April 1, 2015

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Additional capacity for consumer owned renewable energy announced by Cayman Islands regulatory authority

dev240914_img03From Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. and The Electricity Regulatory Authority of the Cayman Islands

March 31st 2015

The Electricity Regulatory Authority of the Cayman Islands Provides Additional Capacity for Consumer-Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Generation Programme

Following an interim decision made in February 2015 to increase the CORE capacity by 1 MegaWatt MW), the Electricity Regulatory Authority of the Cayman Islands (ERA) and Caribbean Utilities Co., Ltd. (CUC) have completed additional revisions to the Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) programme which has been in place since February 2011. The ERA and CUC have agreed to extend the period for CORE agreements to 25 years and to a further increase of 1 MW for the CORE programme. The decision increases the maximum total capacity available from 3MW to 4MW and becomes effective on April 1st 2015.

With this revision to the programme, a maximum aggregate of 4 MW capacity of renewable energy generation will be allowed to connect to the CUC Transmission & Distribution (T&D) system with a maximum of 2 MW allowed for residential customers and a maximum of 2 MW allowed for commercial customers.

The rates paid to customers for all renewable energy generated have also been revised and will be CI 32 cents per kilowatt hour (“kWh”) for residential customers and CI 28 cents per kWh for commercial customers. These rates apply to new CORE contracts submitted after April 1st, 2015. The rates paid to existing CORE customers (submitted prior to April 1st, 2015) will remain unchanged.

The CORE customer will be billed monthly at the normal retail rate (currently approximately CI 28 cents per kWh) for their total energy consumption and will be credited monthly at the FITs rate (CI 32 or CI 28 cents per kWh) for the total output of their renewable energy generation system to the grid. At the end of each calendar quarter, CUC will make a payment to each CORE participant for any accumulated FIT credit balance on their account.

The FITs programme continues to provide incentives under the Consumer-Owned Renewable Energy Generation (CORE) Programme for consumers to generate energy from renewable sources and be compensated through stable, long-term rates.

It allows customers in Grand Cayman to connect renewable energy systems, such as small scale solar systems or wind turbines to CUC’s distribution system and to reduce their monthly energy bills by generating their own electricity while remaining connected to the CUC grid.

The revised twenty-five year FIT contract agreements (previously twenty years) will allow the owner of the renewable energy system to recover their capital investment with an assured reasonable return on their investment. Consumers are responsible for making their own arrangements with suppliers of renewable energy systems for their installation and inspection by the electrical inspector.

The maximum permitted size of the individual renewable energy systems will remain unchanged and will be the lesser of the CORE customer’s peak demand for existing systems measured over a period of up to twelve months, where that information is available, or estimated peak demand for new connections, with a maximum of 20 kilowatts (“kW”) for residential systems and 100 kW for commercial systems.

ERA Managing Director, Mr. Charles Farrington, expressed that, “the ERA is pleased with the success of the CORE program and has extended the contract period which allowed us to lower the CORE rates to match reduced equipment pricing and a longer expected useful life. This benefits all consumers. It was always anticipated that the FIT rates would come down over time, thereby providing the opportunity to lower Cayman’s energy costs in the longer term. The ability to lock in the cost of energy is one of the major advantages of FIT over other systems of compensating consumers for renewable energy.”

Mr. Farrington also noted that the duty waiver on renewable energy equipment that has been in effect since 1 December 2008 allows a full exemption from import duty on renewable energy equipment for residential homeowners. Waivers on similar equipment imported for commercial use are also allowable subject to a case-by-case review by the ERA.

The ERA hopes that the revised FIT programme will continue to incentivize the growth and use of renewable and alternative energy and aid in diminishing the Cayman Islands’ dependence on fossil fuels used for the generation of electricity and, more importantly reducing the nation’s carbon footprint. For more information please visit the ERA’s website at www.caymanera.ky.

President and Chief Executive Officer of CUC, Mr. Richard Hew, stated that, “There has been a significant uptake of CORE customers who are generating energy through renewable energy means while having the opportunity to interconnect with and benefit from the reliability of connection to CUC’s electricity distribution system. Currently we have 79 CORE customers generating on average 135,000 kWh per month. We anticipate that there will be continued positive customer participation and the resultant increase in renewable energy available to our system to displace fossil fuel and its associated emissions.”

The CORE programme provides an excellent opportunity for both CUC and its customers to participate in protecting the environment and creating long-term energy security. By utilizing renewable energy instead of fossil fuels to generate electricity, CUC and its customers will be able to reduce exhaust gas emissions, reduce the use of imported fossil fuels and contribute to the overall protection of the environment both in Grand Cayman and globally.

Customers wishing to obtain further details or to participate in the programme may contact CUC’s Customer Service Department at 949-4300.

The CORE Credit Agreement between the consumer and CUC will set out the terms under which services, connectivity, metering and billing credits will be governed and can be obtained on CUC’s website at: https://www.cuc-cayman.com/coreprogramme.

IMAGE: www.spec-net.com.au

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Cayman Islands Dress For Culture Day 2015 Competition winners announced

unnamed-1 unnamed-1unnamed-3unnamed-8 unnamed-9 unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamedunnamed-2Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed-7From Cayman National Cultural Foundation

We are so excited to announce our winners of Dress For Culture Day 2015.

Dress for Culture Day promotes and recognises the vibrant cultures that co-exist in the Cayman Islands and, in so doing, helps support the work of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation. Funds raised goes directly to support youth arts programming in the Cayman Islands, such as Summer Arts Camp, Young At Arts and Young Image Makers.

There were two ways to participate this year. Dress for Culture Day on Friday, February 27th at home, school, work or play with photographs emailed to CNCF. Photos were then posted on CNCF’s Facebook page from March 4th- 18th, 2015 and the “Most Liked” photograph in each category won a prize.


We asked groups to take part in a LIVE competition ‘Parade of Nations’ at Red Sky at Night Festival on the grounds of the Harquail Cultural Centre on Saturday, February 28th, 2015 who were then judged by a professional panel. This was a fantastic addition to the event, creating a colourful display of cultural dress.

CNCF thanks all participants and our kind sponsors for this year’s prizes which includes Logic Cayman, Turtle Nest Inn, The Reef Resort and Rubis.

Here are our WINNERS!!!!
Best Dressed School
School (online vote): Tiny Tots School

Tracie Watler (CNCF), presenting award of a LOGIC Apple TV to the Tiny Tots school.

Individual: Most Original Costume

Individual (online vote): Most Original Costume
Shilpa Tagalpallewar & daughter

Tracie Watler (CNCF), Shilpa Tagalpallewar

Individual: Most Photogenic

Individual (online vote): Most Photogenic
Gianna McLaughlin

Lorna Bush (CNCF) & Gianna McLaughlin

Individual: Spirit of Dress For Culture

Individual (online vote):
Spirit of Dress For Culture
Patricia Plummer

Lorna Bush (CNCF), Patricia Plummer

Corporate: Best Dressed

Corporate (online vote): The Philippines Tennis Club

Parade of Nations, Large Group: WINNER

Parade of Nations WINNER: Philippines

Rita Estevanovich (CNCF) presenting Rubis vouchers and Mind’s Eye Crystal to the Philippines team.

Parade of Nations, Large Group: RUNNER UP

Parade of Nation: Runner Up: India

Sangeetha Prabhakar, Rita Estevanovich (CNCF), Priya Dhanasekar


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Annual surveys on the Cayman Islands s economic performance begin

Private Equity IIThe annual surveys covering all entities that produce goods and services in the Cayman Islands will commence on March 30, 2015 and end on May 15, 2015. The surveys, which are conducted by the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO), are designed to measure the economic performance of the Cayman Islands as a whole and all its sectors.

The surveys consist of the System of National Accounts (SNA) and Balance of Payments (BOP) surveys. The last SNA survey conducted in 2014 showed that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), a measure of the total value of goods and services produced locally, amounted to $2.49 billion in 2013 after adjusting for price increases. The BOP survey showed that in the same year, the Islands received from abroad a total of $1.53 billion from the export of services (mainly tourism, business and financial services) as well as goods, against a total payment of $1.61 billion. The surveys this year aim to collect comparative information for 2014, to assist the government and private sectors in their policy-making and planning, as well as provide the global financial community with updated economic data on the country.

Approximately 3,400 forms will be either mailed or hand-delivered to local businesses, government entities and non-profit organisations. The SNA survey is designed in accordance with the internationally accepted standards issued by the United Nations Statistical Commission. The BOP survey is based on guidelines prescribed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

All SNA and BOP survey returns are confidential as mandated by the Statistics Law and are exempt from the Freedom of Information Law. The returns will be used exclusively for ESO’s statistical purpose. ESO officials emphasised that the survey results will be published in aggregate form only, with individual information remaining confidential.

All survey respondents have until May 15, 2015 to return their completed forms. Upon request, ESO survey officers can also assist entities in filling up the forms. Survey forms and other information can also be downloaded from www.eso.ky, or may be requested by contacting 949-0940.
IMAGE: www.aei.org

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11th Annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance & Music Apr 9-26

300xNxiconsquareimage002121.png.pagespeed.ic.LN6abl4wcuReYnF9c8Qd11th Annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance & Music Apr 9-26The 11th Annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance and Music, In Search of Soul, April 9-26, will feature three exuberant weeks of Caribbean dance and music performances, master classes, film screenings, lectures and celebrations at three Bay Area venues, ODC Theater and Dance Mission Theater, both in San Francisco, and Laney College Theater in Oakland.

The CubaCaribe Festival has been highly acclaimed as the only festival to present popular, contemporary and folkloric cultural expression, religion, history, and politics of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. This year’s theme, In Search of Soul, will investigate how spirit, core and heart, emerge in the essence of movement and cultures of the Caribbean Diaspora. Soul, defined as the spiritual part of humans, will be re-defined by our artists and their choreography, uncovering how deeply intertwined are the connection and union of the soul and the body.

The first weekend entitled African Souls: Cuba & Brasil will kick off at ODC Theater in San Francisco, April 10-12. Performances will showcase the union of two of the richest souls in the Afro-Latino Diaspora: Cuba and Brasil. It will premiere the work of five celebrated dance companies and will examine how their two countries differ, intersect and find common ground through dance. The fie featured companies are Abada Capoeira SF (Marcia Treidler), Aguas de Bahia (Tania Santiago), Alayo Dance Company (Ramon Ramos Alayo), Arenas Dance Company (Susana Arenas), and Teatro Brasileiro de Dança (Isaura Oliveira).

The second weekend, April 17-19, entitled Soul Caribe will be staged at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco and will feature our ever-popular Mixed Program whose dance companies represent the wide-reaching influence of the soul of Afro-Latino culture. From Africa to Colombia to Mexico to Puerto Rico to the United States, this eclectic offering of dance companies is sure to move you! This week will feature performances by Alafia Dance Ensemble (Afro-Haitian), Bravisimo Youth Ensemble (Afro-Cuban Modern), Colombian Soul (Colombian), Cunamacué (Afro-Peruvian), Dimensions Dance Theater (African American), La Mezcla (Afro-Mexican), Aguacero (Afro-Puerto Rican), Grupo Experimental Nago (Afro-Cuban). The work of these artists promises to expand our notions of the folkloric and contemporary in the context of the Caribbean Diaspora.

The third and final weekend, April 24-26, moves across the Bay to Laney College Theater in Oakland. It features an innovative and diverse representation of Alma (soul) through the highly-acclaimed Afro-Cuban modern style of Alayo Dance Company (Ramon Ramos Alayo, Director), to the heart beat of Africa in Duniya Dance Ensemble (Joti Singh, Director), to the San Francisco Mission modern vision of Dance Brigade (Krissy Keefer, Director).

Special events throughout the three-week festival round out the programming with not-to-miss discussions, practice and opportunities to explore the Diaspora further. These special events include:

Film Screening: Dancing with the Drum, directed by Ashley James, Produced by Roberta Singer – A film about the legendary Cepeda family, known as the “patriarch family” of Bomba, Puerto Rico’s richest musical expression of its African heritage. April 9 at the Museum of the African Diaspora, 685 Mission St., San Francisco.

Batey Boricua Bomba: celebrate life through Puerto Rican Bomba, Plena music and dance at a community jam session. April 12 at La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

Umi Vaughn Lecture/Demo: De Curros a Especuladores: Black to the Future in Cuba This talk traces the relationship between a special class of black Cubans known as “Curros” from the island’s colonial past and Cuban youth today. April 16 at the Museum of the African Diaspora, 685 Mission St., San Francisco.

Dance Workshop: Guede/Papa Guede or Gaga/Rarra co-taught by Collete Eloi (Guede of Haiti) and Cheo Rojas (Papa Guede of Cuba). Both masters in their respective cultural traditions, this dance workshop will make connections to the influence of Haiti in each cultural expression and the similarities to each other. April 19 at Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street, San Francisco.

About CubaCaribe

In ten years CubaCaribe has emerged as the Bay Area’s leading arts organization to feature and promote the rich dance and other cultural traditions of Cuba and the wider Caribbean Diaspora. Founded by the highly celebrated Cuban-born dancer/choreographer and master artist, Ramon Ramos Alayo, CubaCaribe has emerged as a critical and rich resource for Cuban and Caribbean dancers and performers.

CubaCaribe was founded in 2003 to preserve and promote the vibrant cultural and artistic traditions of the Caribbean and its Diaspora. Built around the principal that dance, music and visual arts can engage and connect people of diverse perspectives, CubaCaribe organizes festivals, performances, classes and exhibitions to foster greater understanding and appreciation of Caribbean, especially Cuban, arts and culture.


Week 1: African Souls: Cuba & Brasil

April 10-12: ODC Theater, 3153 17th Street, SF

Friday-Saturday 8 pm, Sunday 7 pm

Tickets: $25 online; $28 door


Week 2: Soul Caribe

April 17-19: Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street, SF

Friday-Saturday 8 pm, Sunday 7 pm

Tickets: $22 online; $24 door


Week 3: Alma

April 24-26: Laney College Theater, 900 Fallon Street, Oakland

Thursday – Saturday 8 pm

Tickets: $25 online; $28 door


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Red Sky at Night Tree Decorating Competition winners announced

unnamedFrom CNCF

…and the 2015 Cayfest Tree Decorating Competition Winner is JOHN GRAY HIGH SCHOOL!

Colourful trees, cultural trees, trees with lights, trees with lots of beautiful sights! The 3rd annual Tree Decorating Competition is a delightful element of Cayfest Red Sky at Night festival, allowing the public a chance to put their creativity on display, dress up the F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre grounds and compete for coveted prizes.

unnamed-1Persons who attend Red Sky at Night each year are in awe when they see the usually humble trees transformed into show-stopping tree models. This year, the Tree Decorating Competition was open to groups of five from schools only, and a grand prize of $1000 in arts supplies was up for grabs. The competing schools included: George Town Primary School, Grace Christian Academy, John Gray High School Art Club and Prospect Primary School.

The schools chose their own themes and a panel of judges along with CNCF’s faithful Facebook friends, selected the winning school. John Gray High School’s theme was ‘A Rainbow Garden’ and 95% of the materials in their colourful display were recycled; George Town Primary School shared their love of Cayman’s flora and fauna, as well as our maritime heritage; Prospect Primary School took us around the globe with flags, symbols and objects from various unnamed-1countries and cultures; and Grace Christian Academy used a subtle combination of blue and white along with angelic cutouts to transform their tree.

CNCF thanks all participants and is pleased to announce JOHN GRAY HIGH SCHOOL as the winner of the 2015 Tree Decorating Competition. Our kind sponsors for this year’s grand prize include Kirk Office Equipment, A.L. Thompson’s, Books & Books, Super Stitch, Pure Art Gallery, Book Nook, Lee’s Office Supply Products, and CNCF.

IMAGE: Rita Estevanovich (CNCF), Deborah Richey & Aimee Randolph (John Gray High School)

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Official rosters announced for teams competing in CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship El Salvador 2015

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011Tournament kicks off March 28 on the Costa del Sol; Finals scheduled for Saturday, April 4

Miami (Monday, March 23, 2015) – The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) today officially announced the final rosters for teams participating in this year’s CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship, to be disputed from March 28 to April 4 in El Salvador.

Sixteen teams will compete in the championship, to be played in its entirety on the picturesque Costa del Sol in El Salvador. The final rosters for all the teams can be found below and at CONCACAF.com, along with tournament news and notes.

unnamed-270x300In addition to the regional title, the 16 participating Member Associations are all battling for one of two places in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015, scheduled for this July. The 2017 edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will be hosted by CONCACAF Member Association the Bahamas.

Group A of this year’s CONCACAF Championship is headed by host El Salvador, alongside Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Belize. Group B was drawn with Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Guadeloupe, and the Turks & Caicos Islands – all in order of group position.

Group C is headed by the United States, to be joined by the Caribbean trio of the Bahamas, Barbados, and Antigua & Barbuda. The final four team group, Group D, is comprised of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The teams will play a round-robin stage among the group members on the first four match days, March 28-31.

The top two teams from each group after group play will reach the quarterfinal round on April 2. The following day will see two placement matches, in addition to the two semifinals – to be disputed among the quarterfinal winners — which will determine the finalists as well as the two FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup berths on offer.

The final match day of the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship El Salvador 2015 takes place on April 4, with three placement matches followed by the Grand Final, which will determine the Confederation champion in the discipline.

CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship El Salvador 2015
Men’s Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifying
Costa del Sol, El Salvador

Rosters (in alphabetical order by team):

Antigua & Barbuda
GK: Tahari Lewis (Ottos Rangers FC/ATG); Prince Walters (Bassa SC /ATG)

DF: Ranja Christian (Parham FC /ATG); Omarie Daniel (Hoppers FC /ATG); Gershum Philip (Bullets FC /ATG)

MD: Desmond Bleau (Seaview Farm FC /ATG); Dave Carr (Parham FC /ATG); Teon Miller (Ottos Rangers FC/ATG); Odel Murray (SAP FC /ATG)

FW: Stephen Hughes (Glanvilles FC /ATG); Elvis Thomas (Old Road FC /ATG); Sherwin Warner (Jennings United/ATG)

GK: Frank Lopez (Police United/Belize); Rugerri Orvin (San Pedro/Belize)

DF: Elton James (Sharks/Belize); Sean Alexander (Lions/Belize); Lloyd Francis (Wagiya/Belize)

MD: Lionel Lascelle (Bananeros/Belize); Keithon Marcel (Police United/Belize); John Fitzgerald (Police United/Belize)

FW: Jerome James (Belmopan Bandits/Belize); Franz Robert (Sharks/Belize); Dennis Dale (Belmopan Bandits/Belize); Shawn Raheem (Sharks/Belize)

GK: Christopher Davis (QBS Beach Soccer/BAH); Torin Ferguson (Bears/BAH)

DF: Daron Beneby (Bears/BAH); Dwayne Forbes (United/BAH); Gary Joseph (Dynamos/BAH)

FW: Gavin Christie (Cavalier/BAH); Ehren Hanna (QBS Beach Soccer/BAH); Nesly Jean (Bears/BAH); Timothy Munnings (Baha Juniors/BAH); Lesly St. Fleur (Mo. Bay United/BAH); Kyle Williams (Bears/BAH); Donovan Williamson (United/BAH)

GK: Mario Albert (Bagatelle/BRB); Romayne Primus (Eden Stars/BRB)

DF: Tito Beckles (UWI/BRB); Elvin Griffith (Unattached/BRB); Andre Pinder (Eden Stars/BRB); Omar Primus (Tudor Bridge/BRB)

MD: Akeem Bourne (Kickstart/BRB); Jabari Branford (Kickstart/BRB)

FW: Duan Best (Pinelands/BRB); Reshawn Boxill (Clarkes Hill/BRB); Jamar Grazette (Eden Stars/BRB); Nicholas Jones (Gall Hill/BRB)

Costa Rica
GK: Niels Fallas Beita (Punta Leona/CRC)

DF: Alfredo Gabriel Azuola Urea (Heredia /CRC); Jason Campos Chavarria (Escazu/CRC); Jossimar Antonio Downer Aguilar (Limon/CRC); Danny Johnson Hadson (Limon/CRC); Jose Mendoza; Mac Adam (Puntarenas Jr/CRC); Christian Alonso Sanchez Gonzalez (Punta Leona/CRC); Andres Alberto Villegas Duran (Heredia /CRC)

FW: Luis Fius Fdo Jimenez Arias (Puntarenas Jr/CRC); William Andres Leon Cruz (Punta Leona/CRC); Gerivin Pacheco Quesada (Unattached/USA)

El Salvador
GK: Jose Eliodoro Portillo Lara (Unattached/SLV); Herbert Alexander Ramos Hernandez (Unattached/SLV)

DF: Douglas Nahun Zavala Alvarado (Unattached/SLV); Wilber Joel Zavala Alvarado (Unattached/SLV)

MD: Jose Ruben Batres Perdomo (Unattached/SLV); Tomas Antonio Hernandez (Unattached/SLV); Heber Antonio Ramos Rivera (Unattached/SLV)

FW: Eulalio Abraham Henriquez Moran (Unattached/SLV); Jose Roberto Membreño Lopez (Unattached/SLV); Elmer Atilio Robles Rodriguez (Unattached/SLV); Jose Agustin Ruiz Gonzalez (Unattached/SLV); Francisco Hernando Velasquez Henriquez (Unattached/SLV)

GK: Didier Fazer (Moule Soccer Beach/GPE); Paul Zircon (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE)

DF: Terry Folin (Impérial Beach Soccer/GPE); Terry Shillingford (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE)

MD: Kevin Clairon (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE); Arnaud Crimee (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE); Cedric Farouille (Moule Soccer Beach/GPE); Ismar Foggea (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE); Damien Granchi (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE)

FW: Sebastien Hell (Gwada Beach Soccer/GPE); Richardson Petit (Impérial Beach Soccer/GPE); Sylrick Phirmis (Moule Soccer Beach/GPE)

GK: Jersson Adolfo Alas Leon (Pacific Team/GUA); Alex Omar Avila Grageda (Hawai Chiquimulilla /GUA)

DF: Ever Kenedy Avila Amaya (Las Mañanitas/GUA); Flavio Ernesto Garcia Marroquin (Hawai Mañanitas/GUA); Francisco Rivai Ochoa Avila (Hawai Mañanitas/GUA); Luis Gilmar Quezada Godoy (Las Mañanitas/GUA); Angel Joel Saenz Gomez (Hawai Chiquimulilla /GUA); Luis Carlos Zaldaña Perez (Gariton/GUA)

MD: Esau Polanco Vasquez (Hawai Chiquimulilla /GUA)

FW: Marco Tulio Avila Zuñiga (Hawai Chiquimulilla /GUA); Miguel Angel Gonzalez Enriquez (Las Mañanitas/GUA); Alex Moran Avila (Hawai Chiquimulilla /GUA)

GK: Elvis Neil Hart (Catherin Hall FC/JAM); Kirk Andre Porter (Boys Town FC/JAM)

DF: Daemion Hugh Benjamin (Boys Town FC/JAM); Gerald Errington Neil (Black Stars FC/JAM); Gregory George Simpson (Black Stars FC/JAM)

MD: Derrick Garth Planter (Rivoli United/JAM); Ryan George Powell (Black Lion FC/JAM); Rohan Romeo Reid (Tivoli Gardens FC/JAM); Andre Ricardo Reid (Meadforest United/JAM)

FW: Jermain Christopher Anderson (Waterhouse FC/JAM); Phillip Venroy Peddie (Marverley United/JAM); Kevin Nicholas Wilson (Arnett Gardens FC/JAM)

GK: Manuel Gerardo Corona Venegas (Unattached/MEX); Miguel Angel Estrada Ramírez (Unattached/MEX)

DF: Francisco Cati Balderrama (Unattached/MEX); Adrián González Sandoval (Unattached/MEX); José Carlos Hernández Moreno (Unattached/MEX); Angel David Rodríguez Contreras (Unattached/MEX)

MD: Gerardo Martin Gómez Fonseca (Unattached/MEX); David González Quintanar (Unattached/MEX); Abdiel Villa Aguirre (Unattached/MEX)

FW: José Ramón Maldonado Alonso (Tigres Dorados MRCI/MEX); Gonzalo César Pichardo Tovar (Unattached/MEX); Diego Oswaldo Rodriguez Martinez (Unattached/MEX)

GK: Jose Luis Gil Lopez (Unattached /PAN); Francisco Alejandro Portillo Bautista (Atletico Nacional/PAN)

DF: Fernando Emir Barrera Cano (Unattached/PAN); Ali Irahin Del Cid Ruiz (Unattached/PAN); Ricardo Antonio Obregon Torres (Unattached /PAN); Jorge Luis Perez Samaniego (Unattached/PAN); Luis Alberto Quintero Guevara (Veraguas/PAN); Gilberto Enrique Rangel Ellis (Unattached/PAN); Edgar Joel Rivas Medina (Unattached /PAN)

FW: Alberto Agustin Bultron Barria (Cocle/PAN); Apolinar Galvez (Unattached/PAN); Eliseo Powell White (Unattached/PAN)

Puerto Rico
GK: Javier Moya (Unattached/PUR); Joseph Pereira (Unattached/PUR)

DF: Nelson Encarnacion (Unattached/PUR); Hector Rivera (CD Union/PUR); Carlos Vendrell (Criollos FC/PUR)

MD: Carlos Astondoa (Unattached/PUR); Dorian Gonzalez (Unattached/PUR); Eieri Jordan (Fire FC/USA); Joshua Martinez (Unattached/PUR); Alex Santos (Unattached/PUR)

FW: Francisco Quiles (Unattached/PUR); Xavier Sancho (Unattached/PUR)

Trinidad & Tobago
GK: Zane Coker (Caladonia AIA/TRI); Victor Thomas (Stokley Vale FC/TRI)

DF: Ryan Augustine (Unattached/TRI); Jesse Bailey (Unattached/TRI); Shallun Bobb (Stokley Vale FC/TRI); Lemuel Lyons (Miami United/USA)

MD: Chad Appoo (Swiss Charger BS/TRI); Hakeem King (Unattached/TRI); Kerwin Stafford (San Fernando Gaints/TRI)

FW: Makan Hislop (Bethel FC/TRI); David Mc Dougall (Swiss Charger BS/TRI); Rodney Nelson (Mount Grace FC/TRI)

Turks & Caicos Islands
GK: Ian Jones (Sharks/TCI); Sean Oneil (Waves/TCI)

DF: Wildens Delva (AFC Academy/TCI); James Rene (AFC Academy/TCI); Patrick Slattery (AFC Academy/TCI)

MD: Alexander Bryan (AFC Academy/TCI); Mackenson Cadet (AFC Academy/TCI); Peterson Evariste (Cheshire Hall/TCI)

FW: Christopher Bryan (Sharks/TCI); Marco Fenelus (Unattached/USA); Carlo Guillaume (Waves/TCI); Herby Magny (AFC Academy/TCI)

GK: Aldo Balsano (Miami United/USA); Chris Toth (San Diego Sockers/USA)

DF: Harry Abraham (UC Santa Cruz/USA); Chris Cummings (UCLA/USA); Lewie Valentine (US Sand Soccer/USA)

FW: Alessandro Canale (UC San Diego/USA); Andrew Feld (Univ. of San Diego/USA); Ryan Futagaki (Chicago Fire/USA); Max Griffin (Minnesota United/USA); Jason Leopoldo (UCLA/USA); Nick Perera (San Diego Sockers/USA); Jason Santos (California Davis/USA)

US Virgin Islands
GK: Benny Labadie (Good Hope School/VIR); Denny Smith (UVI/VIR)

DF: Kimani George (UVI/VIR)

MD: Zachary Adams (Good Hope School/VIR); Jacob Borden (Good Hope School/VIR); Adam Fuller (Antilles School/VIR); Dusty Good (Somoma University/SWE); Joseph Leto (Unattached/USA); Garrick Mathurin (Vieax Fort/LCA); Carlos Moreno (Unattached/USA)

FW: Fernando Clavijo (Unattached/USA); Jonas Verhoff (Rovers/VIR)

IMAGE: FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011

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CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival announces Teri Schwartz to receive award for outstanding achievement in film producing


George Town, Cayman Islands, March 23, 2015 –(PR.com)– CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival (June 18-21, 2015) will present Teri Schwartz, Dean of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (UCLA TFT), with the inaugural Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film Producing. Schwartz is an award-winning feature film producer whose many films, including Sister Act and Beaches, have garnered nominations for Academy®, Emmy®, Golden Globe, Grammy® and MTV awards. The Tribute will take place on June 20th, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman during the festival’s Closing Gala and Awards Ceremony.

The Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film Producing was created in recognition of those individuals whose outstanding achievement and contribution to the art of cinema have elevated the art form.

“It is a wonderful honour to receive this distinguished award by the Cayman International Film Festival,” states Schwartz. “I am looking forward to attending this inaugural year which promises to be an exciting celebration of great filmmaking.”

The Festival is pleased to honour Ms. Schwartz with this award and welcome her to the Festival in June. The Festival runs June 18 to June 21, 2015.

For more information: www.cayfilm.com

About CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival
CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival is an annual multi-day spectacular event designed to create new interest and excitement about the Cayman Islands as a world-class filming destination. Included in the festival will be daily film screenings, question and answer sessions with filmmakers, panel discussions, workshops, an exclusive premiere screening, and two celebrity gala events. It is our vision to open up the Cayman Islands to the film industry around the world whilst opening up the world to Cayman’s young and aspiring filmmakers.

The Festival team are also working to develop the Cayman Media Academy (CMA) under the CayFilm umbrella to educate Cayman’s youth by offering classes and qualifications relating to different career fields within the industry. This will be run throughout the year with the eventual goal of having a full-time Associate’s degree programme available at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI). Young children will have their own specially designed programmes to inspire and give confidence about their own unique abilities as filmmakers.

About the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
The vision of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television is to serve as a premiere global interdisciplinary professional school that develops outstanding humanistic storytellers, industry leaders and scholars whose diverse, innovative voices enlighten, engage and inspire change for a better world. Consistently ranked as one of the top entertainment and performing arts institutions in the world, UCLA TFT offers an innovative curriculum that integrates the study and creation of live performance, film, television and the digital arts. The distinguished graduate and undergraduate programs at UCLA TFT include acting, directing, writing, producing, animation, cinematography, lighting design, set design, costume design, sound design, moving image archive studies, and the school offers doctoral degrees in theater and performance studies and cinema and media studies.

About Our Sponsors
CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival is supported by Cathy Church’s Photo Centre, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, Cayman Islands Tourism Association, Cayman National Cultural Foundation, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, Shed Brand Innovation, Sunset House Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and Virgin Produced. The 2015 festival is sponsored by Cayman Islands Brewery, Cayman Spirits Co, The Security Centre Limited, Inktip, Jungle Software and Divers Alert Network amongst others.
IMAGE: Teri Schwartz www.vebidoo.de

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Capetonian Kellermann accused as kingpin of R200bn Belvedere Ponzi [Cayman Islands named]

9cd8caf00fd443bb9425396c7be2ddadBy Alec Hogg From Fin24

Johannesburg – Cobus Kellermann, Stellenbosch University graduate now in his late 30s who runs Cape-based money manager Clarus Capital, has been fingered as a mastermind behind a massive global Ponzi scheme run out of Mauritius.

Kellermann’s company also manages eight South African unit trusts under the Met Collective Investments banner. They have been entrusted with R1.35bn in savings from unit trust investors.

Offshore Alert, a US-based company which specialises in uncovering fraud in offshore financial centres, describes Kellermann’s Belvedere Management as “a massive criminal enterprise”. Belvedere, which controls assets worth an eye-popping R200bn is jointly owned by Kellermann and his Irish business partner David Cosgrove.

Given his domicile and standing in the financial services community, it is feared that South Africans who trusted Kellermann with their money stand to lose billions of rand invested offshore. The size of Belvedere’s alleged Ponzi scheme dwarves anything to have hit South Africans before. It is ten times the scale of the well publicised Barry Tannenbaum scam.

The Clarus Capital website previously listed Anchor Capital founder and CEO Peter Armitage on its page listing “Key People”. After the draft of this article was sent for comment to Kellermann (and Armitage) on Saturday morning, the highly rated Joburg asset manager’s name was removed.

Armitage told Biznews he manages some money for Clarus and agreed when asked by Kellermann, “a delightful man”, for his name to be included for marketing purposes. No response to the request for comment was received from Kellermann or Clarus. This is consistent with his refusal to engage when my team at Moneyweb tried repeatedly two years ago when he was linked to a previous Ponzi scandal.

In October, Kellerman’s business was instructed by the Mauritian Financial Services Commission (FSC) to stop accepting deposits. A public notice issued by the FSC last week in response to the OffshoreAlerts article reminded stakeholders of an investigation conducted at Belvedere’s offices “and in accordance with its functions to protect consumers of financial services, the FSC Mauritius has initiated enforcement actions against the company. “

Kellerman’s Mauritian company is also under investigation by the UK authorities.

Belvedere Management Group owns and operates a number of companies involved in many aspects of financial services including fund administration, stock broking, life insurance and asset management around the world. The Group administers more than 100 hedge funds.

Two of Belvedere’s major operating businesses, Lancelot Global and The Four Elements, were licenced to accept investments by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius in 2009 and 2008 respectively.

Both have close connections to South Africa – Lancelot is the investment manager of the Armstrong Global Diversified Fund into which 95% of the assets of the local MET CI Global Diversified Feeder Fund have been invested. The Four Elements is the controlling shareholder of JSE-listed investment firm BK One.

According to OffshoreAlert, evidence has been uncovered showing the Belvedere Management Group has also been involved in a US$130m Ponzi scheme in Cayman. It adds that the City of London Police are investigating a Ponzi scheme operated by the company in the UK involving over £100m.

It reports that investors have been duped by tweaked net asset values illustrating fictitious capital growth. This is common practice among fraudsters. Among the best known local examples was the Jack Milne/Tigon scheme operated in South Africa a decade back.

Funds entrusted with Belvedere, OffshoreAlert maintains, have disappeared through a network of offshore companies. Many of the funds administered have also been promoted and sold through a network of well-known financial services companies and intermediaries, including many in South Africa.

OffshoreAlert owner David Marchant says: “OffshoreAlert is neither pro- nor anti-Offshore Financial Centres. We are independent. Our only agenda is to provide credible, accurate and useful information so that our clients can make better informed decisions.”

IMAGE: Cape Town money manager and alleged Ponzi kingpin Cobus Kellerman – from his Facebook page

For more on this story go to: http://www.fin24.com/BizNews/Capetonian-Kellermann-accused-as-kingpin-of-R200bn-Belvedere-Ponzi-20150323

See also iNews Cayman related story published March 18 2015 “EXPOSED: Belvedere Management’s massive criminal enterprise [operates in Cayman Islands]” at: http://www.ieyenews.com/wordpress/exposed-belvedere-managements-massive-criminal-enterprise-operates-in-cayman-islands/

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Acorn International (ATV) halted for volatility; Cayman Islands Court announces order

COI_Logo_9-267x300From Street Insider

Acorn International (NYSE: ATV) is ripping higher after the company announced that on March 13, 2015, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (the “Cayman Islands Court”) issued a formal order (the “Order”) confirming its March 6, 2015 judgment in relation to the previously announced petitions filed with the Cayman Islands Court by (i) Acorn Composite Corporation (a shareholder of the Company controlled by Mr. Robert W. Roche, a director of the Company) on September 29, 2014 (the “Petition”), and (ii) D. Y. Capital, Inc. a shareholder of the Company controlled by Mr. Don Dongjie Yang, the Company’s CEO and the chairman of its board of directors, and SB Asia Investment Fund II L.P., a shareholder of the Company controlled by Mr. Andrew Y. Yan, a director of the Company, on the other hand, on November 11, 2014 (the “Cross Petition”).

In its March 6, 2015 judgment, the Cayman Islands Court determined, amongst other things, that the Company’s board of directors did not properly exercise its powers when it (i) removed Mr. Robert Roche as the Company’s executive chairman on August 26, 2014, (ii) precluded Mr. Roche from putting forward his own resolutions for consideration at the Company’s annual general meeting held on December 31, 2014, (iii) and took various actions that resulted in the holders of the Company’s American depositary shares (“ADSs”), each representing three ordinary shares of the Company, being unable to timely notify the depositary of the Company ADSs how to vote the ordinary shares underlying their ADSs on various new matters brought before the shareholders of the Company at the Company’s annual general meeting held on December 31, 2014.

As a result (and as previously disclosed in the Company’s Form 6-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 10, 2015), the Cayman Islands Court dismissed the Cross Petition and granted Acorn Composite Corporation certain of the alternative remedies it sought in the Petition, including directing that an extraordinary general meeting of the Company’s shareholders (an “EGM”) be convened for the purposes of considering and, if thought fit, passing:

a. ordinary resolutions to remove Mr. Yang, Mr. Charlie Ban, Mr. Steve Xiaodi Sun and Mr. Liang Lu as directors of the Company,

b. ordinary resolutions to appoint Mr. David Leung, Mr. Cosimo Borrelli and Mr. David Naphtali as directors, and

c. a special resolution to amend the Company’s articles of association to allow shareholders who together hold not less than 30% of the issued shares to convene an extraordinary meeting unilaterally.

In its Order, the Cayman Islands Court confirmed that the EGM will be held on May 4, 2015 at the offices of O’Melveny & Myers LLP, the company’s legal counsel, in Shanghai at 10:00 a.m. local time. The Company intends to circulate a notice of meeting together with a proxy statement and other relevant materials to the Company’s shareholders who are entitled to vote at the EGM. In addition, the Company will provide the depositary of the ADSs all of the relevant materials relating to the EGM in order to facilitate the mailing of such materials by the depositary to holders of ADSs who are entitled to instruct the depositary how to vote at the EGM.

For more on this story go to: http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Acorn+International+(ATV)+Halted+for+Volatility%3B+Cayman+Islands+Court+Announces+Order/10383651.html

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Cayman Islands utility company announces Rights offering

IMG_5825-CUC-197x300Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. announces Rights Offering



GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, March 16, 2015 /CNW/ – Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. (TSX: CUP.U) (“CUC” or “the Company”) announced today that it is commencing a rights offering (the “Offering”). Pursuant to the Offering, the Company will be issuing rights (“Rights”) to eligible holders of record (“Shareholders”) of outstanding Class A Ordinary Shares of the Company (“Class A Ordinary Shares”) at the close of business on March 27, 2015 (the “Record Date”) to subscribe for additional Class A Ordinary Shares on the terms set forth in a rights offering circular (the “Circular”) to be mailed by the Company to Shareholders. Each Shareholder will receive one Right for each Class A Ordinary Share held on the Record Date. Each ten (10) Rights entitle the holder to acquire one Class A Ordinary Share of the Company upon payment of the subscription price of US$10.77 per share prior to the expiration of the Rights at 4:00 pm (Toronto time) on April 30, 2015 (the “Expiration Date”) and satisfaction of the other requirements for exercise of the Rights set forth in the Circular. Shareholders who exercise all of their Rights will also be entitled to acquire additional Class A Ordinary Shares, if any, which are not subscribed for by other holders of Rights pursuant to an additional subscription privilege, the terms of which are described in the Circular.

In October 2014, CUC won a generation bid conducted by the Cayman Islands Electricity Regulatory Authority and was awarded the right to build an additional 39.7 megaWatts (“MW”) of generation capacity (the “Generation Expansion Project”). The approximate cost of the Generation Expansion Project is US$85 million. In November 2014, CUC closed on a US$50 million private placement to provide initial funding for the Generation Expansion Project. Gross proceeds of the Offering will be approximately US$31 million. The Company intends to use the proceeds of the Offering (after payment of the expenses of the Offering) to finance the remaining portion of the development of its new 39.7 MW diesel power plant and other on-going capital expenditures.

The Circular will be available at the Canadian Securities Administrators’ SEDAR website at www.sedar.com. It is expected that the Circular and certificates representing the Rights will be mailed to registered Eligible Shareholders, as that term is defined in the Circular, on or about April 7, 2015. Shareholders that hold their Class A Ordinary Shares indirectly, including through a broker, CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. (“CDS”) or a participant in the CDS system should contact the broker, CDS or the CDS participant to determine how Rights may be

Fortis Energy (Bermuda) Ltd. (“FEBL”), which is the Company’s largest shareholder, has entered into a stand-by agreement with the Company pursuant to which FEBL has agreed to purchase all Class A Ordinary Shares issuable on the exercise of Rights which are not acquired by other holders of Rights or pursuant to the additional subscription privilege. FEBL is a wholly- owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc. of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Except as set forth in the Circular, the Rights and underlying Class A Ordinary Shares are not being offered to, and the Rights may not be exercised by, persons who are residents of any jurisdiction other than the Cayman Islands, the Provinces of Canada and the United States (provided such U.S. person certifies that he or she is an “Approved U.S. Accredited Investor”, as defined in the Circular). For further details, please refer to the section in the Circular entitled “Ineligible Shareholders”.

CUC President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Hew stated, “The completion of this offering of Class A Ordinary Shares will strengthen our balance sheet and support capital expenditures necessary to meet continued growth in demand for electricity in Grand Cayman. In particular, it will assist in the financing of the development of a new 39.7 MW diesel power plant, following from the announcement by the Electricity Regulatory Authority on October 3,
2014 that CUC was selected to provide this additional generation capacity subsequent to an open and competitive bid process.” Mr. Hew also noted that the offering of rights to raise equity ensured that existing shareholders had an equal opportunity to participate in acquiring additional shares.

The Rights will be listed on the TSX under the trading symbol “CUP.RT.U” and will be posted for trading on the TSX until 12:00 noon (Toronto Time) on the Expiration Date. The TSX has approved the listing of the Class A Ordinary Shares issuable upon the exercise of the Rights subject to the Company fulfilling all of the requirements of the TSX.

The Rights and underlying Class A Ordinary Shares have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended. This press release does not constitute an offer of these securities to any person within the United States of America, except persons who certify to the Company that they are Accredited Investors as described in the Circular, and subscriptions will not be accepted from any other person within the United States of America.

CUC provides electricity to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, under a non-exclusive Electricity Generation Licence expiring in 2039 and an exclusive Electricity Transmission and Distribution Licence expiring in 2028. Further information is available at www.cuc-cayman.com.

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. (“CUC” or “the Company”), on occasion, includes forward- looking statements in its media releases, Canadian securities regulatory authorities filings, shareholder reports and other communications. Forward-looking statements include statements that are predictive in nature, depend upon future events or conditions, or include words such as “expects”, “anticipates”, “plan”, “believes”, “estimates”, “intends”, “targets”, “projects”, “forecasts”, “schedule”, or negative versions thereof and other similar expressions, or future or conditional verbs such as “may”, “will”, “should”, “would” and “could”. Forward-looking statements are based on underlying assumptions and management’s beliefs, estimates and opinions, and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties surrounding future expectations generally that may cause actual results to vary from plans, targets and estimates. Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to operational, general economic, market and business conditions, regulatory developments and weather conditions. CUC cautions readers that actual results may vary significantly from those expected should certain risks or uncertainties materialize or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect. Forward-looking statements are provided for the purpose of providing information about management’s current expectations and plans relating to the future. Readers are cautioned that such information may not be appropriate for other purposes. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise except as required by law.

SOURCE Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd.

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