May 1, 2016

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Cayman Islands Football Association announces Extraordinary Congress

CIFA_Logo_JPEG-smaller_400x400Release from CIFA to all CIFA members

27 April 2016

Dear CIFA Members,

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Cayman Islands Football Association (“CIFA”), I am pleased to announce that the CIFA Extraordinary Congress will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, 28 May 2016, at the George Town, Town Hall.

The agenda for the CIFA Extraordinary Congress is as follows:

1. Election for President
2. Election for Deputy General Secretary
3. Update on Financial Matters
a. Update on the 2014 audit
b. Review of the 2015 Income and Expenses Report
c. Adoption of Register of Interest Policy and Procedures

The Agenda, 2015 Income and Expenses Report and Register of Interest Policy and Procedures will be available for collection at the CIFA office from Friday, 13
May 2016.

As there is a vacancy for the position of President and for the position of Deputy General Secretary, please note per Article 10.4 of the Articles of Association of the CIFA (the “Articles”), nominations for the office of President and for Deputy General Secretary must reach the CIFA Acting General Secretary at least seven (7) days before the date of the Extraordinary Congress (before Friday, 20 May

The nominee must be a ‘bonafide’ delegate of one of the member group or club. He/she must make this known to the officers and members at least three (3) days before the date of the Extraordinary Congress at which the officer is to be elected (I.e. Wednesday, 25 May 2016).

Also note that per Article 10.6 and Article 10.7, all nominations must have two (2)
proposers and two (2) seconders and must be agreed upon by the nominee. The

two proposers should be different from the two seconders. Only full members of the CIFA and the CIFA Executive Committee are entitled to make nominations.

All nominations will be communicated to the membership and the CIFA Executive Committee at least three (3) days before the date of the Extraordinary Congress at which officer is to be elected –i.e. before Wednesday, 25 May 2016.

Per Article 11.1, the persons entitled to vote at the Extraordinary Congress are the Full Members and Associate Members of the CIFA. Per Article 11.2.1, each member has one vote in the Extraordinary Congress and is represented by its delegates. Only the members present are entitled to vote. Voting by proxy or by letter is not permitted. Per Article 11.2.2, delegates at the Extraordinary Congress must belong to the member club that they represent and be appointed by the appropriate body of that member club.

Please note that, per Article 9.2, the name of the voting delegate from each Member must be sent on the member’s stationary (club’s official letterhead) from the member’s president or general secretary to the CIFA Acting General Secretary before the opening of the Extraordinary Congress.

Each member club shall submit to the CIFA office, on club official letterhead, the names of the two (2) representatives of the member club that will be attending the Extraordinary Congress. One of these representatives shall be identified as the representative duly authorised by the member club to vote at the Extraordinary Congress. Each of the two representatives shall be duly registered with the respective member club and a member in good standing with the member club and with the CIFA.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (at if you have any questions or require additional information.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Blake
Acting President

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Circular no. 0050
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

22 September 2015

Dear Members,

RE: Audit and Compliance Committee

The Executive Committee of the Cayman Islands Football Association (“CIFA”) wishes to appointment a five member Audit and Compliance Committee, which shall be responsible for ensuring the completeness and reliability of the financial accounting and review the external auditors’ report at the request of the Executive Committee.

Members are asked to submit names of independent persons to serve on the Audit and Compliance Committee. Suitable candidates should possess an accountant, finance or legal background.

Submissions should be made by Friday, 9th October 2015, to Yours sincerely,

Bruce Blake
Acting President



Circular no. 0055
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

30 September 2015

Dear Members,

RE: Revised Draft CIFA Constitution

CIFA will be establishing a five member Statutes and Regulations Committee to review and provide feedback on the revised draft CIFA constitution. The committee will also be responsible for liaising with the membership to obtain input.

Members are asked to submit names of independent persons to serve on the Statutes and
Regulations Committee. Suitable candidates should possess a legal background. Submissions should be made by Friday, 16th October 2015, to Yours sincerely,

Bruce Blake
Acting President

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Global Counsel Awards 2016: Shortlist announced

PhotoGuidcb1de9b0-441b-4922-8622-9ae468b1ccd0-1024x683Lexology and the International Law Office (ILO) are delighted to announce the shortlist for the 10th annual Global Counsel Awards in association with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).

With the help of the ACC, we have conducted in-depth analysis of in-house lawyers and legal departments worldwide. More than 4,500 individual nominations from corporate counsel and law firm partners globally make the awards unique in clearly identifying those in-house counsel, both teams and individuals, who excel in their specific roles.

The full shortlist is shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.20.47 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.21.43 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.22.01 PM

The winners will be announced at a gala dinner and awards ceremony to be held in New York on Thursday June 9 2016.

This year, building on the success of the awards, Lexology and ILO will host the sixth Corporate Counsel Congress on the same day. The event is open to all in-house counsel and delegates are able to attend the gala dinner.

Bringing together in-house counsel acting for multinationals across the globe, the Corporate Counsel Congress is the principal annual forum for lawyers to exchange ideas on risk management and share departmental best-practice know-how. To view the full agenda for the congress, please click here:


About the ACC
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is a global legal association that promotes the common professional and business interests of in-house counsel who work for corporations, associations and other private-sector organisations through information, education, networking opportunities and advocacy initiatives. With more than 40,000 members in 85 countries, employed by over 10,000 organisations, ACC connects its members to the people and resources necessary for both personal and professional growth – By in-house counsel, for in-house counsel.® For more information, visit and follow ACC on Twitter: @ACCinhouse.

About ILO
Launched in 1998, ILO is the nexus where global corporate counsel engage with the world’s pre-eminent law firms, and each other.

The ILO brand encompasses:

A multifaceted online resource for senior international corporate counsel, which provides tailored, quality-assured updates on global legal developments, a database of the world’s major deals and the legal advisers involved, and a comprehensive directory of firms and partners.

A global awards programme that identifies in-house corporate counsel, both teams and individuals, who excel in their specific roles. The awards culminate each year in four of the largest annual gatherings of senior corporate counsel, with prestigious ceremonies in Hong Kong, Latin America, London and New York.

An international congress for in-house counsel that encourages the sharing of expertise and experience across borders, allowing attendees to exchange knowledge and insight with high-profile speakers including general counsel at multinationals and regulators.

Recognising its unique relationship with global corporate counsel, many of the world’s premier associations have chosen to partner with ILO.

About Lexology
Launched in 2007, Lexology is a daily newsfeed of law firm client alerts, articles and blogs delivered to the desktops of senior business lawyers worldwide. Lexology has built a unique audience of over 260,000 subscribers, over 60% of whom are in-house corporate counsel representing the vast majority of Fortune 500, FT Global 500 and FT Euro 500 companies – including all members of the Association of Corporate Counsel.

About the Global Counsel Awards
In January 2007 ILO, in association with the ACC, launched the Global Counsel Awards to uniquely recognise the excellent work done by corporate in-house legal teams and individuals. The primary aim is to reward lawyers for demonstrable achievements across the full spectrum of in-house responsibility, and not simply those who have acted on high-profile transactions. Winners will have performed above and beyond the usual requirements of their profession and position. The research team will focus on criteria such as effective communication, legal understanding, commercial awareness, depth and strength of team, and management skills, in addition to any significant projects or transactions. While based on thorough and coherent research, the results will remain the subjective views of the research team.

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Cayman Islands LA: Premier tables Annual Report on Mental Health Commission

Prem Alden McLaughlinTabling the Annual Report on the Mental Health Commission for the year 2015

By Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP, MLA

April 2016

Madam Speaker, in accordance with Section 8 (a) of the Mental Health Commission Law, 2013, I am pleased today to place before this Honourable House the Annual Report of the Mental Health Commission for the calendar year 2015.

Madam Speaker, the Mental Health Commission was established in January 2014 under the Mental Health Commission Law, 2013. Madam Speaker, the members of the Mental Health Commission are as follows:

Dr Marc Lockhart                    Chair

Dr Taylor Burrowes                 Deputy Chair

Olivaire Watler                         Deputy Chair

Julene Banks                             Member

Kimberly Voaden                      Member

Faylene Ebanks-Suckoo          Member

Pastor Dale Forbes                   Member

Dr Enoka Richens                     Member

Vanessa Gilman                         Member

Madam Speaker, the members are stakeholders from various sectors representing legal, health care practitioners with training in mental health, and advocates/laypersons.

Madam Speaker, the functions of the Mental Health Commission are divided into three sections

The quasi-judicial section is set up to hear and determine appeals under various sections of the Law and conduct reviews where a patient has been detained and released under an emergency detention order three or more times in 30 days.

The recommendations to the Health Practice Commission and Councils section includes submitting an annual report to the Minister with responsibility for health, reviewing and advising on scopes of practice and codes of ethics for practitioners, providing policy advice to the relevant registering Councils and advising the Health Practice Commission regarding mental health facilities, medical research, and clinical trials in mental health.

The general functions section includes the following:

  • Obtain and compile statistics on mental health
  • Oversee and deliver mental health training for constables, prison officers and any other persons expected to deal with mental health patients in the performance of their functions
  • Approve a list of overseas mental health facilities
  • Research and establish protocols and guidelines for mental health advocacy and approve persons to act as advocates
  • Establish and maintain a programme that provides information to the general public concerning mental illness and co-occurring disorders and related conditions
  • Review the progress of patients transferred overseas
  • Review every six months the progress of remand prisoners deemed unfit to plead and submit it to the Chief Officer, Judicial Administration
  • Give policy advice to the Minister responsible for health on any aspect of the local mental health system


Madam Speaker, I will now speak to the contents of the report:

Mental health services are delivered through the Health Services Authority, local private facilities, and mental health care facilities located overseas.

The Behavioural Health and Psychiatric Unit, which was formerly Mental Health Unit, at the Health Services Authority is an eight bed unit that was designed as an adult facility for acute care of patients suffering from serious mental illnesses. There is also a facility providing treatment for patients suffering from alcohol and substance abuse, while Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service accommodates mentally ill persons who have been incarcerated.

There is no inpatient facility for children and adolescents, but if necessary they are admitted to the unit, where they are treated. Madam Speaker, as stated in the first report of the Mental Health Commission last year, there is an adequate number of mental health practitioners employed in public and private sectors; however, the distribution of practitioners among the three Islands is disproportionate as there is no psychiatrist, psychologist or occupational therapist present on the Sister Islands. Madam Speaker, we are committed to improving our outpatient services so that the care that is needed is accessible in a timely manner to all.

Madam Speaker, as you may be aware in February 2015, Cabinet granted approval of the Policy Guidance for the development of a Long-Term Residential Mental Health Facility. This document outlines the broad policy direction to be followed by the steering committee, which was charged with the procurement process for the development of the facility.

Subsequently, the Strategic Outline Case was finalised and a request for proposals was advertised. Madam Speaker, the successful bidder was KPMG, which was awarded the contract in October 2015 to prepare an Outline Business Case for a proposed Long-Term Residential Mental Health Facility.

Madam Speaker, the training on the mental health legislation provided by the Mental Health Commission has been in high demand. Madam Speaker, you may recall that in 2014 the Mental Health Commission provided two training sessions; in 2015 Madam Speaker, the Mental Health Commission conducted six training sessions – to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Department of Community Rehabilitation, Prison Services, staff of the Health Services Authority including members of the support group and the community, and the Department of Education Services allied health professionals/specialists teachers. Madam Speaker, training sessions will continue on a regular basis in 2016.

Madam Speaker, it is a requirement under the Mental Health Law, 2013, for all detention forms to be sent to the Secretary of the Mental Health Commission for storage and filing. The forms are reviewed by the secretary to determine whether the members of the Mental Health Commission need to be notified of any outstanding issues or observations. Madam Speaker, for the year 2015 there were 43 patients admitted for various types and degrees of mental illness, with over 75 detention forms received. During this period no request for an appeal was received by the Commission.

Madam Speaker, in order to assist the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service with understanding their roles and responsibilities under the mental health legislation, the Mental Health Commission developed a one page flyer that can be distributed among the three Islands. Madam Speaker, the flyer was officially hander over by the Chief Officer and the Chair of the Mental Health Commission to the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Madam Speaker, in November 2015, the Chair of the Mental Health Commission presented at the annual health care conference on the topic “Bridging the Gap: The State of Mental Health in the Cayman Islands”. There were more than 700 participants in attendance. As well, a workshop was held focusing on “Mental health – Let’s talk about it”. Madam Speaker, the annual health care conference has helped to highlight the importance of mental illness and health within the community among friends, families and caregivers. It has given new meaning to mental health as people have become more knowledgeable, acceptable and tolerant to those persons who suffer from a mental illness.

Madam Speaker, the Ministry with technical and financial assistance provided by the Pan American Health Organization convened a stakeholder meeting for one and a half days to develop a National Mental Health Policy. Consultant Psychiatrist Professor Wendel Abel from Jamaica facilitated the meetings. The Ministry is awaiting the final draft of the policy.

Madam Speaker, other work of the Mental Health Commission during 2015 involved participation in World Mental Health Day activities celebrated each year on 10th October; participation at the second Caribbean Regional Symposium on Suicide Prevention hosted in the Cayman Islands; collaborating with the Health Services Authority Ethics Committee to ensure that persons conducting research on mental health fulfill established criteria; and working with the Councils for Professions Allied with Medicine to develop scopes of practice for mental health practitioners registered under Councils for Professions Allied with Medicine.

Madam Speaker, before I take my seat I would like to acknowledge the work of Deputy Chair Dr. Taylor Burrowes who was accepted by the Caribbean Public Health Agency to present the findings of her doctoral research in a poster presentation at the annual scientific conference held in June 2015. I would like to congratulate her on being selected and to encourage her to continue to raise the awareness on mental health in the wider community.

Madam Speaker, in order to mitigate many of the problems in our society that we currently face, I believe we must facilitate early recognition and treatment of common mental illnesses by enhancing access to mental health care through an integrated approach. The Mental Health Commission will continue to educate, inform and empower those individuals who require our assistance.

Madam Speaker, we have a Mental Health Commission that is committed and has been working diligently since its formation, and the MHC continues to advocate and promote mental wellness for all in the community. We are one step closer since our last report in addressing the need for a long-term residential mental health facility for our chronically ill mental health patients.

Madam Speaker, in closing I would like to thank my Chief Officer and Ministry staff, and the members of the Mental Health Commission for their hard work, dedication and commitment to a subject that affects all of us. Indeed, the World Health Organization notes “there is no health without mental health”.

Thank you Madam Speaker.

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Cayman Islands tourism board announced

2015-2016 board receive certificate of appreciationThe Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort at 3 p.m. on Wednesday April 20th. The focus of the AGM was to elect the new Board of Directors and provide a summary of the past 2015-2016 membership year. The AGM also provided an opportunity for members to network.
Opening Remarks were given by CITA President, Kenneth Hydes, who spoke from the heart thanking the current Board for their generous contribution over the last year. He acknowledged the DOT’s and Ministry’s collaborative efforts with CITA. Among other matters he also publicly thanked Danielle Wolfe for her contribution as CITA’s representative on the Minimum Wage Committee; ensuring gratuities were considered and reviewed on behalf of the industry. Minister for Tourism, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell later gave an address on the status of the industry including Cayman Airways’ acquisition of a new fleet and increasing gateway opportunities for the destination. He also provided updates on anticipated room stock, George Town revitalization and growth prospects for the Sister Islands. Guest presenter, Albert Anderson (CEO, Cayman Islands Airport Authority – CIAA) gave an update on the renovations at the Owen Roberts International Airport and was well received by the membership who had several questions for him. CITA’s Treasurer, Nigel Mitten, gave a report on the Associations’ finances and said farewell to the members, as this would be his final after serving a four-year stint. CITA’s Executive Director, Tiffany Dixon-Ebanks presented the year’s highlights which comprised the inaugural issue of the “Visit Cayman Islands” magazine, Taste of Cayman 2016, Stingray Awards and the fairly new Underwater Museum at the Kittiwake dive site.
During the presentations, members’ votes were tallied to see who would be CITA’s Board Members for 2016-2017. The Executive Committee selected at the AGM by the newly elected Board of Directors:
President — Kenneth Hydes – Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd.
Vice President — Theresa Leacock-Broderick — Plantana Condominiums
Secretary — Joanna Boxall- Acorn Publishing
Treasurer — Brian Krug- Budget/Apex Rental Car
Immediate Past President — Harry Lalli – Treasure Island
CITA 2016 – 2017 Board of Directors
Ken Hydes (Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd)/President (Serving two years*)
Joanna Boxall (Acorn Publishing) / Secretary
Matthew Bishop (Active Capital) (Serving two years*)
Theresa Broderick (Plantana Condominiums) / Vice President
Gaetan Babin (The Wyndham Reef Resort)
Marc Langevin (The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman)
Danielle Wolfe (Caribbean Club)
Brian Krug (Apex/Budget Rent A Car) / Treasurer
David Carmichael (Caribbean Marine Services) (Serving two years*)
Julie Allen (Rackam’s Waterfront Bar and Grill)
Steve Shienfield (JLC Holdings: Duke’s, Mizu, Waterfront Restaurants (Serving two years*)
Ash McKnight (Go Pro Diving)
Keith Sahm (Sunset Divers/Sunset House)
Neil van Niekerk (Southern Cross Club) — appointed by the Sister Islands Tourism
Harry Lalli (Cay Direct)
Ken Hydes commented “We anticipate that the upcoming year will be one of significant growth. CITA will look for opportunities to support this momentum while maintaining the high standards we have achieved to date. True partnership with the public sector is at an all-time high and we intend to maintain that this year. Of paramount importance is the need for residents to embrace this growth for career and business opportunities that are truly dynamic.” Equal sentiments were expressed by Vice President, Theresa Leacock-Broderick who is honoured to continue the work of the Association. She added “I remain impressed with the talent and passion in both the private and public sectors. I’m grateful for the investment of industry stakeholders from our corporate and individual property owners to the small business entrepreneurs and operators, who work tirelessly to deliver world class services with our unique ‘CaymanKindness’.”
Tiffany Dixon Ebanks, Executive Director of CITA said: “I look forward to working once again with President Ken Hydes and Vice President Theresa Leacock-Broderick. I thank and acknowledge the contribution of our two outgoing Board Directors, Tim Adam and Nigel Mitten, while welcoming new Directors, David Carmichael and Matthew Bishop, to the team. As I read the Bios. of each of the candidates at the AGM, I note that we have a strong group of 15 individuals. They all bring varied and experienced backgrounds, which will lend well to the mandate of CITA.”
Newcomer to the Board, Matthew Bishop of Active Capital said “I’m honoured to have been elected and I’m looking forward to working with all industry stakeholders as we continue to advance Cayman’s tourism product.” Similarly, David Carmichael is “looking forward to my new appointment and hoping to add more value to our tourism product”.
CITA is very excited to start the 2016-17 membership year. The next event will be the Stingray Tourism Awards on June 14th 2016.
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Malta: Evarist Bartolo insists: Bannister’s position is untenable [Director of Cayman Islands investment scheme]

HMRC-640x410From Times of Malta
Updated with tweet by Simon Busuttil, second post by Evarist Bartolo
Education Minister Evarist Bartolo has maintained his attack on Joe Bannister, chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority, insisting in a Facebook post today that his position is untenable because of his conflicting role as director of a collective investment scheme in the Cayman Islands, and also because he has been in his post at the MFSA for too long.
Mr Bartolo first raised questions against Mr Bannister five years ago but the MFSA chairman was still confirmed in his post by the Labour government. The Finance Minister has not yet commented on the latest broadsides, but Mr Bannister as been defended in parliament by Labour MP and former minister Charles Mangion.
As if Panamagate was not damaging enough for our financial services industry, now this. It’s a disgrace. — Simon Busuttil (@SimonBusuttil)
“Joe Bannister cannot be the Chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority, Malta’s single financial services regulator, and the Director of collective investment schemes in the Cayman at the same time. In addition to the IMF this is also the position of the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision (BCBS) which is the primary global standard-setter for the prudential regulation of banks and provides a forum for cooperation on banking supervisory matters,” Mr Bartolo wrote.
“The BCBS – Core Principles for Banking Supervision – establish that the supervisor should possesses operational independence, transparent processes, sound governance, budgetary processes that do not undermine autonomy and adequate resources, and is accountable for the discharge of its duties and use of its resources.”
For the BCBS, Mr Bartolo said, operational independence means that there is, amongst others, no industry interference that compromises the operational independence of the supervisor.
This, he said, is also the position of the European Central Bank, which stipulates that the carrying out of supervisory tasks should be free from undue industry interference which would affect a supervisor’s operational independence.
Bannister has been Chairman four times more than what is accepted good practice by the ECB
– Evarist Bartolo
“The International Financial Institutions and the European Central Bank are therefore clear, being a director of collective investment schemes in Cayman is not compatible with the role of Chairman of Malta’s single financial services regulator.”
Furthermore, the minister pointed out, Prof Bannister has been the Chairman of the MFSA for 20 years.
“This according to the European Central Bank may impinge on his independence from the industry. The Regulation on the Single Supervisory Mechanism stipulates that ‘In order to allow for an appropriate rotation while ensuring the full independence of the Chair, the Chair’s term of office should not exceed five years and should not be renewable.”
“Bannister has been Chairman four times more than what is accepted good practice by the ECB.
“Chairman Bannister’s position is untenable.”
Meanwhile, in a second, cryptic post, Mr Bartolo said that in order to understand what is going on in public life, one needs to know the background.
“One sees someone defending somebody else, mentioning principles and seriousness, and then one finds that there are personal obligations and that the two are doing very well together,” Mr Bartolo said.
He did not indicate whether he was speaking about the MFSA or politics, the Panama Papers or some other case.
For more on this story go to:
IMAGE: Malta Financial Services Authority Chairman Joe Bannister

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Cody Wilson announces impending release of 3D Files for $150 machine gun; some fear he is ‘making things easier’ for terrorists

Cody-WilsonBy Bridget Butler Millsaps

As the face of DIY guns (and DIY on the cheap), Cody Wilson may be the original bad boy of 3D printing–and many are worried all his defiant bravado–as well as his designs–may catch the attention of the really bad guys capable of inflicting serious damage and taking casualties in more terrorist attacks.

As the founder of Defense Distributed and the creator of the design for the 3D printed Liberator pistol in 2013, Wilson has stirred up controversy again as he discusses the impending release of new and what would seem to be even more dangerous weapons, to be made for a shockingly low price.

Responding to press questions regarding accessibility for terrorists with a ‘don’t really care’ attitude may seem cool to Wilson as he’s reacting to a press question in the moment, but one would hope that this presumably intelligent human being (emphasis on human) might consider that if and when one of his designs does become a favorite of a terrorist organization or is actually found to be responsible for just one or a number of deaths–how is he going to feel about having his name associated with that particular and possibly gruesome entry in a history book?

While many of us are just plain sick of the gun story, it’s not going away. We all know that. And officials in every country see it as their responsibility to try and fight many new designs and new issues that someone like Wilson brings to the forefront, especially as threats of terrorism surface constantly.

3D weapons are making their entrance in busts here and there, along with 3D printed items, to include a case in Australia just recently where a 3D printed pistol of unknown design was actually found on the scene at a meth lab that had been abandoned shortly before a bust. Wilson’s design for the Ghost Gunner was also presumably found hard at work printing materials when San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in California busted a crime ring last spring. None of this bodes well for making the 3D printing of guns look attractive to those on the other side of the gun lobby. And while Wilson’s ire certainly makes for press, he’s not exactly looking like an American hero.

Wilson does keeps the momentum going, however, and now, to press the limits further, he wants to hand anyone interested the chance to build an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Obviously not working on keeping a low profile, even while the going is a bit tough for him legally, Wilson has decided to yes, work on releasing the digital details for his machine gun by April. And to sweeten the pot, Wilson states that this new gun can be built with materials at a cost of under $150 USD on a printer that will set you back around $21,000. While that might sound out of reach for an enthusiast, it’s obviously mere pennies for organized terrorists. Not surprisingly, outcry is building already–and especially in the UK where they are heavily concerned about more ISIS threat on their soil as well as that of Europe and everywhere 15

“This is making terrorists’ jobs so much easier,” says counter-terror expert Hamish de Bretton Gordon, who is a former British intelligence officer. “Particularly in the UK where security services are putting in so much effort to prevent an attack by one of IS’s ‘clean skins.’

“The person who is releasing this is completely irresponsible. We can only hope the authorities in the US are going to deal with this individual. It’s absolutely crazy.”

Security measures come into play with a new type of materials such as plastic.

“This is a bizarre and dangerous proposal. A plastic machine gun could go unnoticed by airport ­security, putting the travelling public at risk of terrorist attack,” says UK Shadow Police Minister Jack Dromey.

Wilson has stated that he does basically have a 3D printable machine gun, going so far as to include that everything one would need to make it print is available from a hardware store. All that needs to be added is a firing pin–and a basic nail could be used for that.Machine-gun-printed-by-3D-printer (1)

“I promise you the reason you haven’t seen this yet is because it has been artificially delayed. I would have demonstrated this for you if I was allowed to,” says Wilson. “‘I am fighting my fight with the government but we have a whole new range of things.’

“You can’t print a good slug or a firing pin yet because the material is not dense enough. So we just said use commonly available things,” says Wilson.

His viewpoint on whether or not terrorists can or will use his designs is very basic as he points out that they can also go to the library and figure out how to make a bomb. While true, that’s much different from providing files and pointing the way–affordably.

Obviously, with recent terrorist events filling citizens around the world with horror, the debate over whether individuals should begin stockpiling weapons to protect themselves or whether the government should crack down and ‘stop the killing,’ is a hot point. And Hamish de Bretton Gordon has a valid point regarding Wilson–but the US certainly may not be able to squelch Wilson’s every design–or move. It’s also a fact of the matter that terrorists are already, of course, well aware of their options when it comes to technology and weapons. What are your thoughts on these 3D printed weapons? Discuss in the Cody Wilson to Release 3D Printed Machine Gun forum over at

[Sources: Daily Record, Daily Mail]

Cody Wilson with the Liberator.
Wilson’s device for making 3D printed machine guns.

For more on this story go to:

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This machine makes metal semi-automatic rifles in your home

By Rex Santus From Mashable

No background check. No waiting period. No serial number.

The man behind the world’s first fully 3D-printed handgun is now selling a $1,299 machine that could make untraceable semi-automatic weapons an at-home convenience.

Cody Wilson, a digital gunsmith and founder of the organization Defense Distributed, is calling it “The Ghost Gunner.” This rifle would be completely off the books, obtained without any regulatory procedures. Wilson is a self-identified anarchist and gun rights activist, who advocates for 3D printing technology used to make firearms.

The Ghost Gunner uses CNC milling technology, designed to produce a lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle — a piece that acts as a sort of foundation for a gun. It’s the part of the gun that’s classified as a weapon.

Rather than using a aluminum block, the website suggests starting with an “80% lower,” which are easily obtainable lower receivers that are about 80% finished. With a few touches, they’re good to go.

“Just follow a few simple instructions to mount your 80% lower receiver, tighten a couple screws (with simple tools we provide), and on day one, Ghost Gunner can help you legally manufacture unserialized firearms in the comfort of your own home,” says the Ghost Gunner’s website.

Because the lower receiver is the most regulated piece of firearms, getting one’s hands on the other parts wouldn’t be nearly as difficult. Guns that do not have serial numbers are known as “ghost guns” by some gun control advocates, and the Ghost Gunner’s name is a riff on that. Selling unlicensed gun bodies is illegal. Manufacturing them, according to Defense Distributed, is not.

In an interview with Wired, Wilson compares firearms without serial numbers to toothbrushes without serial numbers. The Ghost Gunner is a stand against “statist” politicians who fear weapons and advocate for gun control.

“Our strategy is to literalize and reify their nightmare, to give them the world they’re talking about,” he said.

Wilson is a self-identified anarchist and gun rights activist, who advocates for 3D printing technology used to make firearms.

Ghost Gunner is proving popular. In its third round of sales, the machine has sold out again. The response has been “incredible” and “overwhelming,” according to the product’s blog, and the Ghost Gunner’s price has increased from $999.

Ghost-gunner-lead An image from the Ghost Gunner’s website, showcasing the metal lower receiver piece that the machine is able to produce. IMAGE: GHOSTGUNNER.NET

For more on this story and video go to:

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NASA planning Mars Helicopter to assist future rovers

mrsheli987BY ADARIO STRANGE From Mashable

The amount of data and stunning imagery being delivered by NASA’s Curiosity rover has given us new insight into Mars, but a new concept vehicle for future missions could dramatically increase our knowledge of the red planet.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has unveiled a concept drone called the Mars Helicopter that would accompany future Mars rovers and act as an aerial drone to assist the rover’s research mission.

As conceived, the drone would fly daily advanced reconnaissance missions to help the rover explore the planet more efficiently by picking the best sites for research based on aerial data.

“[T]here is the challenge of the very low density of the atmosphere,” said JPL chief engineer Bob Balaram in a NASA video explaining the difficulties such a vehicle might face on Mars. “There’s the challenge of keeping the whole mass of the system small so that we don’t overwhelm the lift capability of this system.”

Weighing 2.2 pounds with a diameter of 3.6 feet, the Mars Helicopter would be visually comparable in design to some consumer-grade drones, but would likely be equipped with far more advanced equipment to allow it to communicate with the rover. Additionally, the drone would have a top-mounted solar panel, allowing it to charge itself as it travels over the surface of the planet Additionally, the drone would have a top-mounted solar panel, allowing it to charge itself as it travels over the surface of the planet.

No firm date has been set for addition of the drone to NASA’s future Mars missions, but the JPL team continues to put the idea through rigorous testing.

“[O]ver the course of the last year we have done a number of tests in our 25-foot vacuum chamber using scale models where we pump down to Mars densities, demonstrating lift of these kinds of blades,” said Balaram. “Because this thing is going to take off every day and land every day, we want to make sure we have a bulletproof landing system, and landing is the riskiest part of any mission.”

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Cayman Islands governor announcesIndependent Review of the RCIPS Search and Rescue Operation

MCA LogoThe Governor’s Office is able to confirm that the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has agreed to conduct an independent review of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service response to reports of persons missing at sea from 6 March until the operation concluded.

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency is the UK organisation with responsibility for safety of life at sea. The MCA have identified Coastguard Commander Andy Jenkins who has the technical expertise and experience needed for this review – CV / Bio below.

Commander Jenkins will travel to Cayman to conduct the review, which is expected to begin next week.

The Governor remains committed to making the findings from this review public.

About Andrew Jenkins, Maritime Operations Commander

Andrew has spent 19 years working for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. During this time he has spent 11 years as a Watch Manager and Search and Rescue Mission Co-ordinator. Andrew has co-ordinated many thousands of incidents of all scales and types including such notable incidents as the MSC Napoli grounding. He has worked at an operational, tactical and strategic level within the agency and his current role as a Maritime Operations Commander sees him working with strategic level oversight of UK Search and Rescue Operations and the delivery of the UK Coastguard functions on a daily basis, as well as reviewing incidents and working with operational coastguards on follow up recommendations/actions.

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Ironwood makes planning submission to Cayman Islands

Ironwood-v3Ironwood groundbreaking is now in sight.

Plans for the Arnold Palmer 27 hole championship golf course, were submitted to the Planning Department for approval today, Friday 15 April 2016. The hearing date is expected to be 25 May 2016

The 18-hole, 498 acre golf course, to be Cayman’s first championship course, will be sided by a 9-hole family course that features a double design to make it adaptable for ‘foot-golf’, the latest craze in North America, appealing to both golf and football fans.

The golf course design has 30′ of elevation change, the highest of any course in the Cayman Islands and is to be complemented by a boutique hotel that will be operated by Arnold Palmer Properties.

The plans include 70 acres of inter-connected waterways that will be suitable for leisure activities such as paddle boarding, and a 55 acre golf academy with housing for international students who can come to learn the art of the game on Arnold Palmer’s first Caribbean golf course.

Ironwood spokesperson Denise Gower noted that this development will have a positive impact on Cayman’s tourism product: “This course will be capable of handling PGA-level tournaments, making this development a game-changer for the Cayman golf scene, setting the stage to make Cayman a true golf destination and attracting the type of visitors Cayman likes best — those with dispensable income and a love for quiet, tropical vacations,’ she said.

Now that the Department of Environment has given the green light to the use of shredded tires as fill, planning approval for the project is the last step before the 1 million or more tires currently clogging Cayman’s landfills can be recycled and used as in an environmentally-friendly way.

A ground-breaking for the project is being planned, pending approval from the Department of Planning, for the end of July, seeing the Arnold Palmer Properties team back in Cayman to celebrate the monumental occasion.

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Cayman Islands’ prison marks 35th anniversary with Corrections Week

HMP Fairbanks PRINT Northward Prison  PRINTHer Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service marks its 35th anniversary this month with the first formal Cayman Islands Corrections Week from 24-30 April 2016.

The facility opened on 5 June 1981, when prison officers from the U.K. arrived to set up the service and train local staff.

Up until then, convicted offenders were kept in the “lock-up” in George Town or, for serious offences, served their sentences in Kingston, Jamaica.

For a short time, serious offenders continued to be incarcerated in Kingston, until suitable accommodation was ready at HMP Northward.

Originally built to house around 50 prisoners, including females, HMP Northward has expanded greatly throughout the last three-and-a-half decades, with a number of wings, the Children’s Unit, a farm, gym, chapel and vocational workshops added during that time.

The Prison Service now also includes the women’s facility at HMP Fairbanks, which opened in 1999, and oversees the Immigration Detention Centre.

“Often the forgotten partners in law enforcement and community safety, the employees of the Prison Service work tirelessly to ensure that those remanded and sentenced to prison are held safely and securely, maintaining good order and discipline,” said Director of Prisons Neil Lavis.

Beyond that, Mr. Lavis has placed great emphasis on decency: treating colleagues, visitors and prisoners in a humane and respectful way.

Rehabilitation of prisoners is also a major focus, with the service investing heavily in resources that provide prisoners with the tools to change their lives and prevent reoffending when they return to the community.

“Corrections Week is an avenue through which we want to spotlight the work being done by the prisoners and staff, and address public misconceptions,” said Mr. Lavis. “A positive regard and participation from the community is vital to the success of any rehabilitation programme.”

Corrections Week celebrations include a special souvenir insert in the Cayman Compass on Friday, 22 April; a thanksgiving service at the Church of God Chapel on Walkers Road on Sunday, 24 April; and a tour and luncheon for Members of the Legislative Assembly at HMP Northward on Monday, 25 April.

There will also be a media day at both prison locations on Tuesday, 26 April; prisoner activities on Wednesday, 27 April, and Mr. Lavis and new forensic psychologist Nina Welsh will be guests on the Cayman 27 discussion show The Panel on Thursday, 28 April.

The week will be rounded off with a reception and recruits graduation ceremony on Friday, 29 April and a staff community project on Saturday, 30 April.

(GIS) Photo captions:

Pic 1: HMP Northward

Pic 2: HMP Fairbanks

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