caribbean Film Database will be launched.

This is a timely and welcome development. Femi in Guadeloupe welcomes the French market every March to expose them to films from the French, English and Spanish Caribbean, while programming international festival and Oscar-winning hits to audiences across the island.

The Dominican Republic has invested heavily in the establishment of a big-budget-style industry on home soil, while travelling to festivals worldwide to promote their benefits and growing dominance in this area.

And in Curaçao they have benefitted from the professional experience and art house cachet of the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the creation of a festival there that not only screens international films, but also supports Caribbean filmmakers through a special award.

And while individual work continues, these and other countries are also acknowledging the value of pooling resources.

In the last two years, both the Caribbean Association Of Film Festivals and the Caribbean Association Of Film Commissioners have been formed. There have been ongoing visits to each other’s film festivals, resulting in closer professional relationships and better understanding of each other’s film landscapes.

The presence of the Caribbean in Cannes this year therefore felt like the right moment to externalise our intent to join forces.

I was there to promote TTFF, to unearth new opportunities for Caribbean filmmakers, to meet sales agents for films, to continue to extend the TTFF network and to meet potential guests for the tenth edition in September.

Priscilla Delannay of FEMI and Patricia Monpierre and Marie Claude Pernelle of APCAG—both from Guadeloupe—and Steve Zebina of Rencontres Cinéma from Martinique were there to see films and meet with partners and distributors.

The Dominican Republic, with film festival director Omar de La Cruz and Film Commissioner Yvette Marichal, hosted a stand in the International Village where they welcomed the world to explore the opportunities for producing films in their country.

Apart from these Caribbean film administrators, several Caribbean filmmakers also made their presence felt on the Croisette: Jil Servant and Maharaki from Martinique, Yanilis Perez and Natalia Cabral from the Dominican Republic, Claudia Calviño from Cuba and Adjani Salmon from Jamaica all took advantage of the opportunities in Cannes to shop and promote their projects.

While there is a lot of work to do in all these countries to establish successful, thriving and beneficial film industries, the signs are certainly heartening.

There is increasing understanding at government level of the importance and value of creative industries and private companies are beginning to see brand integration and support for local films as viable.

Furthermore our international network of support, encouragement and resources continues to expand and there is an emerging group of promising Caribbean filmmakers who will provide the stories and content that will put us on the world stage.

The future is indeed bright for Caribbean cinema.

• This blogpost was republished with the permission of Screen Daily, visit their website screendaily.com.

Nneka Luke, second from right, at the Cannes Film Festival with Priscilla Delannay, FEMI film festival; Patricia Monpierre, APCAG; Bahamian filmmaker and The Cinema series host Travolta Cooper. PHOTO: COURTESY SCREENDAILY/NNEKA LUKE

For more on this story go to: http://www.guardian.co.tt/lifestyle/2015-06-08/caribbean-cannes-paving-way-new-voices

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CIEF announces 2015 Cayman Islands champions

CIEF Membership at GTYC 2015By Pamela Fowler

On Saturday night, the membership of the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation (“CIEF”) met at the George Town Yacht Club to celebrate the winners of their dressage and jumping leagues for 2015.

About 100 people gathered to find out who had won the coveted Champion and Reserve Champion titles for the current season in the the National Dressage Championship and the National Jumping Series.

Veteran equestrian and President of Jamaica’s Equestrian Federation, Betty Wates, was in Cayman for the FEI Level 2 Coach Course taking place on island this week. She graciously agreed to present the awards to the winners, saying her heart was “full” to see so many riders competing in Cayman. She noted how much the Federation had grown during the many years she has been involved with equestrianism.

Notable among the award winners were Phoebe Serpell, who took home four awards, and Isabelle Smith and Amara Thompson, who each took home three awards. In addition, Jenna Boucher put in a solid performance over the course of the season and scooped the Champion ribbon in both the 0.7m and 0.85m jumping classes .

Newcomers to the awards this year were Kayla Godwin, Abbey Swartz, Eva Muspratt, Basil Humphries and Lea Rado, highlighting the growth and development of equestrian sport in Cayman over the past few years.

A full set of results can be found at www.ciefcay.com.

The CIEF’s final show of the season is this Sunday when Cayman’s top show jumpers compete in the FEI’s World Jumping Challenge, Category C, over fences at heights of 1.1m. There are three events to this competition, which are spread out over the course of the year. Cayman Riding School on Hirst Road in Savannah hosts Event 1 this Sunday 28th June at 8.15am. The World Jumping Challenge will be followed by an Olympic Day Handy Jumper for all levels of rider. Spectators are welcome and entry is free. Refreshments are available for purchase, including a BBQ lunch.

Photo credit due to Joanna Humphries

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Highland Therapeutics announces closing of US$50 Million financing

Highland-Therapeutics-LogoTORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Highland Therapeutics Inc. (“Highland”), a pharmaceutical company, today announced it has completed a US$50 million financing, consisting of a US$25 million offering of Class A Common Shares and a US$25 million credit facility provided by Citibank, N.A. The equity financing was led by Eastern Capital Limited.

“This financing is a testament to the many clinical accomplishments achieved to date, and enables the Company to pivot from a pure R&D organization to a scalable pharmaceutical company focused on the highest value components of our business.”

“We are delighted to have Eastern Capital as a committed partner and long-term strategic investor in Highland Therapeutics,” said David Lickrish, Highland’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This financing is a testament to the many clinical accomplishments achieved to date, and enables the Company to pivot from a pure R&D organization to a scalable pharmaceutical company focused on the highest value components of our business.”

Mark VanDevelde, Director of Eastern Capital commented that, “The partnership between Highland Therapeutics and Eastern Capital provides a unique opportunity to bring long-term, private equity capital and visionary operating leadership together for the benefit of patients, parents and physicians. Eastern Capital is delighted to support emerging biopharmaceutical companies both around the world and at home here in the Cayman Islands.”

The proceeds from the financing will provide, among other things, the necessary resources for Highland, through its wholly owned subsidiary Ironshore Pharmaceuticals & Development, Inc. to (i) complete the clinical development of both HLD-200 (a next-generation formulation of methylphenidate) and HLD-100 (next-generation formulation of amphetamine), (ii) secure dedicated manufacturing capacity to ensure certainty of commercial supply for the Company’s products, (iii) initiate the building of a world-class sales & marketing infrastructure in the U.S., (iv) engage in pre-marketing initiatives and medical education activities and (v) pursue pipeline expansion opportunities, including the potential utility of HLD-100 in Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and other indications.

Dr. Bev Incledon, Senior Vice President of Research & Development said, “As an organization, we are committed to developing several therapeutic options to help improve the lives of patients and their families. Our lead products address the gap in coverage that exists with current stimulant medications and have the potential to change treatment paradigms in ADHD.”

About Eastern Capital Limited
Eastern Capital Limited is a Cayman Islands-based company with a history of investment in the life sciences. Eastern Capital Limited is indirectly owned by Kenneth Dart, former President of Dart Container Corporation and developer of Camana Bay, a mixed-use, real estate development and town center following the new urbanism architectural and design movement. Camana Bay is located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

About Highland Therapeutics Inc.
Highland Therapeutics Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company that, through its wholly owned subsidiary Ironshore Pharmaceuticals & Development, Inc., is leveraging its proprietary technology, DELEXIS®, to optimize the delivery of previously approved drug products. The Company’s lead product candidates, HLD-200 and HLD-100, are novel formulations of the psychostimulants (methylphenidate and amphetamine, respectively) used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and are being developed to address a prevalent unmet medical need in the treatment of the disease – inadequate symptom control during the morning routine. Intended for nighttime dosing, DELEXIS® is designed to provide a consistent delay in the initial release of the active drug, followed by a period of extended release; with the objective of providing control of ADHD symptoms immediately upon wakening and throughout the day.

Highland Therapeutics Inc. is a client of MaRS Discovery District’s Health Venture Services group, which provides advisory services, connections to talent, customer & capital networks, and market intelligence to high-impact, Ontario-based life sciences ventures, helping them commercialize their ideas and build globally competitive companies.

For further information, please visit the Company’s website at www.highlandtherapeutics.com

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains forward-looking information, which reflects Highland’s current expectations regarding future events. Forward-looking information is based on a number of assumptions and is subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond Highland’s control that could cause actual results and events to differ materially from those that are disclosed in or implied by such forward-looking information. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this press release and, except as expressly required by applicable law, Highland assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Highland Therapeutics Inc.
Nelson F. Isabel, 647-260-7875
Chief Financial Officer

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Cayman Islands drama society announce upcoming events at The Prospect Playhouse

unnamed-1From Cayman Drama Society
Friday JUNE 26TH, 2015
Doors open at 8:00PM for Happy Hour
at The Prospect Playhouse
Join us for CDS’ first Social event of the year!
Props will be on sale and funds raised will go toward our youth programmes!

JULY 18, 2015


Participants of the Script to Stage courses invite you to a night of theatre at the Prospect Playhouse

The 13-18 year olds will be performing

Twelve Angry WoMen

By Reginald Rose


Selected scenes and monologues performed by the adult evening class participants

Like us on Facebook
For more information www.cds.ky
Do you love the theatre? Would you love to take to the stage or would you prefer to take the reigns behind the curtain?
Whatever your passions why not become a member of the
Tell your friends about the exciting ways they can become involved with the theatre.
CDS and the Prospect Playhouse welcomes you!
Click here for our new membership form at: http://www.cds.ky/membership.htm

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CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Final 23-player rosters announced

201502112008472015_CONCACAF_Gold_CupJuly 7 kickoff in Dallas nears at sold-out Toyota Stadium

Miami (Tuesday, June 22, 2015) – The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) made public today the official final rosters submitted by the 12 Participating Member Associations for the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015, to be played from July 7-26 in 13 cities across the U.S. and Canada.

In line with the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Regulations, the rosters published today come entirely from the original 35-player provisional rosters emitted earlier this month.

To access the list of final rosters as submitted by the Member Associations for the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015, please visit this link. Per regulation, following the group stage and before the quarterfinals each national team will be permitted to make up to six replacements to its 23-player list. Teams may also make replacements to the 23-player roster up to 24 hours before the kickoff of their initial match, in case of documented injury. All replacements must come from the provisional 35-player list emitted earlier this month.

United States is the defending champion of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Along with the 2013 title, the U.S. secured half a ticket to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. The Americans could clinch a berth in that intercontinental competition by defending their title in 2015. If the champion of the 2015 Gold Cup is any team other than the United States, that team will qualify for a playoff match against the U.S. to decide which CONCACAF national team will represent the region in the next Confederations Cup.

The twelve national teams qualified for this year’s tournament are, in alphabetical order: Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and the United States.

Taking place every two years, the Gold Cup has established itself as the region’s most popular national team tournament. Featuring the Confederation’s best players from 12 top nations, the competition routinely draws capacity crowds and millions of television viewers across the region and around the world.

Tickets to the Gold Cup matches are available by visiting www.GoldCup.org. To view and download the complete 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup schedule, visit this link.

Returning for the 2015 edition of the Gold Cup are long-time CONCACAF broadcast partners FOX and Univision, which hold the U.S. television rights in English and Spanish, respectively, along with radio broadcast partner Futbol de Primera.

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Final 23-Player Rosters

GK – Lars Hirschfeld (Valerenga/Norway); Quillan Roberts (Toronto FC/Canada); Kenny Stamatopoulos (AIK/Sweden)

DF – Andre Hainault (VfR Aalen/Germany); Dejan Jakovic (Shimizu S-Pulse/Japan); Nikolas Ledgerwood (Energie Cottbus/Germany); Ashtone Morgan (Toronto FC/Canada); Karl W. Ouimette (New York Red Bulls/USA); Adam Straith (Fredrikstad/Norway)

MF – Tesho Akindele (FC Dallas/USA); Kyle Bekker (FC Dallas/USA); Julian de Guzman (Ottawa Fury/Canada); Marcel de Jong (Sporting Kansas City/USA); David Edgar (Birmingham City/England); Jonathan Osorio (Toronto FC/Canada); Pedro Pacheco (Santa Clara/Portugal); Samuel Piette (Deportivo La Coruña/Spain); Tosaint Ricketts (Hapoel Haifa/Israel); Russell Teibert (Vancouver Whitecaps/Canada); Maxim Tissot (Impact de Montreal/Canada)

FW – Marcus Haber (Crewe Alexandra/England); Simeon Jackson (Coventry City/England); Cyle Larin (Orlando City SC/USA);

GK – Esteban Alvarado (Unattached); Dany Carvajal (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Patrick Pemberton (Alajuelense/Costa Rica)

DF – Keyner Brown (Herediano/Costa Rica); Francisco Calvo (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Junior Diaz (FSV Mainz 05/Germany); Christian Gamboa (West Bromwich Albion/England); Giancarlo Gonzalez (Palermo/Italy); Roy Miller (New York Red Bulls/USA); Dave Myrie (Herediano/Costa Rica); Michael Umaña (Persepolis FC/Iran)

MF – Elias Aguilar (Herediano/Costa Rica); Marvin Angulo (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Celso Borges (Deportivo La Coruña/Spain); Jose Miguel Cubero (Blackpool FC/England); David Guzman (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Bryan Ruiz (Fulham FC/England); Deyver Vega (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Johan Venegas (Alajuelense/Costa Rica)

FW – Joel Campbell (Arsenal FC/England); Jonathan McDonald (Alajuelense/Costa Rica); David Ramirez (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Alvaro Saborio (Real Salt Lake/USA);

GK – Arael Arguellez (Cienfuegos/Cuba); Diosvelis Guerra (Artemisa/Cuba); Sandy Sanchez (Las Tunas/Cuba)

DF – Jorge Luis Clavelo (Villa Clara/Cuba); Jorge Luis Corrales (Pinal Del Rio/Cuba); Adrian Diz Pe (La Habana/Cuba); Hanier Dranguet (Guantanamo/Cuba); Angel Horta (Camaguey/Cuba); Yasmany Lopez (Ciego De Avila/Cuba); Yenier Marquez Molina (Villa Clara/Cuba); Yaisnier Napoles (Camaguey/Cuba); Andy Vaquero (La Habana/Cuba);

MF – Alain Cervantes (Ciego De Avila/Cuba); Alberto Gomez (Guantanamo/Cuba); Felix Guerra (Granma/Cuba); Aricheel Hernandez (Villa Clara/Cuba);Daniel Luis (La Habana/Cuba); Ariel Martinez (F.C. Sancti Spiritus/Cuba); Liban Dairon Perez (Camaguey/Cuba); Dario Suarez (La Habana/Cuba);

FW – Armando Coroneaux (Camaguey/Cuba); Keiler Garcia (Camaguey/Cuba); Maikel Reyes (Pinar Del Rio/Cuba)

GK – Oscar Arroyo (Alianza/El Salvador); Derby Carrillo (Santa Tecla/El Salvador); Luis Contreras (FAS/El Salvador)

DF – Moises Xavier Garcia (FAS/El Salvador); Alexander Larin (Herediano/Costa Rica); Alexander Mendoza (FAS/El Salvador); Milton Molina (Isidro Metapan/El Salvador); Henry Romero (Aguila/El Salvador); Danny Torres (Alianza/El Salvador)

MF – Jaime Alas (Municipal/Guatemala); Arturo Alvarez (Videoton/Hungary); Darwin Ceren (Orlando City SC/USA); Dustin Corea (FAS/El Salvador); Andres Flores (New York Cosmos/USA); Jairo Henriquez (FAS/El Salvador); William Maldonado (Santa Tecla/El Salvador); Richard Menjivar (Tampa Bay Rowdies/USA); Narciso Orellana (Isidro Metapan/El Salvador); Pablo Punyed (Stjarnan/Iceland); Raul Renderos (FAS/El Salvador)

FW – Nelson Bonilla (Viitorul Constanta/Romania); Rafael Burgos (Fredriskstad/Norway); Irvin Herrera (Santa Tecla/El Salvador)

GK – Steward Ceus (Atlanta Silverbacks/USA); Jaafson Orgine (Don Bosco/Haiti); Johny Placide (Stade de Reims/France)

DF – Judelin Aveska (Gimnasia de Jujuy/Argentina); Frantz Bertin (Aiginiakos FC/Greece); Reginal Goreux (FC Rostov/Russia); Bitielo Jean Jacques (Kraze United/USA); Kim Jaggy (FC Aarau/Switzerland); Mechack Jerome (Charlotte Independence/USA); Kevin Lafrance (Miedź Legnica/Poland); Jean Jacques Pierre (SCO Angers/France)

MF – Jean Sony Alcenat (Petrolul Ploiesti/Romania); Jean-Marc Alexandre (Negeri Sembilan/Malaysia); Wilde-Donald Guerrier (Wisla Krakow/Poland); Jeff Louis (Standard Liege/Belgium); James Marcelin (Fort Lauderdale Strikers/USA); Pascal Millien (Jacksonville Armada FC/USA); Soni Mustivar (Sporting Kansas City/USA); Sony Norde (Mohun Bagan/India); Sebastien Thuriere (Charleston Battery/USA)

FW – Kervens Belfort (Ethnikos Achnas/Cyprus); Jean Eudes Maurice (Nea Salamis Famagusta/Cyprus); Duckens Nazon (Stade Lavallois/France)

GK – Donis Escober (Olimpia/Honduras); Luis Lopez (Real España/Honduras); Noel Valladares (Olimpia/Honduras)

DF – Ever Alvarado (Olimpia/Honduras); Brayan Beckeles (Boavista/Portugal); Wilmer Crisanto (Motagua/Honduras); Maynor Figueroa (Unattached); Henry Figueroa (Motagua/Honduras); Bryan Garcia (Vida/Honduras); Johnny Leveron (Marathon/Honduras); Johnny Palacios (Olimpia/Honduras)

MF – Bryan Acosta (Real España/Honduras); Jorge Claros (Qingdao Jonoon/China); Carlos Discua (Motagua/Honduras); Oscar Boniek Garcia (Houston Dynamo/USA); Mario Martinez (Real España/Honduras); Alfredo Mejia (Panthrakikos FC/Greece); Andy Najar (Anderlecht/Belgium); Romell Quioto (Olimpia/Honduras)

FW – Erick Andino (Victoria/Honduras); Rubilio Castillo (Motagua/Honduras); Eddie Hernandez (Motagua/Honduras); Antony Lozano (Olimpia/Honduras)

GK – Victor Ayala (Antigua GFC/Guatemala); Ricardo Jerez (Alianza Petrol/Colombia); Paulo Motta (Municipal/Guatemala)

DF – Carlos Castrillo (Comunicaciones, Guatemala/Guatemala); Stefano Cincotta (Chemnitzer/Germany); Moises Hernandez (FC Dallas/USA); Wilson Lalin (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Deniss Lopez (Municipal/Guatemala); Ruben Morales (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Elias Enoc Vasquez (Real Salt Lake/USA)

MF – Jorge Aparicio (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Gerardo Arias (Petapa/Guatemala); Jose Contreras (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Carlos Figueroa (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Kendel Herrarte (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Brandon De Leon (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Jonathan Marquez (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Carlos Mejia (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Marco Pappa (Seattle Sounders/USA);

FW – Jairo Arreola (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Edgar Chinchilla (Antigua GFC/Guatemala); Minor Lopez (Atlético CP/Portugal); Carlos Ruiz (Municipal/Guatemala)

GK –Andre Blake (Philadelphia Union/USA); Dwayne Miller (Syrianska/Sweden); Ryan Thompson (Pittsburgh Riverhounds/USA)

DF – Michael Hector (Reading/England); Lance Laing (FC Edmonton/Canada); Kemar Lawrence (New York Red Bulls/USA); Adrian Mariappa (Crystal Palace/England); Wes Morgan (Leicester City/England); Demar Phillips (Real Salt Lake/USA); Alvas Powell (Portland Timbers/USA); Jermaine Taylor (Houston Dynamo/USA)

MF – Rodolph Austin (Unattached); Simon Dawkins (Derby County/England); Joel Grant (Yeovil Town/England); Christopher Humphrey (Preston North End/England); Joel McAnuff (Leyton Orient/England); Garath McCleary (Reading/England); Je-Vaughn Watson (FC Dallas/USA)

FW – Giles Barnes (Houston Dynamo/USA); Andre Clennon (Arnett Gardens/Jamaica); Darren Mattocks (Vancouver Whitecaps/Canada); Allan Ottey (Montego Bay United/Jamaica); Michael Seaton (Orebro/Sweden)

GK – Moises Muñoz (Club America/Mexico); Guillermo Ochoa (Malaga/Spain); Jonathan Orozco (Monterrey/Mexico)

DF – Paul Aguilar (Club America/Mexico); Yasser Corona (Queretaro/Mexico); Miguel Herrera (Pachuca/Mexico); Miguel Layun (Watford/England); Hector Moreno (Espanyol/Spain); Diego Reyes (Porto/Portugal); Francisco Javier Rodriguez (Cruz Azul/Mexico)

MF – Jonathan Dos Santos (Villarreal/Spain); Jesús Dueñas (Tigres/Mexico); Andres Guardado (PSV Eindhoven/Netherlands); Hector Herrera (Porto/Portugal); Antonio Rios (Toluca/Mexico); Jorge Torres Nilo (Tigres/Mexico); Jose Juan Vazquez (Leon/Mexico)

FW – Jesus Corona (FC Twente/Netherlands); Giovani Dos Santos (Villarreal/Spain); Carlos Esquivel (Toluca/Mexico); Javier Hernandez (Real Madrid/Spain); Oribe Peralta (Club America/Mexico); Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad/Spain)

GK – Jose Calderon (Coatepeque/Guatemala); Luis Mejia (CA Fenix/Uruguay); Jaime Penedo (LA Galaxy/USA)

DF – Harold Cummings (Independiente Santa Fe/Colombia); Erick Davis (Sporting San Miguelito/Panama); Luis Henriquez (Lech Poznan/Poland); Adolfo Machado (Saprissa/Costa Rica); Angel Patrick (Arabe Unido/Panama); Roman Torres (Millonarios/Colombia)

MF – Miguel Camargo (Chorrillo FC/Panama); Armando Cooper (FC St. Pauli/Germany); Anibal Godoy (Budapest Honved/Hungary); Gabriel Gomez (Herediano/Costa Rica); Valentin Pimentel (Plaza Amador/Panama); Darwin Pinzon (Sporting San Miguelito/Panama); Alberto Quintero (Lobos BUAP/MEX); Alfredo Stephens (Chorrillo FC/Panama);

FW – Abdiel Arroyo (Arabe Unido/Panama); Rolando Blackburn (Comunicaciones/Guatemala); Roberto Nurse (Dorados Sinaloa/Mexico); Blas Perez (FC Dallas/USA); Luis Tejada (Juan Aurich/Peru); Gabriel Torres (Colorado Rapids/USA);

GK – Adrian Foncette (Police FC/Trinidad & Tobago); Marvin Phillip (Point Fortin Civic/Trinidad & Tobago); Jan-Michael Williams (Central FC/Trinidad & Tobago)

DF – Radanfah Abu Bakr (HB Koge/Denmark); Sheldon Bateau (KV Mechelen/Belgium); Daneil Cyrus (Ha Noi T&T/Vietnam); Aubrey David (Shakhter Karagandy /Kazakhstan); Yohance Marshall (Juventud Independiente/El Salvador); Mekeil Williams (DirecTV W Connection/Trinidad & Tobago)

MF – Andre Boucaud (Dagenham & Redbridge/England); Cordell Cato (San Jose Earthquakes/USA); Keron Cummings (North East Stars/Trinidad & Tobago); Kevan George (Columbus Crew/USA); Khaleem Hyland (Genk/Belgium); Dwane James (North East Stars/Trinidad & Tobago); Joevin Jones (Chicago Fire/USA); Lester Peltier (Slovan Bratislava/Slovakia)

FW – Kadeem Corbin (St. Ann Rangers/Trinidad & Tobago); Jonathan Glenn (IBV/Iceland); Atualla Guerra (Central FC/Trinidad & Tobago); Kenwyne Jones (Cardiff City/Wales); Willis Plaza (Central FC/Trinidad & Tobago);Rundell Winchester (Portland Timbers 2/USA);

GK – Brad Guzan (Aston Villa/England); Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake/USA); William Yarbrough (Leon/Mexico)

DF – Ventura Alvarado (Club America/Mexico); John Brooks (Hertha Berlin/Germany); Timmy Chandler (Eintracht Frankfurt/Germany); Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders/USA); Omar Gonzalez (LA Galaxy/USA);
Fabian Johnson (Borussia Mönchengladbach/Germany); Tim Ream (Bolton Wanderers/England)

MF – Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake/USA); Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes/France); Michael Bradley (Toronto FC/Canada); Brad Davis (Houston Dynamo/USA); Mix Diskerud (New York City FC/USA); Alfredo Morales (Inglostadt 04/Germany); DeAndre Yedlin (Tottenham Hotspur/England); Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy/USA); Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City/USA);

FW – Jozy Altidore (Toronto FC/Canada); Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders/USA); Aron Johannsson (AZ Alkmaar/Netherlands); Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes/USA)

2015 CONCACAF GOLD CUP Groups (In order of Group Position)

GROUP A: USA, Panama, Haiti, Honduras
GROUP B: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Canada, Jamaica
GROUP C: Mexico, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba


To view the complete 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup schedule, visit this link.

July 7, 2015
Toyota Stadium (Dallas, TX)
5:00 PM Panama vs. Haiti (FOX Sports 2/UDN)
7:30 PM USA vs. Honduras (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)

July 8, 2015
StubHub Center (Los Angeles, CA)
8:00 PM Costa Rica vs. Jamaica (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)
10:30 PM El Salvador vs. Canada (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)

July 9, 2015
Soldier Field (Chicago, IL)
7:00 PM Trinidad and Tobago vs. Guatemala (FOX Sports 2/UDN)
9:30 PM Mexico vs. Cuba (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)

July 10, 2015
Gillette Stadium (Boston, MA)
6:00 PM Honduras vs. Panama (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)
8:30 PM USA vs. Haiti (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)

July 11, 2015
BBVA Compass Stadium (Houston, TX)
6:30 PM Jamaica vs. Canada (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)
9:00 PM Costa Rica vs. El Salvador (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)

July 12, 2015
University of Phoenix Stadium (Phoenix, AZ)
6:30 PM Trinidad and Tobago vs. Cuba (FOX Sports 2/UDN)
9:00 PM Guatemala vs. Mexico (FOX Sports 2/Univisión)

July 13, 2015
Sporting Park (Kansas City, MO)
7:00 PM Haiti vs. Honduras (FOX Sports 1/ UniMás)
9:30 PM Panama vs. United States (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)

July 14, 2015
BMO Field (Toronto, CAN)
6:00 PM Jamaica vs. El Salvador (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)
8:30 PM Canada vs. Costa Rica (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)

July 15, 2015
Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)
6:00 PM Cuba vs. Guatemala (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)
8:30 PM Mexico vs. Trinidad and Tobago (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)

July 18, 2015
M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore, MD)
5:00 PM & 8:00 PM
1A vs. 3B/C* (FOX/Univisión)
2A vs. 1B*(FOX Sports 2/Univisión)

July 19, 2015
Met Life Stadium (New York, NY)
4:30 PM & 7:30 PM
1C-3A/B*(FOX Sports 1/Univisión)
2C-2B*(FOX Sports 1/Univisión)

July 22, 2015
Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)
6:00 PM SF 1* (FOX Sports 1/UniMás)
9:00 PM SF 2* (FOX Sports 2/UniMás)

July 25, 2015
PPL Park (Philadelphia, PA)
4:00 PM 3rd Place (FOX Sports 2/Univisión)

July 26, 2015
Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)
7:30 PM Championship Final (FOX Sports 1/Univisión)

CONCACAF “The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football” is one of six continental confederations of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and serves as the governing body of football in this part of the world. It is composed of 41 national associations, from Canada in the north to Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana in the south. For more information please visit www.concacaf.com.

About the CONCACAF Gold Cup
The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the national team championship for the confederation’s 41 members. Taking place every two years, the event has attained exceptional levels of popularity, routinely drawing capacity crowds and millions of TV viewers throughout the world. If other than 2013 Gold Cup Champion USA, the champion of the 2015 Gold Cup will earn half a ticket to the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, facing the USA in a single-game playoff for the right to represent CONCACAF in that FIFA competition.

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