December 10, 2023

5 At-Home Workouts for Beginners

With the coronavirus still ravaging the outside world and many people still working home, the gym situation is bleak. Many gyms are closed– some people prefer to avoid the ones that are open for fear of the pandemic. But can you still stay fit? 

Whether you are looking to increase your overall health, lose some weight, gain some muscle, or just get moving, at-home workouts are a great alternative to the gym. And they can even be done without equipment! 

So, put on your joggers and a tank top, because we’re about to get a little sweaty with thesefive at-home workouts for beginners. No matter what your age, it’s never too late to get started. 

Workout One- Legs

To start off, we’ll focus on legs. Many people want to improve leg strength- whether it be for killer thighs, bigger glutes, or better balance. Try this exercise if you want to really feel the burn. 

  1. Yoga squats (10-15 repetitions)- A classic. Most people are familiar with this type of squat, and probably just know it as a ‘plain’ or ‘regular’ squat. Simply stand with your feet apart, and squat down as though you were going to sit on a chair. Now, stand back up. That’s one squat. 
  2. Jumping squats (10-15 repetitions)- Just to keep your leg muscles on your toes, get a little bit of air on the come-up. Just hop a little, doing a squat on the come down. This will also get your lungs working. 
  3. Bulgarian split squats (10-15 repetitions)- for this squat, put one foot on a bed, table, or another slightly elevated surface, and squat with one leg. Repeat 10-15 times for each leg. 
  4. Lunges (10-15 repetitions)- lunges will really get you feeling the burn. Simply put one foot forward, bending your opposite knee down to almost touch the ground. After this, come back up. Do this 10-15 times on each leg. 

Workout Two- Abs

Abs are a good thing to develop, no matter who you are. A strong core gives you better balance and looks great. 

  1. Bicycle crunches (10-15 repetitions)- Simply lie on your back, pick your legs up, and move your feet through the air as though pedaling a bicycle.
  2. Crunches (10-15 repetitions)- Lay on your back with your feet almost at your rear end and raise your upper body to your knees. Remarkably simple.
  3. Raised leg hold (count to 10)- Just as simple as it sounds. Lie on your back, raise your legs up, and hold it. You’ll really start to feel it in just a few seconds in. You can also add time if you feel you can go longer. 
  4. Plank (count to 10)- Planks are a great way to keep your core strong. Simply lie on your stomach, put your toes on the ground, and muscle yourself up on your elbows. Stay there for ten seconds, or as long as you can. 

Workout Three- Upper Body

This workout is for your upper body– your arms and chest. Over time, and by adding repetitions as you get stronger, this workout will help you increase arm strength, and possibly grow some muscle (with a good diet). 

  1. Traditional pushups (10-15 repetitions)- Doing pushups works both your arms and chest and will tire you out quickly. Don’t burn out just on pushups though because we’ve got more to do. 
  2. Elevated pushups (10-15 repetitions)- Doing elevated pushups will keep your muscles on their toes. Simply do a regular pushup but put your hands on an elevated surface. Make sure that surface is sturdy and fixed in place- that way you don’t fall flat on your face. 
  3. Punches (20 repetitions, 2 times)- Punches are a good high-activity exercise that will tire you out much faster than you think. 
  4. Decline pushup (10-15 repetitions)- Now, back to pushups. For these pushups, place your feet on an elevated surface, like a chair or a couch, and place your hands on the ground. Do pushups as normal. 

Workout Four- Cardio

This workout will get your heart pumping and work your cardiovascular system. Cardio is not only great for burning calories, but for older demographics, cardio has been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of dementia

  1. Jumping jacks (20)- jumping jacks help strengthen your ankles and can tire you out just as much as jogging. Simply stand straight, and in one burst raise your arms and kick out your legs. Repeat.
  2. Jog in place (1-2 minutes)- a great way to get your heart pumping and break a sweat. Jogging in place is a great alternative to outside jogging. 
  3. Raised arm circles (20)- Raise your arms to your sides so that your body forms a T. Spin your hands in circles. 

Workout Five- Full Body

Now, let’s combine these workouts into one comprehensive exercise that will lightly work all the target sections of your body.

  1. Traditional pushups (10-15 repetitions)
  2. Crunches (10-15 repetitions)
  3. Yoga squats (10-15 repetitions)
  4. Jumping jacks (20)

To Get the Most Out of These Workouts:

To get the most out of these workouts, increase repetitions as you get stronger. Also, try combining them- doing cardio and abs one day, upper body and legs another, and a full-body workout the next.


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